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Make-up eyes – the guide for perfectly coordinated eye contours

Eyes make-up green-eyes-pink-gold

The woman’s eyes are the gates to her soul. There is one reason why you deserve an expressive and beautiful look. Summer is on its way and with it the lively color palette Make up eyes. The ladies prefer the rose and peach tones, smokey eyes effect and dominant dark colors with a hint of gold.

Make-up eyes – smokey eyes for brunettes

Eyes make-up dark-eyes-brown-eyeshadow-smokey-eyes

The trend of smokey eyes continues this season. It is particularly well represented in brunettes, as the matte skin type and dark hair can be perfectly matched with the dark tones on the eyelids. If you have your Make up eyes don’t forget to choose pastel tones for your lips. Otherwise you will look too provocative and give off a rather strict look.

Make-up eyes – light purple tones for blondes

Eyes make-up green-eyes-pink-purple-tone-eyeshadow

The green eyes look forward to light purple or gray eyeshadows. The best tip from the Make up eyes use a black kohl pencil beforehand and then lightly make-up the eye contours. The blonde hair during the day relies on lighter eyeshadows and in the evening goes into the darker color palette. The black mascara gives the finishing touch to your perfectly made-up eyes. Lash waves are also very effective for the special occasion.

Make-up for dark eyes properly


The lighter front corners of the eyes are made lighter and the back corners are darkened. In this way, the smaller eyes also get a breathtaking cat eye look. A touch of gold, bronze or silver, but not as the main tone, gives the dark brown eyes an elegant touch.


The kohl pencil plays a strong role in eye makeup


False eyelashes and great eyeshadows

Evening make-up with blue pastel lipstick

Combine pink and gold


First apply the darker tones then the gold colored eyeshadow


The choice of brushes makes the big change


Colored eyebrows look very elegant in summer


The provocative cat eye look

blue-eyes-make-up-kohl pencil-eyeliner

Eyeliner cat eye make-up tip


Emphasize green eyes with great colors


Blue eyeshadow and peach-colored lipstick or Labello in rose tones

Kerry Washington Blue Makeup

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes make-up tip white dress


Slight glitter effect


Red-haired women put on bright make-up with red lips


The color palette for colored eyes



Blue mascara for green-blue eyes





Steps to put on your eyes and make-up beauty tip