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Choosing the right makeup for your wedding turns out to be a tough nut to crack: yours Makeup for the wedding must be able to survive tears, pleasantly surprise your fiancé, pass the test of long party time and most importantly: it should make you appear like the most beautiful bride of all time at your wedding ceremony!

Make-up for the wedding – radiant face

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Lately it has become very popular to go to the wedding party without any special makeup. So if you’re wondering how to look so fresh on your face, it’s thanks to this new trend. Are you curious too? Then the completely inspiring picture gallery below is especially for you. It just seems like it’s the easiest Makeup for the wedding be what there is at all! But actually it is not like that! You have to practice a lot to get this result: dull skin that still looks glowing, naturally long eyelashes, reddish lips and cheeks! These nude makeup ideas have one great advantage, you don’t have to worry about your makeup all the time! You can be sure it looks perfect! You can’t really make a mistake here! Take a look at the image gallery below to see some examples and try them yourself sometime! Yes? why not?

Natural makeup for the wedding

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 Make up for the wedding

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