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Gray hair make-up tips: Lots of inspiration and the most beautiful make-up looks!

Gray hair was considered an undesirable consequence of aging for many years. However, silver hair, also known as granny hair, is enjoying increasing popularity among younger women and is one of the most popular and extravagant hair trends of all. Numerous superstars such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kelly Osborne and Miley Cyrus prove to us how cool the trend can actually look. But to really show off your gray heads, there are a few makeup things that you should pay special attention to. But that’s what we’re here for you! In this article, you will find the best gray hair makeup tips that will make for a spectacular look!

Make-up tips for women over 50 Granny Hair hair trend

Silver hair is chic, unique and always attracts everyone’s attention. For this reason, the trend is only suitable for the very courageous and self-confident women. Regardless of whether you want to dye your mane permanently or only temporarily with a hairspray in gray, you have to resort to many colored accents in your outfit, accessories or make-up – otherwise you run the risk of looking too pale and colorless.

Gray hair makeup tips for a flawless look

Gray hair make-up tips hair trends women lipstick red matt

Whether colored or natural – the nice thing about gray hair is that the shade is mostly quite neutral. With the right make-up, your silver heads are emphasized and staged in a wonderful way. You have never worn bright red lipstick or blush on a daily basis? Then it’s time to start – the makeup on gray hair can be a little dramatic and eye-catching. The risk that you end up looking too pale is quite high and for this reason lipsticks and eye shadows in the neutral nude shades are rather unsuitable.

Well-groomed and radiant skin is an absolute must!

Gray Hair Makeup Tips Smokey Eyes Eye Make Up

Gray hair catches the eye and draws attention to your face anyway. It is therefore very important that your skin is always well cared for. The most important thing is that you use the right shade for your foundation. As a rule of thumb, the color should match your cleavage, not your hand. If you are not entirely sure which shade will work best for you, we recommend that you seek advice from a professional at a perfumery.

Use highlighter or blush for more shine!

Make-Up Tips for Older Women Applying Make-up to Eyes

Beautifully shining, pink cheekbones create a very nice contrast to the gray hair. So if you don’t want to look too pale or tired, you can use a blush or highlighter. Make sure, however, that you do not use colors that are too strong. Subtle and gentle nuances such as pink, apricot or peach give your face freshness and provide some color in a gray look.

Gray Hair Makeup Tips – Emphasize Your Eyebrows

matte lipstick dark red black eyeliner makeup tips

The expression of our face depends in the first place on our eyebrows. Depending on the shape, color and density, they ensure a very individual look. If you have naturally dark eyebrows, consider yourself really lucky. However, if your eyebrows are light it is best to either color them or highlight them with an eyebrow pencil – this will give your face more expression.

Eye makeup tips for gray hair

Makeup tips for gray hair dark red nail polish short nails

As already mentioned, the neutral nude nuances are taboo for gray hair and this also applies to eye make-up. Wearing dark and dramatic smokey eyes in everyday life? Yes, that’s perfectly fine with silver bowls! However, if you’re using an eyeliner, go for a warm shade of brown or navy blue. If you have light skin, it is better to avoid black eyeliner – the contrast with the hair becomes far too strong and the color looks far too aggressive.

The right lipstick completes your look

Gray hair makeup tips pink lipstick skin tone

Of course, the choice of the right lipstick should not be missing in addition to the gray hair make-up tips. In addition to hair color, skin type and lip shape also play a decisive role. Delicate nuances such as rosé, pink, coral or peach are perfect for everyday use and for the office. Bright red lips are the epitome of femininity and a timeless classic. They create a great contrast to your gray hair and look incredibly attractive.

The best gray hair makeup tips for older women

Make-up tips for women over 50 blue eyeliner eye makeup

Are you one of those women who proudly wear your natural gray hair and want to know how to best match your makeup with it? We also have a few useful gray hair make-up tips for you.

  • The pale pastel tones, brown and nude nuances should be replaced by delicate peach or pink.
  • Using a moisturizer is a must for glowing and supple skin.
  • Powder settles in the wrinkles, creating a harder look that way. Use a liquid foundation instead.
  • So that your look does not appear too aggressive and overloaded, we recommend that you accentuate either the eyes or the lips.

Gray hair make-up tips – more ideas and inspiration

pink matte lipstick granny hair hair trends 2020

With a rich red lipstick you can put your lips in the limelight

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Various shades of pink are also a safe choice.

Pixie Haircut Granny Hair Hair Trends

Delicate pink tones give your look more freshness.

Gray hair make-up tips for women over 50 long bob hairstyle with bangs

Simple eye make-up and accentuated lips make your gray hair immediately suitable for the office.

Fashionable Senior Woman Standing In Front Of The White Door

Colored highlights in the make-up underline your gray heads in a wonderful way.

Gray Hair Make Up Tips Granny Hair Hair Trend

Dramatic smokey eyes and dark lips in everyday life? This is not a problem with silver hair!

brown smokey eyes eye makeup nude lipstick

Lipsticks in peach nuances and gray-gold eye make-up give you a fresh shine.

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