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Draw a great eyeliner in 1 minute – instructions

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Hello makeup girls! I know there are many days when you’re in a rush and run to the front door in the morning because you’re late for work, but despite the shortage of time, you want to look shiny and have at least a little makeup on.

Draw a great eyeliner quickly

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With this in mind, I can offer you very quick help: one great eyeliner pulling is right for you in moments like this! The product has been very trendy for a couple of years, so today I want to give you a free trick on how you can make good use of it in just 1 minute. Yes, that’s right, you only need a minute!

How to shape the great eyeliner


Nobody wants to shorten their stay at the Starbucks Cafe by 10 minutes because of tomorrow’s make-up! No, no way, it’s good, you’ll do the makeup faster and then you can have your coffee! Great!

Products that you need for the curved eyeliner:


Gel liner: black or brown

Curved eyeliner brush

duct tape


great-eyeliner-instructions-corner of the eye-simple-idea

Simply place the tape along the outer part of the eye, using the lower lash line as a guide. Take yourself for that great eyeliner a specially curved liner brush or super small makeup brush and apply the eyeliner to the tape to join your upper lash line. You want to fill it in this way to get a triangle shape, that’s what gives the illusion of winged liners.

If you have an extra minute, you can turn your winged liners into gently smeared cat’s eyes, which is great for daytime use.

All you need are two more products:

Stila Smudgeproof eye pencil liner guide

Dark brown eyeshadow

Smudge pen or brush

Take a pencil or brush and apply dark brown eye shadow (or any color for that matter) on top of the gel liner. Start smearing it upwards. Now all you do is turn the winged eye liner into a smeared cat’s eye shape.

Curved eyeliner


Hope this helps you all look amazing and adorable in your makeup when you are in a rush! Your makeup doesn’t have to take a lot of time, it’s just a matter of the technique and tools we have on hand.

Stars like Sandra Bullock trust the curved eyelid lines


A kind of version for the stage with a cat look


Neutral make-up with a strongly curved line


The eyeliner melts in the shadows


A thick line encompasses the entire eyelid