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Lipstick in bright colors: red, pink, coral and metallic are the trend colors for 2019

Bright pink lipstick strikingly stars mandy moore

When it comes to make-up, this year everything revolves around the brightly colored lipstick. From coral, the trendy shade of summer, to glamorous berry colors, to metallic lipsticks: in terms of color, everything is allowed. Sometimes matte, sometimes glossy: lipstick in accent color is making a real comeback in 2019 and is enjoying growing popularity. The stars have already presented both everyday and party looks. Emma Stone, Margot Robbie and Lupita Nyong’o showed up with a new look on the red carpet and we are fascinated. We summarize the trends for you and show you the coolest lipstick colors that celebrities and influencers are already wearing.

Bright color lipstick: pink

Lipstick in bright pink lips emphasize Angelina Jolie Diane Kruger

The color pink has clearly been in trend since 2017. No wonder, because it really suits every woman. Angelina Jolie and Diane Krüger lead the way: The beautiful women have opted for subtle make-up. The eyes are subtly emphasized with kohl and mascara, blush on the cheeks makes the face look particularly fresh. The natural look makes the pink lipstick celebrate its grand entrance. Women with blue or green eyes look very good on delicate nuances with a pink undertone. Light skin also goes well with berry colors.

Bright pink lipstick wear clothes eyes kohl

Women with dark skin like the actress Thandie Newton are just perfect for berry nuances with a bluish metallic undertone.

Wearing bright pink lipstick looks natural

Especially with strong nuances, the rule of thumb applies: Always test the colors on the inner side of the hand.

Lipstick in a bright color: Metallic Nude

Bright Nude Metallic Peach Lip Gloss lipstick

Nude a bright color? Usually the shade appears natural and is often not noticeable at first glance. This year, however, nude lipsticks shimmer in metallic. Those who don’t dare to wear metallic lipstick can bring out the color with lip gloss.

Bright color lipstick: coral / orange

Bright Color Lipstick Orange Dark Hair Skin Olive Dark Eyes

A lipstick in the trend color of the year – coral – immediately makes you want to summer. The color looks good on women with light skin as well as with tanned or dark skin. In this case, too, the rule of thumb applies: less is more. The rest of the makeup should be kept as simple as possible.

Bright Orange Lipstick Trends 2019 Stars Kate Bosworth Margot Robbie

Lipstick in bright orange light complexion blonde hair

Brightly colored lipstick: metallic nuances

Lipstick in bright metallic purple blue trends Pinterest stars wear

The next look is for real trendsetters. A metallic lipstick like Rihanna or Lupita Nyong’o never goes unnoticed at any party. And the best thing about it is that metallic nuances are very easy to care for. Even if the paint smears slightly over the course of the evening, no one will notice.

Trend color: metallic with a bluish undertone

Lipstick in bright color unicorn metallic nuance purple peach

The American cosmetics manufacturer Toofaced has presented a new lipstick collection that will make the hearts of fashion bloggers beat faster. The lipsticks shimmer in four natural nuances: nude, pink, pink and purple, with each nuance having a cool, blue-tinged metallic undertone. The lipstick color changes during the day and can look completely different in the morning and in the evening.

Lipstick in bright colors pink purple green unicorn nuance metallic

Bright color lipstick: bright red

Lipstick in bright colors red matte gloss green eyes olive skin beige brown eyeshadow

When it comes to lipstick, bright red is a real classic that never goes out of style. Every woman turns into a femme fatale with a red lipstick. A red lipstick can compliment evening makeup, but it can’t just be worn on a special occasion.

Lipstick in bright red summer trend color shine eyeshadow gold

Hard to believe, but true! If the red lipstick is chosen tone-on-tone with the clothes, then it looks suitable for everyday use and even makes the red sweater or the red top an eye-catcher.

Lipstick in bright red parisian chic women dark eyes

The right way to wear lipstick in bright red is Adriana Lima

Dark lipstick: black / dark red

Lipstick in bright colors purple black matt mustard yellow clothes emphasize eyes kajal

A very dark lipstick for summer? Yes, but only if it is properly combined with clothing. The black-red tone lets the face appear in a new light. In combination with a mustard-colored blazer or top, it looks more reserved; when paired with black, the makeup looks particularly dramatic. Usually, when the lips are emphasized, the eyes are made more subtle. In this case, however, you can make an exception and emphasize the eyes with a black kohl and mascara.

Lipstick in bright colors dark red wine red makeup evening blond dark-haired

Bright color lipstick: shades of brown and brick red

Combine lipstick in bright brown brick red matt

Whether matt or glossy: the brick-colored lipstick automatically attracts attention. The color goes particularly well with clothes in nude or metallic colors and looks particularly good on women with a light complexion, blonde or red hair and green eyes.

In the photo gallery below you will find more inspiration in the bright colors that are trendy this year. Let yourself be inspired by it and maybe you will find a new shade that looks good on you and that you like to wear in the summer months!


Lipstick in bright colors pink red hair green eyes

Lipstick in bright pink gray eyeshadow

Lipstick in bright colors pink blue eyeshadow punk make up party

Lipstick in bright colors pink dark brown skin complexion cats eyes elegant natural


Lipstick in bright colors, orange, make-up, olives, skin complexion, green eyes, brown hair

Lipstick in bright orange Rihanna

Lipstick in bright colors orange gold eyeshadow blonde hair pink complexion

Lipstick in bright colors orange brown hair green eyes olive skin party

Berry nuances

Lipstick in bright colors light skin complexion burgundy dark nude eyes

Lipstick in bright colors pure glamor vintage chic dark red purple


Lipstick in bright colors ice blue dark black eyes

Dark brown / dark red

Lipstick in bright colors brown, dark red, blonde hair, blue eyes

Lipstick in bright colors black red gothic

Apply lipstick in bright colors, dark brown gloss