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Apply makeup to nude lips for a natural look


If you are looking for a way to naturally make up your lips while being trendy at the same time, then this is it Nude lips the perfect choice. And this way of putting make-up on your lips is nowhere near as monotonous as it might sound. You can paint the lips in a matte tone or add a nice shimmer. Various natural nuances such as pink and peach color are suitable.

Nude lips trend

nude lips make-up inspiration tips

Due to its natural properties, you can choose any makeup for the rest of the face. You have the option of adding extra emphasis to the eyes without the make-up looking too intrusive, as the natural lips create a great balance. This trend is also popular with the stars skin-colored lips very popular. We have put together an inspiring gallery below, in which you can include various make-up ideas Nude lips can get.

  Celebrities with Nude lipsnude lips make-up-nina-dobrev-smokey-eye

Mila Kunis

nude lip make-up-mila-kunis-plum-dress

Megan Fox


Keira Knightley


Vanessa Hudgens

nude lips-make-up-vanessa-hudgens

Contouring and highlighting Eva Longoria face: instructions and professional tips


Nina Dobrev


Jennifer Lopez

nude-lips-make-up-Jennifer-Lopez nude-lips-make-up-golden-eyeshadow-Diane-Kruger nude-lips-make-up-adele-inspiration nude-lip-make-up-lip balm-rouge nude-lips-make-up-lipgloss-hilary-duff nude-lips-make-up-Selena-Gomez nude-lips-make-up-Mila-Kunis nude-lips-make-up-smokey-eyes-leighton-meester nude-lips-make-up-demi-lovato