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Lip makeup: lip gloss and lip liner make-up for the perfect 90s look!

With all the 90s hype we’ve been experiencing in recent months, it was only a matter of time before another long-forgotten trend comes back and conquers the fashion world. A perfect lip makeup adds a bit of glamor and rounds off every look completely. According to the Pinterest Trend Report, searches for “lip gloss and lip liner” increased by a full 144% this year. The high-contrast look, where the lips are brought out by a darker lip liner, is without a doubt one of the strangest trends ever. However, the newer version is not so bold and flashy, but rather looks subtle and elegant. If you want to bring a little update to your make-up routine, then read on and get inspired by the beautiful looks!

Lip gloss and lip liner make-up trends in the 90s

The lip gloss and lip liner are two beauty products that unfortunately don’t get the attention they deserve. The shimmering shine conjures up beautiful lips in no time and is ideal for anyone who wants to quickly add a touch of elegance to their look.

Lip gloss and lip liner – lip makeup is making a big comeback

Lip gloss and lipstick makeup 90s Beyonce looks

A lip liner, also known as a lip liner, has a number of advantages. The creamy texture ensures that the lip gloss or lipstick lasts for a long time and does not smear. Applied precisely, it ensures a polished and chic look and is actually an indispensable part of any make-up look. Women with thin and narrow lips in particular will benefit from using a lip liner. But many do without the little miracle cure because they believe that it is difficult to apply. We will convince you otherwise and give you a few helpful tips.

Lip gloss and lipstick makeup looks 90s make-up

  • Slowly and carefully trace the contour of the lips. We encourage you to start on the outside and work your way in.
  • If you want to make your lips look bigger, try applying the lip liner a little outside the lips. But only minimally – otherwise it will look too unnatural.
  • So that you can enjoy your perfect and flawless lip makeup for a little longer, first paint your lips completely with the lip liner. The best way to do this is to use soft nude nuances.

The high-contrast trend is only for the very brave

Applying lip makeup lip gloss 90s trends

The contrast between the lips and the contours is undoubtedly eye-catching. Because of this, the look is more suitable for the women who like to draw attention to themselves. A transparent lip gloss with fine, shimmering particles looks interesting and subtle and gives every party make-up a cool and fresh finish. But there are also simpler variants that underline a natural look even more. So there is the right version for every taste.

Lip gloss in warm nude nuances for a romantic, subtle touch

Lip makeup trends 90s look lip gloss and lip liner make-up

While the hard contrasts were more popular with this lip makeup trend in the 90s, this year we are focusing on more subtle variants. Lip gloss and lip liner hardly differ in color, making the look light and suitable for everyday use. Some lip glosses are almost as opaque as lipstick. However, its real charm lies in the transparency and the shimmering sheen. For a defined and full-looking mouth, apply a lip liner that is about 2 shades lighter than your natural lip color.

Lip gloss and lip liner make-up – more ideas and inspiration for lip makeup

90s makeup lipstick applying tips

By contouring with a lip liner, you can make your mouth appear smaller or larger, as you wish.

90s makeup trends lip gloss and lip liner apply make-up with contrast

A lip liner enables lipstick and lip gloss to be applied seamlessly and effortlessly.

90s make-up trends lip gloss and lip liner make-up

Especially products with an extreme metallic or gloss effect provide the ultimate 90s lip makeup.

dark lipstick and lip gloss makeup trends 90s

Lip gloss and lip liner are the perfect pair for a quick yet elegant look.

dark lipstick 90s lip makeup trend

For a natural finish, try lightly smudging the lip liner with the lip gloss. 

Lip gloss and lip liner make up for 90s lip makeup

The contrasting look is surprisingly flattering and chic.

Lip gloss and lip liner make up the trend for lip makeup from the 90s

Play with colors and textures to conjure up a unique party look.

Lip Makeup Trends Apply Lip Liner Tips

A lip gloss with a slight metallic touch is the perfect way to slowly approach the make-up trend.

Mariah Carey 90s makeup lip gloss and lipstick makeup

Beautifully shaped and staged lips complete your look completely.

Makeup trends of the 90s lip gloss and lip liner

Complete your look with a deep smokey eye make-up

Applying lip liner Lip makeup trends

By smudging the lip gloss and lip liner, the contrast does not appear too harsh.

Victoria Beckham 90s makeup lip gloss and lip liner