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Make your own natural bridal make-up without eyeliner

Make your own natural bridal make-up without eyeliner

On her big day, every bride glows with happiness in her white dress. Eyes that are too dark or lips that are too conspicuous are not ideal for this romantic occasion. For this reason, many brides prefer reserved, natural-looking wedding make-up. In our make-up instructions we show you everything you need for young, natural bridal make-up and a fresh look.

Make-up products and make-up tools for natural bridal make-up:

Make-up products and tools for natural bridal make-up


Pore ​​filling primer



Fixing powder

Taupe eyeshadow, matt

Dark brown, matt eyeshadow

Eyeshadow in white, shimmering

Brown eyeliner


Eyelash curler

Eyebrow gel

Bronzing powder



Lip liner in a pink / nude shade

Bubblegum Pink lipstick

Make-up sponges

Flat foundation brush

Big fluffy face brush

Crease brush

Blending brush

Flat eyeshadow brush

Angled blush brush

Sculpting brush

Blush brush

Conical highlighter brush

Natural bridal makeup – instructions with pictures:

Natural bridal makeup instructions eyelids make-up

1. Apply concealer to the entire eyelid, spread it over your fingers and dab with the sponge. Apply setting powder to it with the flat foundation brush.

Natural bridal makeup applying make-up brown eyeshadow

2. Use the crease brush to place the taupe eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid. Smudge with the blender brush.

3. Use the dark brown eyeshadow to further accentuate the crease. The best way to do this is to use the pencil brush. Blur the transitions with the crease brush.

Natural bridal makeup in matt brown and white

4. Now apply a shimmering white eyeshadow with the flat eyeshadow brush on the movable eyelid. Blur the eyeshadow transitions with the blender brush.

Natural bridal makeup with brown kohl on the upper lash line

5. Draw a line as thin as possible with the brown kohl in the corner of your eye. Use kohl on the upper waterline as well.

6. Curl the eyelashes with the eyelash curler and then apply mascara.

Natural bridal make-up instructions Bringing eyelashes and brows into shape

7. Apply moisturizer to the entire face and then work the pore-filling primer into the skin with circular movements.

8. Dab foundation on the center of the face and spread it evenly with a make-up sponge.

9. Comb the brows with eyebrow gel. Run the makeup sponge over your eyebrows to remove any excess gel.

Apply natural bridal makeup foundation and concealer

10. Apply concealer to the protruding parts of the face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and center of the forehead). Blend everything well with the make-up sponge.

Natural Bridal Makeup Instructions Contouring Face

11. Apply setting powder to the under-eye area with the flat foundation brush. A large fluffy powder brush is used for the rest of the face.

12. Contour the face with bronzing powder and a sculpting brush.

13. Apply blush with an angled blush brush. Apply the highlighter above the cheekbones, on the tip of the nose and the top point of the lip, the cupid’s bow. Pick up some highlighter with the flat eyeshadow brush and place it in the inner corner of the eye and under the browbone.

14. Line the lips with the lip liner and fill them in with the pink bubblegum lipstick.

Natural Bridal Makeup Peach Pink Lips Makeup

Natural bridal makeup pink lips blue eyes

natural wedding makeup without eyeliner pink lips