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Gifts for women: How a gift idea becomes real joy

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They regularly make men sweat: the occasions on which it is customary to give a present to one’s partner. There are certainly enough occasions in the course of a year. Birthday, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Christmas and, last but not least, the wedding anniversary or the anniversary of the meeting. Even if couples don’t put much emphasis on material things in their relationship, there comes a moment when a gift is simply unavoidable. Then it is time for men: show your colors and show a lucky hand, because more than once a poorly chosen gift is said to have given rise to a tangible crisis.

It’s not that difficult to find the perfect present for your loved one. Deliver all kinds of things on the internet Gifts for girlfriend plenty of material for inspiration. Anyone who still knows the secret of what women actually want when it comes to gifts will make the choice with ease in the future and guaranteed not to break a sweat when thinking about the next wedding day.

Gifts for women – the secret of success does exist

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Not every gift makes the partner really happy

Unfortunately, it is often said of men that creativity and ingenuity are areas in which they cannot exactly score. This may often be nothing more than a prejudice, but some men prefer to play it safe when it comes to choosing a gift for their partner and rely on the classics that have delighted women’s hearts for hundreds of years: jewelry, perfume , Lingerie and of course flowers. Man shouldn’t be able to go wrong with that. But is the partner really happy when she unpacks a bottle with her favorite fragrance again? And can the earrings really express deep feelings? The answer is not that simple. Of course, most women are happy about a nice perfume or piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, none of these presents wins a prize for originality.

Gifts for women can be many things, but please not unimaginative. Loveless gifts in which there is no spark of initiative are almost a guarantee for disappointment. And with that, the greatest secret of success around the right gift for women would already be revealed: your own idea. Women love it when the partner thinks about it. Because that means that he takes time for her. In addition, an individual gift always requires a good dose of creativity and empathy, and these are qualities that most women particularly appreciate or long for their partner.

Homemade gifts for women have a particularly personal touch


If you really want to score points with her, you should therefore be a little more inventive and trust yourself to distance yourself from the classic gifts. A present doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, homemade things often say best: “It’s nice that you exist”. In addition, gifts you have thought of yourself and perhaps even gifts you have made yourself are something very personal. And that is exactly what women want: a gift that is only meant for them and that really comes from the heart.

The possibilities are just as varied as the character of the woman herself. From romantic to adventurous, everything can be included, as long as it suits her. But as different as women may be, they all have one thing in common: They are happy when the partner wants to spend time with them and expresses this in their gift. The invitation to a joint venture is therefore always a good idea, because such a gift expresses appreciation and sympathy like no other. In addition, good memories together form the basis for a long and harmonious relationship.

Please do not: This is how the classic gift becomes a faux pas

Let’s come back to the highly acclaimed classics of gifts for women. What seems to be such a safe choice unfortunately offers not only a lack of creativity but also plenty of potential to make a mistake. Here are a few really uncomfortable faux pas that must be avoided at all costs:

1. Who does not speak the language of flowers …

gifts for women bouquet flowers meaning

Almost every woman is happy about a little floral gift every now and then. Flowers are pleasing to the eye and convey joie de vivre – but not all. If you want to try another flower instead of the classic red rose, you should find out exactly what meaning is associated with the flower of your choice beforehand. Flowers not only literally speak their own language.

Although daffodils look beautiful at Easter, they are popularly associated with the properties of vanity and selfishness. They are therefore hardly suitable as gifts for a loved one. If flowers are to serve as messengers of love, it is therefore important to look very carefully. Read here what meaning flowers have and which are particularly suitable as a present for loved ones.

2. Gifts for women – lingerie as a love killer


Lingerie is one of the classics on the gift list for women. A few well-chosen pieces can also be very well received. In this area in particular, however, the faux pas are abundant.

If you are looking for the right lingerie for your loved one, you should study your wardrobe very carefully beforehand. Lingerie should not only look good, it should also fit well. Lingerie that is too tight is not very comfortable to wear and, to make matters worse, can also express “I would prefer you to be a little slimmer”. If, on the other hand, a bra is chosen too large, this can suggest unfulfilled expectations in the partner and also stir up feminine complexes. Both messages are not suitable as tokens of love and should be avoided at all costs.

The question of taste is also very important when it comes to lingerie. If you want to give away a more daring piece, you should take a look in the laundry drawer of your loved one beforehand to find out which style you prefer. So has it Elle magazine with reference to a Forsa survey stated that only about 20 percent of women enjoy wearing erotic lingerie. On the other hand, 52 percent attach great importance to comfortable underwear. Overly unusual items of laundry can therefore cause an embarrassing silence rather than a storm of enthusiasm.

3. If you stink


Opinions are divided when it comes to perfume. What flatters one nose is horror for the other. It is therefore a real art to find the right perfume for your partner. Body chemistry is particularly important when it comes to fragrances. What smelled pleasant at the helpful saleswoman in the perfumery probably reacts very differently with the partner’s skin. Experiments are therefore not advisable. So it’s better if both of you choose a new fragrance together. There are no surprises, but there are also no unpleasant ones.

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