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Apply make-up to your skin for a pretty look with a shimmer

New Year's Eve ideas apply bronze powder

In this article, we want to show you how to use your Make up the skin so that it gets a nice shimmer that is currently so popular and on trend. As you will find out, it is not that difficult at all. Read through the instructions and in just a few steps you will learn how to use the right make-up for your Make up the skin so that it gets a radiant shimmer.

Applying make-up to your skin – quick tips for the perfect make-up

Apply bronze face eyeshadow beautifully

1. Apply facial oil to both your face and neck.

2. Mix your foundation with a shimmer cream. This way a more natural look is achieved.

3. Apply a bronzer to the cheekbones. Be sure to let it flow well into the primer.

4th. Make up the skin – Apply cheek paint to the same areas. This should have a coral shade. This mix up.

Make up your skin – a look for everyday life and for special occasions

Apply lightly sparkling bronze eyeshadow

5. Now we come to the eyes. Make it up with a bronze-colored eye shadow. To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, you can add a white kohl.

6. Use a light pink lipstick.

7. Apply a shimmering balm or concealer to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, armor arch, eyebrows and collarbone.

And with that the make-up is for Make up the skin, that is suitable for everyday life as well as for any other occasion, also already finished. Try it out right now and impress your friends.

Make up ideas skin make-up women light brown hair

Naturally beautiful makeup

make-up skin make-up ideas beautifully natural

The eyes and lips are slightly emphasized

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Women apply bronze eyeshadow kohl

Apply powder with slightly shimmering nuances

Face natural radiance fresh

Skin eyes eyeshadow apply brown hair

Ideas cheeks emphasize the face beautifully

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