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Eye makeup – 21 ideas to emphasize blue eyes


Today we have 16 different make-up ideas for that Eye make up, with which you can highlight your blue eyes in just one place. We’ll show you a few tips and tricks and you can achieve those wonderful looks all by yourself by simply following the various guides. Your gorgeous eyes will be highlighted instantly and you are guaranteed to stand out. If you have blue eyes, they ultimately deserve to dominate your look. You will be the center of attention when you highlight them with great eyeshadow and mascara.

Choose the eye make-up in the right color

Apply blue-eyes-make-up-green-gray-eyeshadow

Take a look at the following photos and don’t hesitate to take a look at these impressive ones Eye make up To try out ideas on yourself as soon as possible. Some of them are perfect for an evening at the disco, while others can also be used for everyday life or a date. Have fun trying!

Eye make-up for the party


Accentuate your eyes with mascara, dark eyeshadow, and kohl. The make-up is not exactly suitable for the warm summer evenings, but perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. If you don’t want to overdo it and love subtle make-up instead, you can only apply light eyeshadow and emphasize the eyelashes with mascara.

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Subtle and suitable for everyday use – make-up only with mascara


Emphasize eyes with pink eyeshadow

Apply blue-eyes-make-up-pink-eyeshadow

Make your own colorful instructions emphasize eyeshadow

colorful eye make up purple gold green

Very expressive eyes

colorful instructions steps make-up look mascara

The individual nuances of eye make-up

everyday make-up cat eyes peach pastel colors

Eye makeup – pastel colors for blue eyes

make up delicate neutral natural eyeliner

 The finished eye make-up

Make-up tips smokey eye imitate blue eyes kajal

Pastel colors in combination with a dark eyeliner

professional eye make-up try nuances

Different colors that overflow into each other

green blue effect lashes ideas lids

Mix turquoise with a dark gray shade

yellow expressive blue white gold makeup

An idea for braver ladies or the party

diy rainbow blue turquoise pink tutorial

Do you like it colorful? Why don’t you try this idea out!

smoky blue light dark shade make-up

A combination of blue and white is always popular

instructions step colorful yellow pink green eyeliner

A contrasting idea made of bright colors

bronze copper eyeliner eyebrows emphasize eyebrows

Trust in copper or bronze

smoky smokey dark blue ideas make up white

green eyebrows blue long eyelashes brush

gold red contrast make-up highlight blue eyes

Eye make-up instructions: Make-up tips for a party look

eye makeup peach shadow smokey

eyeliner imitate artificial eyelashes shade turquoise

eyes make-up green blue eyeliner eyeshadow

make up of course kajal make up ideas

gold green turquoise eyeliner make-up yellow

blue eyes variants ideas emphasize examples make-up

eyeshadow blue eyes yellow zoom