Make-up, style

Make-up, style

26 make-up tips for a professional photo shoot

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With our collection of 26 Make Up Tips we would like to offer practical advice to all women who would like to prepare themselves professionally for a photo shoot. If you have little or no experience with it, it is understandable if questions still arise. Every face can be perfectly modeled through optimal preparation and various make-up techniques. Then stand under the lightning bolts, radiant and full of positive attitudes. The variety of makeup tips from professionals is numerous if you want to emphasize your natural beauty and its strengths. Although you can see the flaws in photos more than in reality, the successful imitation of these tips gives you not only a professionally homemade make-up, but also the self-confidence and charisma of a real model.

Make up tips from the professionals start with a positive aura

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At the photo shoot, in addition to all the make-up tips and knowledge, it is important that you feel comfortable as a model in front of the camera. If this is not the case, the images become unnatural and appear to be posed. With the right, sensual preparation, it’s half the battle. In the best case scenario, you get a good night’s sleep on the day of the shoot, bring your good mood to the appointment and think positively.

Make Up Tips for a Healthy, Effective Face

Make Up Tips for the face-hat-preparation-cleaning-massage-skin-texture-improve

What the mirror cannot always see is always conjured up by the camera. The blemishes on your face can be seen much more clearly than in reality, because the three-dimensionality of our normal environment and movements is missing. Flawless skin can of course also be conjured up with Photoshop, but if your face has already been ideally prepared for a professional photo shoot, no tedious retouching is necessary afterwards.

First, thoroughly cleanse your facial skin

Make Up Tips for the face-hat-preparation-cleaning-massage-facial cleanser

Do not let yourself experiment with care products or cosmetic products before a photo session so that no redness or allergies occur. Use your regular facial cleanser. Do not use a gentle peeling or plucking your eyebrows up to 1 day before your photo shoot so as not to unnecessarily irritate the skin of your eyelids.

Essential preparation that clarifies and smooths the skin

Make Up Tips face-hat-preparation-moisture-primer-application-massage

Successful make-up starts with the thorough preparation of your skin. Apply a moisturizer before makeup. A primer can also be the basis for an even, radiant primer. You choose the skin care according to your skin type: for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, mature skin, etc..

Choosing the right texture and shades for your makeup products

Make-up-tips-facial-hat-preparation-cleaning-cotton pads-mirror-facial cleanser

It is imperative that the color and texture of your makeup match your skin tone and type as well. No color difference should be noticeable between made-up and bare skin. The makeup is applied thinly to the entire face, including the lips and eyes, in upward motions, then fades out around the edges.

With photo make-up, you also apply make-up to your neck and décolleté


The models are completely made up from head to toe during the professional photo shoots. This allows flaws such as bruises or small veins to be covered, which ensures the perfect unity of skin color.

Make-up techniques for an even complexion

Make-Up-Tips-professioneles-make-up-font-de-tient-basis-products-make-up sponge

First, the foundation is applied to the four places – forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and chin. Font-de-Teint is evenly distributed using various application techniques – with a brush, make-up sponge or with your fingers.

Irregularities can be concealed


Tinted masking products such as corrector pens, creamy foundations or concealers hide imperfections on the skin. The complementary colors work here – the green pigments of a cover product neutralize skin redness such as rosacea, visible blood vessels or redness after laser treatments. Yellow pigments hide blue skin tones, such as dark circles and varicose veins.

Fine veneering creates a natural look


Darker contour color is roughly applied to all parts of the face that you want to change or emphasize less. If you want a sharper chin line, apply the dark shade a little below this line. You can also make a double chin disappear in this way. The high forehead is conjured away when you apply contour paint to your temples and below the hairline.

Make up tips for optical correction of the shape of the nose


If you want your nose to look narrower, use the contour color on the sides next to the bridge of the nose and highlighter on the bridge of the nose. If you want to make a nasal hump appear smaller, apply the darker shade in the area of ​​this hump.

Face contouring like 1-2-3 – with the make-up brush and the right tones


The lighter color of the highlighter emphasizes facial features and brings them more into focus. The eyes look more alert with a narrow line of it just above the brow arch. Against dark circles and puffy eyes, use the lighter concealer in the inner corner of the eye and the area under each eye.

Correctly contour the face with blush


The cheeks and temples are often outlined in two or even three colors. The darkest shade under the cheekbones gives the bone more definition. In the temples and on the cheeks, a lighter blush with a glitter effect is often used for youthful freshness.

Contours are reinforced with bronzer


Bronzing powder is used when you want to create a natural, slightly tanned look like chiseled. This is best used to contour the sides of the forehead, under the cheekbones, on the tip of the chin and directly under the face on the neck. Bronzer applied to the side of the nose visually reduces its width.

Make-up techniques for younger and plumper cheeks

Make-up-tips-rouge-correctly-apply-cheekbones-contouring-corrector-pencil-make-up brush

With dark concealer, apply an upside-down triangle tapering from the area in front of the ears to the center of the cheek. In this way you prepare the cheeks for the blush and you must not overdo it.

Contouring and highlighting – the make-up professionals’ strongest weapons


For higher cheekbones and a narrower face, place the dark concealer shade in the cavity of the cheeks from the ear to the center of the face. If this line is drawn diagonally towards the mouth, the face will later appear narrower. If it is pulled horizontally towards the nose, it visually broadens and shortens the face.

How to do beautiful eye make-up yourself


First of all, determine which eye shape you have – almond-shaped, sloping, round, etc., so that you can put on make-up like a professional like beautiful eyes. Also choose the right makeup technique depending on the goal of the photo shoot. The smokey eyes effect, for example, is always in vogue, but requires special lighting in the studio.

Open your eyes – the advice from the make-up artists

Make-Up-Tips-eyeliner-pen-eye rim-eyeliner-make-up-natural-black-brown

Smokey eyes are timeless, sexy and not that difficult to put on your make-up. How can you make the eyeshadows more durable for this makeup trend? Before applying make-up, apply an eyeshadow base that will even out small redness.

The right light to put on your eyes


This eye make-up is suitable for all eye shapes. Apply light-colored eyeshadow to the inner and outer corners of the eyes to open up the look. Use a brush to brush eyebrow make-up in a matching color over your brows in the direction of growth.

Make-up instructions for brown eyes in plum nuances


Peach, beige and a light gold shimmer – underline the light blue eyes


The right mascara rounds off eye make-up


To simulate particularly thick lashes, black is the best color for your mascara. Eyelashes colored in gray, brown or other colors complement the eye color well, but look less noticeable and are not recommended for professional photo shoots.

Make-up your eyes like the professionals


For large eyes, draw a dark eyeliner with kohl or eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. No harsh lines with eyeliner and no heavy eye make-up are recommended for small or deep-set eyes.

Lips make-up – the professional make-up tips

Make-up-tips-how-to-apply-professional-lipstick-lip brush-in-style

Before showing your beautiful smile to the camera, resort to a simple trick. Use your lipstick as usual and coat your lips with colorless powder as a finish. The fine powder particles make the lips appear matt and the lipstick does not rub off so easily.

Make-up tips in delicate nude tones


If you prefer delicate nude tones for your lip makeup, you can get the best out of your lip shape in a subtle way. Then you can add a little more accents to your eye make-up.

Remove make-up after the photo shoot


So that your skin can breathe easily, it is essential to remove your make-up thoroughly after the photo shoot using a cleansing milk or micellar lotion. You also minimize the risk of allergies by regularly cleaning your make-up brushes with a suitable cleaning product.

Nothing helps with a professional photo shoot like the make-up tips of the professionals


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Make-up, style

Eye Make Up Tips – How Do You Make Up Your Lower Eyelid Correctly?

eye make-up idea-dark-eyes-effect-light-eye-color-eyebrows-eyeshadow-lower-eyelid-correct-make-up

Originally that comes from Eye make up from Egypt and India. As early as the time of Nefertiti, Egyptians used make-up on both eyelids for religious reasons, using lines drawn precisely with kohl. The lower eyelid is an area on the face that beginners in eye makeup do not pay enough attention to and thus they do not always achieve the result of a perfect look. Some of the key skills you need to know to properly apply make-up under the eyes come from the make-up tips and ideas described below. Of course, the skills of a professional do not come overnight, which is why we have paid special attention to the most common mistakes made when applying make-up products under the eyes in our article.

Eye make-up tip: color harmony in the upper and lower eyelids

eye make-up smokey-eye-make-up-technique-eyeliner-eyeshadow-eye color-lower eyelid-mascara

Depending on the technique used in eye make-up, the eyes can appear larger, but also smaller – unfortunately often undesirable. The main rule of the professionals is: what the eyeliner is for the upper lid, the kohl is for the lower lid. It is the right tool for beginners so that the lower eyeliner is perfectly drawn. While precise and exact lines can always be worked with the liquid eyeliner, the make-up techniques with the kohl pencil forgive small irregularities in the lines. These can be easily smudged with your finger and you are no longer far from the popular smokey eyes effect. It can also be used to make up significantly thicker eyelashes.

Eye make-up techniques from the professionals for the lower eyelid

eye make-up lower eyelid-eyeshadow-make-up brush-eyeliner-draw-brown-eye color

Which make-up technique you use on the lower eyelid depends on the basic idea of ​​your make-up, on the specific occasion and not least on your skin type. But the shape of the eyes is crucial. To accentuate the eyes and make the lashes appear fuller, you can apply black or dark brown eyeshadow directly under the lash line with a narrow make-up brush.

Make up tips for the lower eyelid according to the shape of the eye

eye make-up idea-eyeshadow-glitter-lower eyelid-white-eyelid-color harmony-upper eyelid-correct-make-up

With round eyes, the eyeliner should start rather narrow and widen from the center outwards. For eyes that are close together, it is essential that the eyeliner is not applied directly to the corner of the eye, but a few millimeters towards the center of the lower eyelid. For eyes that are far apart, the eyeliner should be drawn so that it becomes a little stronger towards the corner of the eye.

Preparing the skin under the eyes for makeup

eye make-up concealer-lower eyelid-hihglighting-make-up brush-skin color preparation

The successful make-up of the lower eyelid, as in general in the sensitive area under the eyes, begins with a thorough preparation of the skin. A BB cream or eyeshadow base provides an optimal primer so that eyeshadows can later develop in color and last as long as possible. This base creates an even skin color and powdery eyeshadow textures can be applied more precisely.

The professional make-up tip for puffy eyes and dark circles

eye make-up concealer-lower eyelid-hihglighting-professional-wrong-correct-make-up tip-skin color-blue-eyes

Learn the right way to hide shadows under the eyes with tinted masking products – concealer or corrector pen. The assignment of the lot under each eye has been successfully completed, as shown on the left in the picture above. Choose the right consistency of the masking product according to your skin type.

The right choice of eyeshadow is essential for the result

eye-make-up-make-up brush-lower eyelid-eyeliner-eyeshadow-brown-eye-color-eyebrows

The variety of eye shadows is like a dime a dozen. Delicate textures are easy to make up for the lower eyelid and do not settle so quickly in the eyelid wrinkles. Matt tones look very noble, but their dusty consistency requires skill when applying. To properly draw the lower eyeliner with eyeshadow, it is best to use Mineral Make Up eyeshadow in dark, matt tones – black, gray or brown.

The classic variant – emphasize the lower eyelid with an eye pencil

eye-make-up-tips-effect-smokey-eye-instructions-make-up brush-eyeshadow-kohl-black

The kohl pencil is an integral part of every make-up bag, and after a little practice it can easily be used for effective make-up. It is applied directly to the lash line to emphasize the eyes and make the lashes appear fuller.

A make-up tip for a brighter and more alert look

eye make-up idea-brown-eye-color-blue-eyeshadow-lower eyelid-white-eyelid rim-color harmony

White eye pencil can visually enlarge your eyes and make your gaze look more alert. Draw a line on the waterline with a white, preferably waterproof, eye pencil. This method works especially well for light eye colors. The white line can create an interesting contrast to dark eyes.

An accessory that makes eye make-up a lot easier

eye-make-up-tips-protective shields-make-up techniques-eyeshadow-correct-lower-eyelid-make-up

The well-known shadow shields are self-adhesive labels with a specially cut-out shape that protect against too much eye shadow powder. Stick one in a desired position under the lash line to draw a precise eyelid stripe.

Eye make-up ideas for various looks

eye-make-up-tips-tricks-make-up-techniques-eyeliner-eyeshadow-eye color-lower-eyelid-waterline-mascara

Classically, an eyeliner is drawn in the inner lower eyelid with kohl or eyeliner, depending on the desired look. This particularly emphasizes the large and light eyes. Small, deep-set eyes look even smaller if you only apply kohl to the inner edge. So that in this case the eyes are not visually reduced too much, make up the area on the lower lash line with kohl or eyeliner.

How is the optical unity of the lower and upper eyelids achieved


The optical unit is successful if the same make-up technique and matching colors are used on the upper and lower eyelids. The lower eyelid line must generally be drawn thinner than the one on the upper eyelid. A slightly smudged kohl line in dark tones looks particularly wicked and seductive. The tip for anyone who does not have a steady hand for the eyeliner is: use the kohl pencil to set small dots along the lash line and then connect them to form a line.

  The color harmony of the eyes and eye make-up

eye-make-up-idea-gray-eye-color-green-blue-eyeshadow-lower eyelid-upper eyelid-mascara

Which eyeshadows suit your eyes is determined by their color. Women with blue eyes are also allowed to wear blue – from dark to light eye shadow tones with a green cast. However, they work perfectly when the colored insert also passes through the outer corner of the eye to the lower eyelid.

Eye make-up idea in rose

eye-make-up-idea-gray-eye-color-warm-colors-eyeshadow-lower eyelid-color harmony

From rosé to purple, everything is allowed for gray eyes because of their neutral color. In the make-up look presented above, a delicate line of rosé eyeshadow goes over the lower eyelid and this warms the look optically.

Make up look for brown and round eyes

eye-make-up-instructions-idea-brown-golden-glitter-effect-eyeshadow-kohl-lower eyelid-color harmony-mascara

Women with brown eyes can use muted brown tones to light apricot for eye make-up. The eye shadows in warm tones make dark eyes shine and you can spice it up with silver gray, gold or a dash of turquoise. Since the glitter particles also emphasize the small lines and wrinkles, they are only suitable for the upper eyelid.

How to make up the lower eyelid without smudging

eye-make-up-tips-idea-tricks-black-turquoise-shimmer effect-eyeshadow-lower eyelid-color harmony-mascara

Powder both eyelids well so that the kohl does not smear after application. It becomes soft in summer because of the warm temperatures and should be placed in the refrigerator about 10 minutes before use.

The paint box look forbidden – with make-up in general as well as on the lower eyelid

eye-make-up-arabic-make-up-technique-kajal-lower eyelid-eyeliner-eyeshadow-green-eye-color-mascara

Let’s remember the good rule again: less is more! For a harmonious eye make-up, tones such as brown, mocha or beige are suitable, which accentuate the eye discreetly without overloading it. The black eyeshadows or the too dramatic smokey eyes are better left for the disco parties.

Applying mascara really has to be learned

eye-make-up-mascara-false-fly-legs-effect-eyelashes-make-up mistakes-eyeliner-blue-eye-color

The failed eyelashes do nothing to your beauty. So that you avoid the effect of fly legs and accentuate your eyelashes properly, always apply ink from the base of the eyelashes to the lengths. Shake gently back and forth to distribute the mascara ideally.

Art on the eye or real eyeliner?


The best thing to do is to say straight away that art was made with these model eyes. Do not let yourself be exaggerated with the eyeliner if the dramatic effect of your eye make-up or the panda bear eyes are not achieved.

Fix your make-up masterpiece

eye-make-up-fixing-setting spray-make-up tip-lower eyelid-eyeshadow-durability

Finally, you can spray the whole face with thermal water or a special fixer spray. The fine spray ensures an even make-up and a longer hold.

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