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Draw eyeliner correctly for expressive and seductive eyes

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The eyeliner is a classic make-up method and never goes out of style. It is particularly popular at the moment. It makes the eyes more expressive and attractive. However, most women have difficulty applying it. How does a woman have to draw the eyeliner correctly? Here are a few helpful tips on how to best get it done.

Draw the eyeliner correctly – perfect for every occasion

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The eyeliner is popular both as make-up for everyday life and for the evening. This is because, depending on the color and shape, it suits every occasion. The eyeliner gives an elegant and at the same time dramatic look, but still goes well with the delicate, natural make-up. Therefore, when used correctly, it can be unobtrusive and stylish.

Pull the eyeliner correctly for a seductive look

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A classic are the “cat’s eyes” that many Hollywood stars fall back on for big appearances.

Eyeliner instructions

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Of course, the eyeliner doesn’t have to be black. For parties with your friends, you can try out more colorful variants, such as blue, green, silver or gold. Remove the eyeliner before bed to allow the pores to breathe.

What types of eyeliner are there??

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There are different types of eyeliner, depending on how it is applied:

  •  Eyeliner type Kajal: It is shaped like a pencil and is best for beginners because it is easier to apply than the other types. However, only thin lines are possible with it and it does not last that long.
  • Liquid eyeliner: the classic way with a soft brush. It is the most difficult to apply as it requires accuracy and a steady hand. Errors are easiest to see there. You can correct them with ear swabs dipped in micellar or make-up remover.
  • Eyeliner with a brush: You can apply powdery eyeliner with a thin make-up brush. The smoky effect is achieved here. You need more experience here

How to best apply the eyeliner?

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In order to be able to draw the eyeliner correctly, it is important to have patience and a steady hand. Don’t despair if it doesn’t work out so well at first. In time you will get the hang of it. Some professional make-up artists recommend applying the foundation first, then the eyeliner and finally a few coats of mascara for an expressive look.

Correctly-apply white eyeliner party make-up

The eyeliner can be applied in different ways. You can first apply a thin line at the beginning of the eyelid with a thin brush and then trace it with an eyeliner. Or you can start straight away with the eyeliner by applying several dots and finally joining them together. Of course, you can also draw the eyeliner directly as a thin line, which you then thicken.

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Note that thick eyelid lines are not suitable for small eyes, whereas wider eyelids can handle thick eyelid lines. You can omit the eyeliner towards the nose or let it become very thin. This will soften the effect. For a more dramatic look, let the eyeliner sweep up at the outer end.

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