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Dream home in Switzerland – the perfect place for the whole family

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Many people dream of a house in the country, where the whole family can really feel at home. And many of them are making this dream come true, not in Germany, but in Switzerland. Fantastic natural landscapes, better paid jobs and tax advantages are just some of the reasons why many families choose a dream home in Switzerland. However, the right financing should not be missing.

Enjoy wonderful mountain landscapes from a dream home in Switzerland

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Enjoy the view of dreamy mountain landscapes during the lunch break, enjoy the nearby nature after work with the whole family and on the weekend off to the mountains – sounds tempting and it is. In 2014 alone 19,930 Germans officially decided to live in Switzerland. In addition to the picturesque natural landscapes, it is above all the better-paid jobs that attract many emigrants to Switzerland. Foreign specialists are still very much in demand, particularly in the IT, gastronomy and medical sectors. The cost of living is higher compared to Germany, on the other hand, you save a lot of money with the low VAT of 7.6 percent. The well-known Swiss way of life, the great courtesy and cosiness of the people, make Switzerland an excellent place to live for families with children.

Dream home in Switzerland – the important question of the right financing

Build, finance, and build your dream home in Switzerland

And what could be more suitable than a home of your own in the middle of the countryside? The Swiss real estate market has grown after years of real estate prices finally settled back to a stable level. And thanks to the low interest rates, a dream home in Switzerland is no longer an impossibility, even for families with little equity. One quick check of portability, for example with the mortgage calculator from checked online, Take out a loan and nothing stands in the way of your own home – at least in theory it sounds nice and easy. But alone the search for the right financing is not always that easy. Many banks and insurance companies offer so-called family mortgages with allegedly particularly attractive interest rate advantages, especially for families. However, when it comes to the cheapest financing for your own home, these are not always the best choice.

Family Mortgage – Not Always the Best Solution

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Family mortgages are primarily intended for families with children under the age of 18 who live in the same household. At first glance, the lower interest rates that you receive as a kind of welcome bonus are particularly tempting. What one must not forget, however, is that these are only granted for a period of time specified by the bank.

every additional child in the family is rewarded with additional interest discounts

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Some banks reward every additional child in the family with additional interest rate discounts, which makes family mortgages even more attractive. At this point, however, you should definitely consider that the reduced interest is not only limited in time, but is also limited to certain maximum (partial) contributions. The interest discount can only be transferred to the first mortgage – up to a maximum of 65 percent lending. With variable or Libor mortgages, borrowers can hardly expect any interest rate discounts. You can usually only benefit from this with fixed-rate mortgages. Overall, family mortgages are not always the cheapest financing option. There are mortgages that are significantly cheaper even without the interest rate discounts and can thus noticeably relieve the family budget.

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