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7 makeup tips that are helpful for summer


Summer is in full swing and so today we have a few helpful ones Makeup tips for you who will guarantee you a perfect look.

7 makeup tips for summer


These simple makeup tricks will improve your appearance as well as the condition of your skin. You should know your skin type in advance so that you can prepare a supply with the right products. Use mainly products from the pharmacy or company stores, where the quality of the cosmetics is guaranteed.

Our make-up tips for the most beautiful season


1. Ditch the make-up foundation entirely and trust the concealer. With just concealer, you don’t need to worry about smudging your makeup and shine.

The refreshing face cream


2. If the first of the Makeup tips isn’t for you then try a tinted moisturizer that will balance and add shine to the skin.

The tanning cream


3. Make-up stylists recommend applying tanning creams with a slight sheen and tones of peach or pink as a color cast over the cheekbones, nose and temples, i.e. where the sun naturally touches the face.

Natalie Portman look


4. Apply a little highlighter to the cheekbones and eyebrowbones, as well as along the nasal bone.

Creativity with make-up


5. Use your makeup in a variety of ways. Use your lipstick, for example, not only to make up your lips, but also instead of blush, as a creamy blush on your cheeks.

The mascara


6. If waterproof mascara irritates your eyes, use clear mascara over your regular black on the upper lash line to set the color and apply only clear mascara on the lower lash line.

Makeup tips for the lips:


7th. Use only light colors for the lips, but try to find the right color for you.

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