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Make up your nose – useful make-up tips

Make-up-nose-make-up-hair accessories-red nails-long-eyelashes-glitter ring

The make-up, powder, and blush can hide the small bumps on the skin and hide the shape of the face. In this article, we have a few interesting makeup tips for you that will explain how to use them to do the Make up your nose and can correct.

Makeup tips for nose makeup


With a few different shades of makeup, you can visually give your nose a new shape. Now let’s get to the makeup tips to make them yours Make up your nose should: Apply the make-up evenly to the face, carefully blending the lines between the lighter and darker tones into one another. After all, you don’t want to look like you’ve put a mask on.

The right brush for nose makeup

Brush-nose-make-up-apply-make-up-long eyebrows

Use a clean sponge, brush, or hands when touching your face and face Make up your nose.

A nose with a wider base


Apply the lighter makeup to the top of the nose, i.e. between the eyes, and along the bridge of the nose. Use the darker makeup on both sides of the nose and the area around the nostrils.

Broad and short nose


Apply a lighter shade of makeup around the nostrils and the darker shade of makeup on the bridge of the nose and the two wider sides.

Make-up tips for a humped nose


Apply two dark lines of makeup or blush to the hump. Blur them carefully. In between, apply a lighter shade of the same product.

Dark and light makeup tips

Make-up idea- long- nose- Sarah-Jessica-Parker-blonde- hair

Do not forget: if you want to visually enlarge your nose, you should apply a lighter makeup. If, on the other hand, you want the nose to be less noticeable, use darker make-up.

The finishing touch

Final touches of powder apply colors

After you’ve finished correcting, the finishing touches are still missing. Apply enough powder to your nose and all over your face.

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Look like a star with our New Year’s Eve makeup tips

New year event rhinestones black gold make-up preparation

So that you don’t get tired soon and instead look like a star all evening long, you not only need coffee, but also a few tips for the best New Year makeup.

Create a fresh outfit with the help of New Year’s makeup tips

To look fresh with New Year’s make-up, treat yourself to a bathtub with refreshing shower gel with citrus, eucalyptus and green tea. This would have a very invigorating effect on both your body and your face. Mint tea work wonders with the beautiful outfit. To put yourself in the limelight, ensure smooth skin early enough by drinking at least 2 liters of water or juice that day. Before the New Year makeup there is still something important to do. Face masks with a lifting effect tighten the contours and make the skin more supple. To avoid possible side effects such as facial swelling, do not apply the mask later than 8:00 p.m. Some facial products are slower to absorb.

Take your time and get on New Year’s makeup as late as possible

apply mask to face wait to move in mirror damp look better

Before you go to the New Year’s Eve party, apply a moisturizer to your face and a refreshing lotion to your body. After the bath you should wait about an hour before using the New Year makeup start until facial redness is still there. For a party makeup, it is important that you choose the right colors and then decide how to put them on. Put your lipstick, powder, and kohl in your purse before you go!

Make-up and the daylight 

new year's eve make-up long eyelashes look unique special aura festive

It would be best if you put the makeup on right before the event. If you let your skin rest that day, you will be rewarded with a flawless radiance a little later. It is better to use the daylight while you are putting on make-up. This way, there is no way to go overboard with the make-up or make it too inconspicuous.

Such a variety makes make-up a pleasure 

eyeshadow variety lipstick lip gloss different tones add magic brush

Care for the skin and wellbeing

body care brush refresh tonic invigorate massage extract bath

Be original and unique

new year's eve make-up contrast eyeshadow rhinestone nail polish blue different different

 Create a great appearance

cosmetic products collage lipsticks lip gloss eyelashes brush powder blush

Soft, silky facial skin

face mask lifting result relaxation supple skin contours tighten

Contouring and highlighting the face: instructions and professional tips

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Five helpful make-up tips and ideas for an attractive look

seductive festive look red lips magical look

Not every woman has the time or the opportunity to visit a professional makeup stylist for the holidays. That’s why we have five here helpful make-up tips and ideas on how you can easily put on make-up for the party.

Helpful make-up tips for great make-up

Make-up tips lipstick red kohl eyeshadow look attractive

Helpful make-up tips for a make-up by Dolce&Gabbana. If you have a make-up like Monica Belucci from the advertisement by Dolce&Gabbana, you don’t necessarily need a professional makeup stylist. Simply apply powder all over the face, including the eyelids. This gives your skin the color of porcelain. Then apply an eyeliner, ideally with a gel eyeliner, to accentuate the eyes at the top. All you need now is two coats of mascara and a passionate burgundy lipstick.

Helpful make-up tips for a make-up by Michael Kors

At the end of last year, Michael Kors introduced the semi-smoky make-up trend. This make-up may look a bit strange at first and maybe also strange, but in the end nobody will be able to take their eyes off you. There are two variants here.

Helpful make-up tips for the two variants

apply eyeshadow correctly advice make up ideas

  • Helpful make-up tips for the first variant:

First, a primer is applied. The eyelids are then made up as is usual for the smoky look. The difference is that the eyeshadow is only applied diagonally to the outer half of the eyelid so that the light and dark halves are the same size. Finally, apply a colorless, glossy lipstick.

  • Helpful make-up tips for the second variant:

Outline the upper and lower eyelids with a black kohl and gently smudge the line of the lower eyelid with your finger or a brush.

Helpful make-up tips for make-up with tropical accents

Make-up tips many possible combinations ideas famous designers

This look is an inspiration from Dsquared2. His helpful make-up tips ensure a fresh look and are particularly popular at the moment. Apply a primer that matches your skin color. Wipe it well with your finger so that it is evenly distributed. Pay more attention to the delicate areas of the eye. Using a thick brush, apply a little peach-colored blush to your cheeks. Light shades of brown color should be chosen for the eyeshadow and the upper lid should be emphasized with a brown kohl. Apply two coats of mascara and a tangerine lipstick.

Helpful make-up tips for make-up with more shine

Make-up tips attractive evening enjoy looking great holidays

For the winter, eyeshadows in metallic colors are especially fashionable. Therefore, it is ideal for a festive make-up at Christmas. Helpful make-up tips – don’t limit yourself to gold and silver, but also try out metallic nuances in emerald, purple or turquoise.

Another variant is to choose an eye shadow that contains glitter particles. Again, you can apply several coats of mascara. If you choose this type of eye make-up, you should note that the focus is on the eyes and a more subtle color should therefore be chosen for the lips. A delicate lip balm is suitable for this. This makeup goes well with more subtle clothing.

Helpful make-up tips for natural make-up

Make-up tips look natural, young, beautiful, neutral colors

Helpful make-up tips the great designers – they are increasingly relying on natural make-up. This gives the woman a younger and cuter aura, which especially the men like. Start by cleaning the face. It would also be good if the skin was well moistened with a cream beforehand. Apply a light foundation, a little blush to your cheeks, and a coat of mascara. For the lips, choose a clear or pink lip gloss. This makeup is best for a livelier and more distinctive outfit.

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Modern fingernail manicure – make it suitable, depending on the zodiac sign

Fingernails manicure fire-red-almond shape

Every modern woman nowadays is interested in her fingernail manicure. Depending on the zodiac sign, different designs will suit your nails. Would you like the design of your fingernails to reveal your zodiac sign? You are definitely asking yourself which color of the base coat you should use … How which one?! .. Of course, the one that should match the color of your zodiac sign! Here are a few ideas, depending on your zodiac sign.

Fingernails manicure: Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


These fiery zodiac signs are the best fit Fingernails manicure in colors like red and yellow and everything in between.

These colors explain and embody all the warmth and strength of these “fiery” zodiac signs. Then use red nail polish as a base. Then the nails are adorned with “golden” stones and “metal beads”. A silver border is made on the tips of the nails. As a top coat, you could use a clear or body-colored nail polish.



modern-fingernail-manicure-stiletto-nails-bright red

Jagged fingernails dark red design manicure zodiac sign

nail polish ideas design red fiery zodiac-appropriate colors

Ideas for manicure fingernails red fire zodiac sign aries-leo sagittarius

Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Manicure design trends dark blue lacquer trends ombre lips

Nail design earth color nuances pearls matt shimmering green

The colors pink, green, light and dark blue match these characters.

Nail varnish design ideas Earth Taurus-Virgo Capricorn zodiac sign

Another option would be all the shades of brown. Everything that is round is suitable for this zodiac sign – all round shapes. The nail design should be adorned with metallic elements and of course on top – a colorless top varnish that fixes the whole thing.

Finger design nails manicure ideas pink shades-ombre colors

Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

brightly painted nails ideas based on the zodiac sign Gemini Libra Aquarius

Colors: silver, white, light blue, orange, yellow

nail polish design modern ideas white black swab

The nail design includes dark blue, white and black. There are also various stones to match, followed by a top varnish, without color.

Blue nail polish manicure idea zodiac sign air

Coloring yellow nail polish design ideas according to zodiac signs

Jagged nail trends Design paint tips glitter particles

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

colors nail polish neon details-manicure fingernails design ideas

Nail polishes in the color pink are suitable for these zodiac signs. Miniature stones, small rhinestones, and tiny pearls would also look very good. Then don’t forget – the top varnish – it fixes everything. A white border could be made at the tip of the nail.

Manicure design finger nails decoration stones water cancer scorpion fish

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Looking good on New Year’s Eve – ideas for a glamorous look

look good impress the turn of the year chic deeper look

Every woman really wants it for New Year’s Eve to look good. Take a look at our make-up ideas and let everyone present be impressed by your look.

Looking good on New Years Eve – dhe preparatory phase matters

Facial cleansing thoroughly relaxes, smooth, silky skin, cleanliness and radiance

Before you reach for makeup, start with a thorough facial cleanse. Steam bath and peeling are soothing and contribute to a silky smooth facial skin for you to look good can. A moisturizing cream selected according to the skin type should also be applied. Let yourself be pampered by a relaxing facial massage that also stimulates blood circulation in the skin. Always start from the center of the face and massage outwards. At the end, press gently with your fingertips. There are also a few tips to keep in mind for the lips. After you’ve applied nourishing lip balm, you could massage your lips. You should drum the mouth area with your fingers several times. Sensual, irresistible lips are achieved.

Put on make-up properly and look good for New Year’s Eve 

facial care cream after cleansing refresh natural primer

Take your time enough and in the end you will no doubt look good. Foundation comes first. The rule here is “inside out”. If you are still bothered by any redness or pimples, the corrector can play a major role. With the help of a brush or sponge, you can powder your face properly without overdoing it.

new year look good perfect make up brocade pink purple nuance

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the next make-up step, eye make-up. The eyebrows appear in the foreground, they should be pinched up and then painted. You should outline the entire eye with kohl and first paint in the inner corner of the eye with a lighter shade. Then emphasize the outer corner of the eye with a darker shade. To use a soft effect, you should smear the application of both eyeshadows with a sponge. Bend your eyelashes and cover them with mascara, putting color well between the hairs, and your eyes are done! Depending on the skin type and the intensity of the make-up, cheek blush should also be selected. Don’t forget – harmony is a must. Apply the lipstick correctly with a brush. If necessary, then repeat!

Set a festive and glamorous accent – lip gloss, mascara or eye shadow can be with brocade. As a final result, you will be rewarded with a fairytale look!

Blush cheeks should be selected according to the color of the skin

rouge brush blonde hair blue eyes powder foundation apply tip

Sensual and full lips with the right lipstick

make up put on lipstick white teeth delicate pink sensual irresistible

Tips for celebratory makeup

make-up ideas color tones mascara blur brush eyebrow comb dab

 A natural and gentle appearance 

glamorous effect dark kohl black border the lash line with style

Contouring and highlighting the face: instructions and professional tips


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5 make-up tips for festive occasions and a glamorous look

Make-up tips for festive occasions red lips smokey eyes

We want to look even more beautiful and glamorous for the holidays. Here are some Make-up tips for festive occasions, that you can try for Silverster or a special cocktail party.

Make-up tips for festive occasions

1. Artificial eyelashes

Make-up tips for festive occasions

Stick on false eyelashes to grab attention and make your eyes look bigger. The artificial eyelashes always have a guaranteed success. If you want to make your eyes bigger and more expressive, you don’t even need professional help. You can also do this yourself at home. First apply make-up and then carefully glue the eyelashes on.

2. Glitter eyes

Make-up tips for festive occasions glitter eye make-up gold

If you want to add more glamor and glitter to your makeup, then use glittery eye shadows in gold or silver. Be careful with their use. We want to look beautiful and shiny like Snow White, not like the Snow Queen, right?

Make-up tips for festive occasions – expressive eyes

3. Smokey eyes makeup

smokey eyes brown make-up tips for festive occasions

You’ve been thinking for a long time about when to try these magical smokey eyes. You are now free to experiment. Dark colors like gray, brown, black and purple give the look depth.

4. Shiny fond de complexion

make up festive glossy rougue powder pearlescent

Would you like to sparkle even more festively? Then fond de teint or blush with a pearl shine is a good idea. The structure and content are the same as the conventional products. The only difference is the particles that will make your face shinier. Additional effect – the skin looks smoother and younger.

5. Red lips

Make-up tips for festive occasions red lip matt lipstick brush

This festive makeup idea is not new. Red lips have not gone out of fashion since last year, both for everyday wear and for special occasions. And now is the time to realize your wildest desires and apply a lipstick in a matching shade of red.

Contouring and highlighting the face: instructions and professional tips

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Trendy New Year’s Eve make-up ideas and tips for the holidays

Evening make-up trends products Christmas New Year's Eve party make-up

The New Year’s Eve party is the perfect occasion to spice up and dress up for the last time this year and to dazzle others with a glamorous outfit. The New Year’s makeup must be glamorous as well. We have collected beautiful make-up ideas for you, dear ladies, with which you can make the perfect appearance at the New Year’s Eve party. Treat yourself to some beauty treatment!

New Year’s make-up ideas, trends and tips

Christmas party make-up New Year's ideas-make-up eye-eyeshadow lipstick-red

The end of the year must be duly celebrated. The shimmering make-up have their high season on Christmas and the New Year, so to speak. That Silverest make-up can be a little more dazzling or extravagant than usual. The red lipstick is currently one of them. Smokey eyes are an indispensable classic for evening make-up. However, lipstick and eyeshadow must be coordinated with each other. Some sunburn on the face is most missed in winter. The self-tanning face cream is a good option, but you can get a flawless skin tan in no time by mixing a liquid bronzer and foundation with shimmer particles.

Brilliant ideas for makeup fans

Metallic effects Shimmering eyeshadow modern trends emphasize the wrinkled upper eyelid

If you like it a little more subtle, you can only focus on the eyes, lips, cheeks. The mouth is edged with the contour pencil and the color is faded out with the fingertip. Some pink powder blush and mascara and voila! But if you prefer to emphasize the eyes, you can have them shine in bronze, gold or silver. So that the color does not disappear quickly, it is best to apply an eyeshadow base beforehand. If you use an eyeprimer, the colors shine even more intensely.

Ideas for glamorous party make-up

Smokey eye effect dark eyeshadow light eye make-up Eyeliner-on cream-gel basis

Smokey eyes are always a trend and go well with the Christmas festival and New Year party.

Transparent lip gloss is trendy

Make Up Tips Ideas New Years Eve Party Lipstick Red Shine Hairstyle Ideas

A special party make-up

Artificial eyelashes Make-up eyes with glitter stones. Trendy make-up

Jewels for the eyelashes guarantee you an incomparable New Year look. This is how you give your eyes an imaginative sparkle.

With shimmer particles you will become the star of the evening

Eyes make-up Artificial eyelashes, eyelash line, eyebrows

Delicate and modern

Apply powdered taint mascara to the inner corners of the eyes-emphasize trends

Warm eyeshadow nuances for a summery mood

Bronze tones-powder-blush application-eye shadow yellow warm-summery ideas

Evening make-up in strong yellow

Neon yellow lipstick-new year celebration eyeshadow eyeliner ideas on the lash line-drawing

Shimmering bronze tones

Make-up ideas-eyelashes bring a deep look to give gold shimmer with kohl line

For more excitement – strong blue eyeshadows

Upper eyelid ideas products make up blue-strong eye make-up extravagant

Only emphasize the cheeks with a golden brown rouge

Apply liquid eyeliner cream Eyes eyeshadow caramel copper brown

Caramel eyeshadow

Eyeshadow Modern Trends Colors Caramel Oberlitt shimmering Make-up tips New Year's Eve

Lips with a transparent pink gloss

Apply blush powder face foundation make-up tricks transparent red lipstick

Magical purple eyeshadow

Colorfully accentuated face make-up, apply eyeshadow violet-ideas trends-2013 New Year's Eve

Extravagant blue

Extravagant make-up New Year's Eve celebration Glossy eyeshadow products Blue eyelashes

Blush gives the face a beautiful contour

Rouge light red lip eye make-up discreetly elegant, retro-classic light pink

Cream eyeliner

New Year's Eve Christmas Make Up Ideas 2013 Dark Black Eyeshadow Shimmering

A magical purple appears on the lips

Trends Christmas party Glamorous make-up Shimmering make-up purple

Lips with glittering metallic nuances

Schmike Ideen New Year's lips with shimmer particles-disco ball effect-glitter-gold silver

Lips with glittering gloss

Smokey eyes effect, glitter eyelid make-up, eye make-up, New Years Eve ideas

New Year’s Eve make-up tips – seductive lips in bright red

Apply red lipstick, seductive make-up ideas, blush, gloss, and cream eyeliner

Artificial eyelashes with glittering eyeshadows

Eyebrow shapes make-up ideas-Christmas New Year party

Make eyes bigger

Trace lower eyelid Eye shadow violet Ideas How to apply mascara correctly

Apply eyelashes

Eyes make-up apply blush - tips face make-up ideas Holidays

Expressive red lipstick

Wine red contour pencil fed up with make-up ideas-blush face-beautiful contour

Subtle and elegant

Apply powder rouge on lips with transparent-Pink Gloss-Artificial eyelashes

Metallic eyeshadow on the upper eyelid

Apply eyelashes to the corners of the eyes

Trace the lower eyelid

Lower eyelid face make-up Emphasize smokey effect colors Trends New Year's make-up

Smokey effect with mascara and kohl line

Smokey Eye Ideas Make up Blue Eyes-Evening Jewelry Holidays

 Use lipstick and pencil

Eyebrows form blood-red lipstick cheeks minimally emphasized with blush

Contouring and highlighting the face: instructions and professional tips

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Make-up trends for spring – 3 make-up styles to try out

NARS spring eyes smokey purple lips orange

Learn the Make-up trends for spring from us and find out which colors you should use. There are three types of makeup that you should try this spring. Let the warming from inside appear outside too! Let’s show the spring mood!

Make-up trends for spring

1. Mandarin lips

Make-up trends for spring mandarin lip primer

Last year the mandarin lips were totally in. This year the situation hasn’t changed. The connection between white skin and orange lips still persists. So you get an energetic charisma. Choose between a suitable primer that is a shade darker. It is better to leave your eyes bare, only with a mascara. Complete our make-up tips with a lipstick in orange – tangerine.

Make-up trends for spring

2. Invite love – in pink!

make-up trends spring light pink nuances blue eyes

Those who cannot do without the pink color – transfer your passion in your make – up. Don’t forget the child in you! Use the pink colors to flirt. Invite love, right with the coming of spring.

3. Smokey eyes

Make-up trends spring brown smokey eyes

Smokey makeup is all the rage this spring. Boldly grab eyeshadow in dark gray and a volume mask. Make your eyes more expressive by applying makeup with Smokey Eyes eyeshadow and making them more seductive for the night.

Make-up trends for spring hbz bright pink pastel blue eyes

make-up trends colors spring pink chanel brown

make-up trends spring orchid violet pink  make-up trends spring orange lips camilla jcollins

Make-up trends spring mandarin orange lips eyeliner

Jessica Alba Golden Globes mandarin lipstick

smokey eye makeup rita ora grammys 2014

make-up trends spring 2014 versace blue gold green eyes

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