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Make-up eyes – 65 ideas for make-up in summer colors

eyes make-up glamor light blue eyeshadow blue eyes lip gloss

Radiant eyes with make-up in summer colors – this season coral, navy, olive green and bright yellow are all the rage! We’ll show you 65 cool color combinations in which you can customize your Make up eyes can! let yourself be inspired!

Make up your eyes – bright colors for the summer season

Make up eyes tropical look colorful rainbow blue yellow pink glitter eyeshadow

If you have your Make up eyes, then you can experiment a bit with the colors in the holiday season – for example with eye shadow in cheerful tones. The brown eyes, for example, look sensational with grass-green colors with golden shimmer particles. Lavender eyeshadows are perfect for a romantic dinner in subdued light and turquoise-blue makeup looks just cool in the disco.

Make up eyes – pink eyeshadow without mascara

eye make-up pink idea summer look party

Blue eyes look better with coral and warm pink colors. Strong tones such as orange or red are also allowed in summer.

Various shades of coral for the eyes

eyes make up exotic yellow red purple brown eyes

Women with green eyes are lucky – they can wear almost anything / exception – of course green, even turquoise doesn’t really go with green eyes /. They look particularly seductive when they are accentuated with a black kohl line. Sparkling bronze colors are then applied to the upper eyelids – and the summer make-up is ready!

 Make-up eyes – this is how the eyeshadows are applied correctly

Make up eyes light blue shine colors mascara eyebrows

This is how the eyeshadows are applied correctly – first apply to the eyelid cream, then wait at least 30 minutes and apply a base. The base may hide small wrinkles, but should be coordinated with the color of the face. Only then are the eyeshadows applied – first the lighter nuances are distributed evenly from the inside onto the upper and lower eyelids, then mix with the darker ones. The experts recommend using an eyeshadow powder in summer – it simply lasts longer.

Blonde women with blue eyes just look great with bronze eyeshadow

bronze eyeshadow above yellow kohl

Subtle everyday makeup for blue eyes

Make up eyes orange below blue eyeliner

Shimmering eye shadows in purple – the warm color perfectly emphasizes the beautiful green eyes

Eye shadows above emphasize orange green eyes

Pink and white eyeshadow and eyeliner line

Eyes visually larger make-up pink color palette

Strong colors in purple and blue

pink eyeliner visually enlarge eyes ideas

Blue and green eyeliner

pull navy turquoise blue upper eyeliner grass green

Bronze eyeshadow for brown eyes

Bronze eyeliner black brush application instructions

cream make-up below apricosa upper eyelid navy blue pink

green eyeliner pink color below yellow

purple eyeshadow kohl eyeliner ideas navy blue

Bronze kohl black makeup summer trend

Eyes make-up tips bronze eyeshadow colors

Make-up below eyeliner green above beige

Eyes make up neutral color ideas

Eyeshadow lower eyelid draw orange color eyeliner line

Eyeshadow blue pink color eyeliner summer makeup

bronze shimmer colors eyeshadow design ideas

Eyeshadow mascara colors beautiful combinations

Eyeshadow brown warm shades of kajal lower eyelid

bronze beige eyeshadow eyes optically larger

Eyes above neutral matt beige eyeliner yellow

Eyes marine color beige upper eyelid make up ideas

brown eyeliner mascara emphasize green eyes

beige brown eyeshadow emphasize eyes

warm pink orange hues of kajal inside eyes

pink gray color lower eyelid yellow draw eyeliner line

Make-up on top of purple blue eyeshadow emphasize eyes

make up ideas green color neutral beige brown

Eyes green light yellow beige emphasize upper eyelid

green eyes neutral palette gray color

Ideas pink purple eyeshadow green eyes

brown eyes blue beige eyeliner mascara ideas

properly make up blue pink color eyeshadow

Make-up eyeliner draw beige pink emphasize

Colors yellow green orange eyeliner emphasize eyes

bronze color make-up tips ideas kajal paint

Eyes brown emphasize green yellow brown inside

blue color above orange yellow below pink

white gray color below green colors blue eyes

Eyes emphasize green eyeliner above

beautiful eyeshadow long eyelashes kajal brown eye color

Eye evening make-up makeup ideas pink

Eyes bigger make up green color bronze particles

green eyeshadow kohl bronze color under eyebrows

Tips ideas upper eyelid matt lower eyeliner yellow

Makeup tips above purple inside green below blue

Emphasize ideas bronze purple eyeshadow mascara apply

brown eyes pink red eyeshadow below green kohl

Eyeshadow Kajal emphasize brown eyes orange

green upper eyelid color eyeliner draw ideas colors

Eyeshadow eyes emphasize eyeliner above

pink eyeshadow colors eyeliner ideas

beige kohl eyes green make up ideas

shimmering pink eyeshadow eyeliner black kohl

Nude make-up ideas eyeliner beige eyeshadow powder

Eyeshadow blue eyes makeup tips ideas

Make up your eyes properly with marine bronze eyeshadow

Eyes make-up colors parrot yellow blue pink

Ideas to emphasize eyes green eyeshadow purple color

Eye colors eyeshadow ideas blue yellow purple