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Gifts for parents for every occasion – practical ideas for everyday life

gifts for parents ideas-wedding anniversary-christmas-silver-wedding-golden-wedding

Finding the right gift for different occasions can be a bit complicated. Especially if the gift is intended for parents who have equipped themselves with everything necessary over the years, the choice is very difficult. After all, you don’t want the gift to just stand around, but also to be practical and usable. Everyday things are in demand here, or things that create positive memories or are related to a particular hobby. Whether for an anniversary, Christmas or a birthday – with the following selection for Gifts for parents we would like to try to make your decision a little easier.

Gifts for parents – mugs as classics

gifts for parents mugs-lettering-best-mom-dad-tea-coffee

If your parents value their morning coffee or tea, you can give away a set of mugs for mom and dad. Show your affection with the words “Best Dad in the World” or “Best Mum in the World” and make sure that your parents are reminded of how important they are to you. The cups are made of ceramic and are useful gifts for parents.

Gifts for parents – give away fleece bed linen

gifts for parents bed linen-christmas-stars-fleece-cozy

Make the cold winter nights cozier for your parents by giving away a four-piece bedding set. This idea is particularly suitable as gifts for parents for Christmas. If you then also choose bed linen with such matching motifs, the perfect Christmas mood is guaranteed every year.

Fleece blankets with embroidery

gifts for parents fleece blanket embroidery name colors ideas

While we’re on the subject of “cuddly”: you can never have enough cozy and soft cuddly blankets. These make the parents’ evening TV together much more comfortable. But don’t just choose any blanket as a gift, choose these cozy fleece blankets, which you can have embroidered with the respective name.

Digital photo frame for parents

gifts for parents digital photo frame inspiration reminder mother father

No doubt, beautiful memories bring joy. And what better way to do this than with photos? A digital photo frame has the advantage that many photos can be stored. In addition, you always have the automatically changing photos in view and you don’t have to take out the album first. Save photos right away before you give away the frame as an idea for gifts for parents.

Photo in the crystal


Have any picture engraved in a crystal and give away a very special “photo”. As a motif, you can choose an old wedding photo or a photo with the whole family, children or grandchildren. The result is a personalized decoration that is sure to be a hit.

Collage of photos


One way of integrating many photos in a gift is to use collages. For this purpose, a wide variety of models are now available in which many smaller frames are attached to one another and form a whole. For photo gifts for parents, it is best to use photos that your parents do not already know. Then the surprise is even bigger.

Gifts for parents-to-be


If you are not looking for a present for your own but for parents-to-be from your circle of friends, this original calendar might be just the thing. More precisely, it is a scratch-off calendar that makes the period of pregnancy and after the birth more interesting with various information. Such calendars are also suitable as gifts for new parents.

Give away floor mats


Floor mats are one of those things you see every day. In addition, doormats have long been used as gifts for parents and they will keep your parents thinking of you again and again. The doormat above can be given any name and can be selected in three different sizes.

Treasure chest as a gift


Decorations can certainly not have enough. And if this is also suitable for stowing various things at the same time, it is even better. This chest as an idea for cheap gifts for parents is available in many different designs and is perfect for every study or office, but also looks very good in the living room. Now your parents can keep memories and other things.

Breakfast board


Make the parents’ breakfast together even more pleasant with the engraved breakfast board. The set of two boards for mom and dad is made of beech wood and will make your parents think of you at every breakfast. Special gifts for parents that can be used in everyday life are always a great idea. Available here.

Space-saving gift idea for breakfast

gifts-parents-toaster-coffee machine-2-in-1-breakfast-space-saving

Suitable for breakfast, this idea is also intended for gifts for parents. If your parents have a small kitchen for which space-saving devices are required, then this practical toaster with integrated coffee machine is without a doubt a great idea. Your parents can comfortably make their morning coffee while you toast the toast.

Original wall clock


If your parents like original and modern decorations, this unique designer clock would be a great idea for gifts for parents. The large format clock consists of individual elements that are attached separately to the wall. The size of the clock can be determined individually and adapted to the respective wall.

Romantic bath

gifts-parents-bath-salt-set-romantic-bubble bath candles

Even after many years of marriage, there should be no lack of romance. Stimulate your parents by giving them a set of different bath salts that they can try on any day. You are welcome to combine this idea for gifts for parents with a set of candles or other things.

Vouchers for explorers

gifts-parents-voucher-restaurant-berlin-city tour-gourmet-discount

If your parents are those people who like to try out new restaurants, museums or other things, the LUUPS voucher set might be just the right idea. You will receive several gifts for parents in the form of discounts and perks. The paperbacks are offered for various cities in Germany.

Wedding anniversary gift for parents


If there is a special anniversary coming up and you are looking for gifts for the golden wedding of the parents or gifts for the silver wedding for parents, choose something that will be remembered for a long time. These lanterns as extraordinary gifts for parents are available in four different sizes and can be engraved as desired. For example, choose the names and the date of the wedding.

Gifts for parents as thanks

gifts-parents-thank you-hammer-engrave-decoration-original

Parents particularly enjoy gift ideas for parents who express their thanks. Your parents were and will always be there for you and help you with what they can. Thank you with an original symbol. This hammer is not only very suitable for the fathers, but can also represent a special decoration for both parents.

Ideas for gifts for parents – wine


Wine lovers are sure to be delighted with such gifts for parents. The Italian wines are wonderful as Christmas gifts for parents, but also suitable for other occasions. The gift set consists of three wine bottles that are nicely packaged. You can also choose between six different sets. Are you looking for suitable gifts for your friend’s parents? Maybe they like wine?