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Cleaning the house – spring cleaning made easy

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Keeping a clean house can be a full time job, but I don’t know anyone who can afford the luxury and make house cleaning their top priority. Regardless of whether you own your own apartment or rent a house, you certainly want to distribute your time at home wisely and not just fill it up with cleaning work. Are there much more pleasant pastimes or maybe you want to spend longer time with your children? Yes, that’s why we need that asap House cleaning! Because house cleaning is an ongoing battle that requires a lot of effort but shows immediate results. We usually get excited about these results because it is obvious how we can fix the mess. That’s the great thing about it! Here are some tips to follow in this ongoing battle for a clean home …

 Cleaning the house – doing the daily chores


Let me start this section with these words and tips: there are likely days like this when you do nothing at home. Setting daily goals will leave you feeling trapped. Rather, these goals must serve as gentle reminders of your tasks. A question I ask myself every day: is there any laundry to do? Of course, some days you don’t need to wash. In fact, when I was in college I could only wash once a week, which was fine at the time. If you have children, of course, things are very different! You have to separate the laundry, sort it correctly and then select the appropriate program: for white, light colors, colored, fine, etc. All of a sudden, this can never work, because the result would be discolored laundry! So, you need to charge the washing machine a few times!

House cleaning – end up with dirty dishes in the sink

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My daily tasks also include cleaning the dishes, but in the dishwasher! My dirty dishes are never stacked in the sink, they go straight into the dishwasher. Nothing stops long, I turn the dishwasher on every day!

Thoroughly clean the kitchen every day


I don’t clean my kitchen and bathroom surfaces thoroughly every day, but once every few days. I wipe them off with a paper towel that is sprayed with a universal surface cleaner. Take a dry paper towel and wipe any damp areas in the bathroom, soap residue near the faucets. This will do wonders! These surfaces get their old shine back!

Cleaning the house – wiping the dust

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Rome wasn’t built in a day either! Yes, it is clear that we cannot do everything at once, so it is better to always plan a “big cleaning job” every day! This is the clever method that helps us a lot!

For example, wipe dust or vacuum. Yes, I know these activities are not fun, but neglecting them will make your home look neglected too! Unfortunately! And if you have pets, you actually need to vacuum every day!

How often do you clean your shower or bathtub? I tend to clean them thoroughly once every couple of weeks.

Cleaning the house – don’t forget about the plants!


Regular plant care is sure to be on the list of your daily “cleaning tasks”. Watering the indoor flowers and garden plants is always at the top of my list. I love having new plants and greenery all over my house and around the house. But that takes some work. And the more work, the less you will have to clean up in the future (fewer dead leaves, etc.). So every few days I check to see if my vases need to be emptied and stems cut off. I could also cut flowers from the garden and renew the decorations at home.

Did I forgot something? I do not think so! I want to say it honestly: The more you try to do the housework every day, the less you have to “catch up” on the weekend! Then you have a lot of free time to spend with family and friends and to laze around a little! Now let’s move on to some of the weekly tasks …

House Cleaning – Weekly cleaning tasks


Often times, the cleaning tasks in this section are done once a week. Some of them could be postponed to the weekend, but that is not desired! I once cleaned my entire house in two hours on a Saturday. But it wasn’t fun, so I hope to distribute the tasks a little better in the future! The first weekly task to present: cleaning the toilet. Not fun, but necessary!

I try to clean this “sacred” space once a week. My tiles show dirt much faster than my parquet, so you absolutely have to wipe them off! Don’t forget the mirror here, because after every shower it looks dull and stained! So I go back to the right cleaning agent!

Cleaning and tidying up the house


I tidy up the coffee table and desk every week. There is always paper to be thrown away and recycled, stacked magazines, forgotten little things. Tidying up there can do wonders and freshen up the look of your living space or study.

I’ve said enough about daily and weekly cleaning chores at home. But don’t worry if you can’t follow these. These are not rules! Plus it’s the weekend, so you can do a lot! I personally do that too, from time to time!

I hope you enjoy your daily and weekly cleaning work at home