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Light makeup for summer with these great tips


When it comes to styling, it doesn’t always have to be eye-catching. Subtle make-up can also make a wonderful impression. It also makes you look more natural and, in many cases, more attractive. Summer is a time of year when heavy make-up can often be a disadvantage. You often work up a sweat, which spoils the long time in front of the mirror. How about you get one instead light makeup try out where you only subtly highlight certain areas? You can find out exactly how in this article.

Prepare the skin for light make-up


Before you start applying make-up in the morning, you should prepare your face, eyes and especially your skin well. After all, she is still tired and needs to be properly awakened. Cleanse the skin with soap and water, and it is best to rinse it off with ice-cold water. This promotes blood circulation and makes your face look fresh and lively.

Light make-up – massage for the face

light make-up massage-mascara-eyebrows-stimulate blood circulation

You can also get freshness on the face with a quick massage. Clapping movements and tricks are a great way to “wake up” the skin of your face. That might sound a bit strange, but it is really extremely effective and a great basis for light make-up.

Facial cleanser


Then clean the face with facial toner and a cotton pad. This gives your face a deep cleansing and additional refreshment. That’s all you should consider when preparing before you start applying light make-up.

Face cream before applying makeup


Before applying light make-up, it is important to provide the skin with the necessary moisture. Especially powder make-up adapts better to the skin and does not look as dry. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type.



Now you have the right foundation for the foundation for a light make-up. The following rule applies here: The selected color should always be a shade darker than that of your skin. Have you heard of tinted day creams? If not, it’s high time to get your hands on them because they’re the perfect primer. Another option are BB creams.


make-up-light-concealer-dark circles-pimple-cover

The concealer is a make-up utensil that should not be missing. With its help, you can really cover pimples and even dark circles. This is applied immediately after the primer. When you are done, you can apply your usual day make-up. Be careful not to overdo it. After all, you want some light makeup that will make you look natural.

Apply powder

make-up-light-powder-skin-type-nuance-make-up tips

After all these steps, a little more powder is applied to the skin. This prevents the skin from becoming too shiny and thus looking unnatural. You can replace the steps above with a product that includes all of these. A good variant is the product Bebe More 5in1. Such creams save time and are even less complex, which makes them perfect for light makeup that should be done quickly.

More tips for makeup

light make-up tips-make-up-blush-cheek-lipstick

In addition to or instead of the steps mentioned above, you can also try one of the following variants for a light make-up. They take up very little time and are therefore perfect everyday styling if you don’t have too much time to style in the morning.

Highlight lips


For light make-up, put make-up on your lips. If you highlight them with a relatively conspicuous color, you can save with the rest of the make-up on your face. Otherwise, you risk overdoing it. An orange-red lipstick is particularly suitable for this style. Here, the red component should predominate. This is because it fits every skin type and makes it look a little lighter.

Soft lips


Promote blood circulation in the lips as well. The quickest way to do this is to scrub your lips with a toothbrush after brushing your teeth. The lips will appear fuller and you will remove old skin, which would create an unsightly look, especially with lipstick and lip gloss.

Apply the lipstick


For the summer, choose a lipstick that can withstand the heat. Apply the chosen lipstick and finish with tapping movements with your finger. This will make the lipstick look softer. Finally, you can apply a mascara. But that’s all you need for light makeup.

Light makeup with blush

light make-up rouge-idea-fresh-look-middle parting-hairstyle

For a fresh look, blush can also be used as part of a light make-up. It makes you look healthy and rested, especially when it is chosen in a berry color. You are guaranteed to forget your concealer quickly. With the right blush, you can add the best color possible to your skin. It is best to use a rounge in cream form. This is easier to apply and flow into the skin.

Summer evenings with gold


The summer is characterized by many parties. Whether on the beach, in the club or on vacation, a stylish and glamorous look is a must. The color gold is great for this and goes wonderfully with summer. Gold in the form of an eyeshadow is eye-catching, but still looks sufficiently discreet and is therefore a great choice if you value light make-up in summer. The golden color can be compared to the nude look, only that you get a little shimmer here.

Eyeshadow, mascara and lip balm


Combine the golden eyeshadow for a light make-up only with mascara and a simple lip balm. You will get a pretty and radiant styling that will impress everyone and emphasize your natural beauty. For more glamor, choose a bold lipstick.

The right nuance


You can choose the eyeshadow in the form of powder or in a creamy version, depending on what you like better. In terms of color, we recommend a paler shade, such as champagne. It can be a little darker and more in the direction of yellow with a dark skin type. You only apply the eyeshadow up to the crease of the eyelid.

Light make-up and self-tanner

light make-up simple-natural-ladies-styling-idea

If you don’t overdo it with the self-tanner, it can have an impressive effect and make you look a lot more attractive. Only with its help you can look much fresher in seconds and get a light make-up. It depends on the correct distribution on the face. Yes, you got it right: The self-tanner should not be applied all over the face, because then the whole thing looks rather fake.

Apply self-tanner correctly


Practical key points for the self-tanner for light make-up are the cheeks (as with the blush), the temples, the nose and the chin. With the latter, however, you should be particularly sparing. A powder version with a slight sheen is recommended. Apply the powder with a brush in circular motions to allow it to flow well into the skin. All that’s missing is a mascara and a skin-colored lip gloss with a slight pink touch.

Highlight the eyebrows


Many underestimate the eyebrows. They make a strong contribution to the feminine and attractive look, because they frame the face, so to speak. For light make-up, optically fill it up with an eyebrow pencil or powder. You will be amazed at the huge change you can make with this simple step. After that, you can apply a mascara and any lipstick again.

Little make-up for attractive styling in summer

light make-up summer-look-fresh-beach-outfit-crochet-dress

If you follow our tips for light makeup, you will achieve an attractive look that will impress not only you but everyone else and that will express your natural beauty. Feel freer and more relaxed in summer thanks to lower layers of make-up and enjoy the beautiful weather on the beach without worrying about your look.