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6 face painting Christmas motifs with instructions for making them yourself

face painting christmas motifs ideas instructions make-up yourself

Who says that you can only put make-up on children’s faces at Mardi Gras or Halloween? This is also permitted and appropriate for other occasions, and Christmas is of course no exception. Children love face painting, so please make them happy at Christmas time and surprise them with an afternoon of make-up! There are Christmas motifs to match face painting that you can use for this purpose and at the same time enhance the Christmas atmosphere. We’ll show you some of these ideas and possibilities in today’s article, with instructions to make the task easier for you. Always apply a suitable cream as a base before applying make-up to protect the skin, make it easier to paint and to remove the make-up more easily later. Get started right away!

Face painting Christmas motifs – reindeer face painting

face painting christmas motifs reindeer video idea brown face painting easy

Required colors for the make-up: white, copper or light brown, espresso, red metallic

A very popular motif is the reindeer. It is suitable for both girls and boys. If you would like to make up the children’s face with this motif, start with the nose, on which you spread a little white make-up with a sponge in dabbing movements. Spread the white face make-up a little towards the cheeks and in the area above the lip, as well as in the forehead area between the eyes and the eyelids. Then highlight the forehead with a light shade of brown or a shiny shade of copper. Mark the shape of the ears at the same time and let the brown face make-up on the outer and inner corners of the eyes evenly blend into the white of the eyelids. After that, take the espresso color and design some highlights along the copper tone. Among other things, you will also lengthen your eyebrows towards your nose.

With the same shade of espresso and a brush, paint the antlers on the forehead and the nose in the form of a line over the white area. Then finish drawing ears with the metallic red and white paint. Draw a few more contours with the espresso in a dashed motion. This creates a beautiful fur pattern. Use a thin brush to finish making up your nose and trace the lines along the eyebrows. You also add a few eyelashes at the same time. If this idea of ​​face painting is intended for boys, you can also leave out the eyelashes. But they do very well for girls’ face painting. In the video tutorial, you can still watch the remaining steps with which you can complete the reindeer as face painting for Christmas motifs.

face painting christmas motifs rudolph deer girl antlers headband

If you would like to make Christmas motifs for children that are made faster, you can also try this reindeer. Only the area above the nose and cheeks is made up with a shade of copper. The area under the eyes can be given a subtle pink make-up. Then you still need a red nose and a few white dots. Connect the nose and mouth with a dark brown line and apply a reddish lipstick. Combine the makeup with a headband with antlers.

Mistletoe as an idea for face painting for Christmas

face painting christmas motifs mistletoe green leaves instructions diy

Required colors: light green, dark green, black, white, red

Such mistletoe is also quick and easy to make up, and it is best done in the area of ​​the temple on one side of the face. A great idea if you are looking for small motifs to use for face painting. First draw a leaf shape with light green make-up. This does not have to be perfect because you will later draw the contours in black anyway. Then dab a few accents with dark green that blend well into the light green. At any point, draw three red dots that represent the berries. Take a thin brush and trace the edges of the leaves and berries. With the white color you can then add some accents such as stars or dots, while the red shade is intended for the lips and some other patterns and motifs as desired.

The Grinch for face painting for boys – imitate motifs

christmas motifs face painting boy grinch green santa hat instructions do it yourself

Required colors: Acid green, dark green, white, red, black

There are Christmas motifs for face painting that are guaranteed to please every child. The Grinch, for example, is particularly suitable for boys. With a sponge, first apply bright green make-up above the nose and along the forehead and on the eyelids. Also with a sponge, add a few shades with the dark green color on the inner and outer corner of the eye. Then take the white make-up and apply it to the forehead with pressing and twisting movements along the upper, poisonous green edge. There is a white point on the left cheek. These are the fur and pompoms of the hat. For red hat, again pick up red paint and dip the edge of the brush in black paint as well. This is how you design the red and black border with just one time. You are also welcome to draw the red border of the hat first and then the black contour with a thinner brush.

With a brush and the dark green make-up you then design the eyebrows and the grim folds of the nose, cheeks and forehead of the DIY Grinch. With the black paint you can still draw some contrasts and contours such as the boundaries between red hat and fur or the eyebrows and the inner corner of the eye. You can also take a closer look at this in the video.

Face painting Christmas motifs – Olaf make-up

christmas motifs face painting olaf face painting light blue snowman glitter

Required colors: light pastel blue, white, orange, black metallic, black

If you would like to learn Olaf to paint children again, you can use these instructions. It is without question one of the most popular face painting motifs for Christmas. Dab the pastel blue on the forehead up to the chin, forming a semicircle. Use a thick brush and white make-up to paint the body of the snowman as a face-painting Christmas motif. Use orange for the nose. Use a thin brush and the metallic black to draw the eyes and mouth, as well as the teeth, the contours of the body, the arms and the hair. Use a plain black for the buttons, pupils of the eyes, and eyebrows. Use a soft focus to blur the contours that you have drawn with the metallic black.

Finally, you can add any decorations in white color. These can be such ornate motifs, but also snowflakes, dots and other shapes. The perfect finish is formed by some silver glitter, which you simply dab on the colors with your finger.

Ideas for face painting – simple motifs with the theme “Frozen”

christmas motifs face painting frozen girl flowers snowflakes glitter

There are various face painting templates that you can use on the subject of Frozen. You can also easily come up with something yourself. The only important thing is that you use the correct colors. Use it to design winter motifs and you will receive Christmas motifs for face painting that every girl will like.