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Gifts for the new mom that are always well received

Your friend, sister, aunt or co-worker recently became a mother and you are now wondering what you should give your new mom for the birth? The first thing that comes to mind first is little things for babies such as clothes, bibs and pacifiers. These things are not aimed directly at the mother, but rather at the baby. If you would like to give the new mother something that she really needs, you will find exactly the right idea with us. For our article we have selected the best gifts for a new mom that are always well received.

Birth gifts for the mother too

the best gifts for the new mom

When a baby is born, he is given full attention, often neglecting the mother. So most of the gift ideas for birth are things for the baby. The new mom will certainly be happy about gifts like this, but it would be even better if you gave her something that is only meant for her. Because in the end it was she who gave birth to the new life. In our list you will find beautiful gift ideas for the new mom that are particularly useful and will surely be appreciated by new mothers.

As with most gifts, the same rule applies here: ask first, then buy. Maybe the new mom needs something you can give her. However, ask specifically what the woman wants for herself, otherwise you will surely get an answer like diapers or rompers instead of pampering or a care product.

1. Comfortable house clothes

Birth gift for the mother comfortable house clothes

In the first weeks or months after the birth, new mothers spend most of their time at home. Therefore, it is very important that you feel comfortable as possible. House clothes play a major role in this. You can’t just get dressed up for going out. If you are looking for a nice present for fresh mothers, then loungewear is the right choice. And what exactly is loungewear? This means particularly light but fashionable clothing made of comfortable fabrics such as cotton or cashmere, which you mainly wear at home. These household clothes should not be restrictive, but should be free and comfortable, so perfect for the puerperium. Pamper the new mom with a comfortable hoodie, sweater or soft, stretchy pants – she will be grateful to you. A cozy dressing gown would also be a great idea for those sleepless nights.

Tip: If you are unsure of the exact size, just ask or give a voucher for a shop of your choice.

2. Hot food

what give freshly baked mom warm food

It may sound strange to those who haven’t had a baby, but a hot meal is one of the most popular gifts for new parents. In the first few weeks after the birth, there is often insufficient time to cook and the new mums and dads rely on delivered food or frozen products. If you have arranged a visit, bring cooked food with you. The more substantial, the better, as new mothers need a lot of energy.

Tip: If you don’t want to (or can’t) cook yourself, give away a voucher for food delivery or for a restaurant instead.

3. Wellness for the new mom

Massage and wellness as a gift for a fresh mother

When the woman becomes a mom, the word wellness takes on a whole new meaning. Sometimes it simply means being able to shower undisturbed without time pressure. Hence, high quality grooming products are a great choice for the gift for a new mom. A little pampering program such as a massage, manicure and pedicure or an appointment at the hairdresser’s are like a weekend in a 5-star hotel. You can give these in the form of vouchers and it would be even better if a home visit is possible. So the new mother can decide for herself whether she wants to leave the house or keep an eye on the baby with half an eye.

4. Practical gifts that make everyday life easier

Baby carrier as a practical gift for a new mom

The best gifts for the new mom should be useful. If the woman is breastfeeding, gifts such as nursing pillows (if she doesn’t have one), nursing pads and nursing teas are wonderful. You can make a whole gift set out of this and wrap it up nicely. Another practical gift would be a sling or a baby carrier. Carrying a baby really makes everyday life easier because the parents have their hands free while they are carrying the baby. You can supplement the baby carrier as a gift with a carrier consultation so that mom gets to know all the baby carrier options and can choose the right one for herself.

5. Useful things to do with babies

practical gift for fresh mother baby monitor with camera

At first glance, a sterilizer for baby bottles or a baby monitor with a camera seem like gifts for the baby. But if the gift of the new mom helps with her daily chores, then it is for her too. A chic and at the same time practical diaper bag, for example, would certainly bring joy to many mothers. To avoid double purchases, you must always ask the mother in advance whether she already owns the selected gift.

Tip: Having a baby can put a significant strain on the family budget. If you can and would like to give a bigger gift, discuss it with the young parents. They will definitely tell you what exactly they need.

6. Good parenting guide for new mothers

young mother reads from parents' guide in bed

Young parents often get advice from family members, neighbors and passers-by, sometimes without asking. However, a good parenting guide can be really useful, especially when the new mom is having her first baby. If you are new to parenting guides, seek advice from the bookstore before buying one. The bookseller knows for sure which guides are popular and really useful at the moment.

7. The best gift of all – time

Time and rest best gift for new mom

Young parents tend to be selfless. Everything starts to revolve around the baby. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need a little break every now and then. When you ask your new mom what the best present for her, most of them answer very simply – time and rest. And the others think so too. So every gift that saves the new mom’s time is worth gold. The variants are quite diverse. We have only listed some of them below.

  • Help with daily chores, e.g. B. in the form of vouchers for cooking, cleaning, washing, etc..
  • or hire home help
  • Vacuum robot (if something bigger is allowed)
  • Go shopping or book a shopping service
  • Sibling babysitting, e.g. For example, go to the playground or go on a trip to give mom some peace and quiet in the house

8. Professional photo shoot

Professional photo shoot as a gift for new parents

Children grow up so quickly! The new mom will soon notice this herself. A few beautiful photos from the first days and weeks after the birth will remain a great memory and every mom would be happy about that. You can take good photos of the baby yourself with your mobile phone, but a professional photo shoot is something very special and the whole family can take part. The professional photos are of the best quality and are great for a beautiful photo wall at home. So don’t think about it, give the new parents a voucher for a professional photo shoot.

Tip: If you are a passionate photographer yourself and have good technology, you can do the photo shoot yourself as a gift for the grown family. Think about decors, etc. in advance so that the new parents feel like they are on a professional shoot.

9. Entertainment

Gifts for new mothers entertainment meditation

In the first few weeks after birth, the baby sleeps quite a bit. So that the new mom doesn’t get bored, you can give something that should bring a little variety. The most popular options are app subscriptions, for example for Netflix or a newspaper. Newly-baked dads are sure to be happy about that too. There are also many meditation and sleep aid apps that help the new mom relax after a tense day with the baby. For women who read a lot, an e-reader filled with great books is also very suitable. So the mother will definitely not be bored on walks when the baby sleeps in the stroller.

10. Eating and drinking for the physical well-being

Gifts for new mum sweets for the soul

So many things are forbidden or allowed in moderation during pregnancy and often new mothers crave them. After giving birth, many women also experience so-called baby blues, which are characterized by large mood swings. It is precisely at this time that something can be really useful to the soul. For one woman it means a juicy cake, for the other a glass of wine. In principle, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift basket as a birth present for the mother. You can fill the basket with chocolate, cookies, sweets, coffee, power snacks, wine or other alcohol – anything that would make mom happy. Presents in jars are also nice, but they don’t take too much time to prepare.

Tip: Please note that breastfeeding mothers must be aware of their consumption and are not allowed to drink alcohol.


new mom grabs little baby feet

Admittedly, new moms would appreciate any kind of attention – regardless of whether it is nicely packaged or simply comes in the form of a phone call or a visit. According to new parents, a warm meal along with a pleasant adult conversation is often the best gift they have received. Trust us, this will be really appreciated when the new family member arrives. We hope that you have found a suitable gift idea. Don’t forget, however, that the best gift you can give is just being there and reminding the new mothers and fathers that they can make it.