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40+ activities with children in summer – ideas for an exciting time outdoors

outdoor activities for kids summer funny water bombs battle

There is a lot to do with the children in summer. From long walks in nature to nice family vacations on the beach to fun games in your own garden. The possibilities for exciting activities with children in the warm season are simply endless and we have put together a detailed list of suggestions for you. With the following ideas there is no chance of boredom during the summer vacation.

Popular activities with children in summer

activities with children summer chalk painting sidewalk

Summer is just around the corner and you want to make this time unforgettable for your little ones? Then variety is the key here. So that the little ones don’t get bored or spend the whole summer in front of the computer, you should consider various summer activities. It is advisable to choose outdoor activities, because the fresh air is of great importance for the development of children. First, we present some popular summer activities with children that are always popular with the little ones.

Blow soap bubbles

popular activities with kids summer soap bubbles

When the children are still young, they are really fascinated by the small soap bubbles. Regardless of whether you blow it yourself or just burst, the fun is guaranteed.

Make giant soap bubbles yourself

fun summer activities for kids garden giant soap bubbles

In many big cities, there are entertainers on the streets making impressive giant soap bubbles. With two thin sticks and a string, you can do this yourself in your own garden. Instructions for the construction and the recipe for the mixture can be found in this article.

Paint with street chalk

outdoor activities for children summer painting chalk

Street chalk is available in many great colors and can be used to paint pretty pictures on the asphalt. That is why the children love to paint the streets with chalk in bright colors in summer.

fly a kite

kids activities summer kite flying

On windy days you can fly a kite with the children. The beach is a perfect location for this, as there is always a breeze by the sea or ocean.

Visit water park

what to do with children in summer visit water park

If there is a water park near where you live, take a day off and take the kids to see it. The water park attractions are usually categorized by age, making them suitable for children of all ages.

Summer activities with children in the garden

gardening summer activities with children

When the weather is nice, children should spend more time outdoors, so outdoor activities are preferable in the hot season. The own garden offers plenty of opportunities for activities with children in summer. We have put some of these together in the following ideas.

Build a castle for the garden from cardboard

fun activities with kids summer castle building cardboard box

Children like to play princes and princesses, so a castle is the perfect playhouse for the garden. If you use simple materials like cardboard to build it, then the castle is really cheap.

Make a campfire in the garden

fun summer activities with kids making campfire

All children look forward to a campfire, especially when all of their friends can join in. Whether with friends or just with family, a campfire on a cool summer evening is always a good idea. It’s even more fun when you toast sausages, stick bread or marshmallows over it.

Depth charge battle

fun summer activities for kids water bombs battle

Water balloons and hot summer days simply belong together. You can organize a fun water bomb battle in the garden, in which all neighboring children can take part, and make the little ones happy.

water bombs battle summer kids activities

This activity is rather unsuitable for small children. It is recommended that only children aged 5 and over participate.

Make a simple slide in the garden yourself

outdoor activities with kids summer slide fun

Water slides are not only found in water parks. If your property has a hill, then you can make a simple slide out of a tarpaulin and soapy water. The fun is guaranteed.

Play around the lawn sprinkler

water activities in the garden summer swinging sprinkler fun

When the temperatures rise rapidly in midsummer, young and old dream of refreshment. You’d be surprised how fun the running sprinkler games can be.

Play with water pistols

Refreshing activities with kids summer water battle

If the sprinkler is not enough, try using water pistols. Also, put a small paddling pool on the lawn for the smaller children and organize a fun game for the whole family. Bathing suits are recommended.

Cinema in the garden

outdoor activities with children summer outdoor cinema

The evening is nice and warm and you don’t want to stay inside with the children? Then organize an evening at the cinema in the garden! All you need is a projector and a suitable screen.

Make a birdhouse out of popsicle sticks

summer activities with children bird house building ice cream sticks

If you are looking for creative summer activities with children that can improve their manual skills, then doing handicrafts is always a good idea. A birdhouse, for example, can be easily tinkered with popsicle sticks and would attract many birds to the garden.

Make bird feeding station yourself

ideas for kids activities summer bird feeding station diy

Instead of a whole bird house, you can just create a bird feeding station with the children. Various recycled materials can be used for this, such as a toilet roll or an egg carton.

make simple bird feeding station with children summer

Spend the night in a tent in the garden

interesting activities with children spending the summer in a tent

To add variety to the summer nights, pitch a tent in the garden and spend the night inside. If there isn’t enough space outside, go to a campground.

Make and sell lemonade yourself

Activities for children summer selling lemonade

Everyone needs refreshment in the hot days. And a refreshing drink like lemonade goes down well with everyone. Prepare them together with your child and have them sell cold summer drinks in front of the house.

Create a herb garden on the balcony

interesting activities for children create summer herb garden

Gardening with children is a lot of fun. Therefore, you can create a herb or vegetable garden on the balcony or in the garden bed together with the little ones.

Build a tire swing in the garden

fun outdoor activities children build tire swings

For fun summer days, you can build a tire swing in the garden. All you need is an old car tire, a large tree with sturdy branches and a rope.

Painting with feet

activities with children summer outdoor painting with feet

Painting is one of the most popular outdoor activities with children in summer. And it’s a lot more fun when you use unconventional brushes such as your feet.

Paint with balloons

outdoor activities with children summer paint balloons color

Have you ever had the idea of ​​filling water bombs with paint and throwing them against a white canvas? If not, give the kids a try in the garden.

Paint on an old sheet

ideas summer activities kindergarten painting bedsheets

The bigger the canvas, the more beautiful the pictures will be. Stretch an old, white sheet on the lawn and let the children’s creativity run wild.

Have a charming tea party

summer activities toddlers organize cute tea party

Organize a nice tea party for your little girl and all of her friends. Boys are not allowed.

Ideas for activities with children on the beach

activities with children in summer visit the beach

Have you planned a vacation on the beach, but still need ideas for interesting activities with children? Then take a look at our suggestions.

collect shells

beach activities with children collecting shells

There are always beautiful objects like shells, corals and sea glass in the sand. The little ones can collect these pretty finds and use them for an interesting handicraft project after their vacation.

build a sandcastle

beach activities for children building sand castle

It’s not a real day with kids on the beach without a sand castle. Pack the sand bucket and any sand toys to build a stunning sand castle on the waterfront.

Send message in a bottle

beach activities with children send message in a bottle

Have the children write a nice letter and place it in a glass bottle. Leave your contact details and then toss the message in a bottle far into the water. Waiting for an answer is really exciting.

Activities with children in nature

picnic with kids in summer ideas kids activities

There are many things to do in nature with the children. The possibilities are almost unlimited, especially in summer. Let the following ideas inspire you to make this summer unforgettable.

Go camping

ideas for activities with children to go camping in summer

Rent an RV, pack camping gear, and go camping with the kids. The memories from such a vacation stay forever.

Go picking berries

ideas activities with children summer berry picking

If your children like berries, you can go pick berries together. In this way, the little ones learn where the healthy delicacies come from.

Have a picnic in the park

activities with children planning summer picnic in the park

One of the most popular activities with children in spring and summer is a picnic in nature or in the park. Here you can play, eat and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Take a walk in nature and make collages from natural objects

summer activities children tinker collage natural materials

During a walk in the forest or in the park, the children can collect many natural materials and use them to create a beautiful collage or picture.

Organize a bike tour

organize cycling tours with children in summer

Exercise is an important part of children’s development, so cycling is a great activity when the weather is nice.

go hiking

nature activities with children summer go hiking

A hike is very popular with young and old and is a great activity for the whole family.

Collect pebbles and paint

fun activities with children collecting pebbles painting

When walking past a river, look for and collect small pebbles. The children can then paint them in different colors and patterns.

Visit the lido

summer activities with children visit lido lake

If you can’t go to the beach, just visit a lido near where you live. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Ideas for fun children’s games in summer

diy obstacle course garden tips ideas summer

Children’s games aren’t just for parties and birthdays. If your child’s friends come over often during the summer, you can organize some fun games for them. We have listed some of the most popular ideas below.

Organize an obstacle course in the garden

create summer activities with children obstacle course in the garden

You can create an exciting obstacle course yourself for your little ones and organize a fun afternoon in your own garden.

Play soccer and other ball games

Ball games encourage exercise and are always a great choice for those summer days. For example, you can organize a small football tournament and invite all of the neighboring children.

Bowling with cans

summer games kids garden diy bowling tin cans

Bowling can also be fun outdoors. Instead of cones, tin cans or simple plastic bottles can also be used.

Sack race

summer activities games kindergarten sack race

Another great idea for outdoor activities with children is sack race. In this case, too, you can hold a competition, with the winner receiving a small prize.

Playing outdoor twister

outdoor activities with children summer outdoor twister

Twister is without a doubt one of the funnest games out there. But it can also be played in the garden if you paint the circles on the lawn with colorful spray paint.

to play minigolf

activities with children summer playing mini golf

Mini golf is also a great activity for the whole family. Find a suitable mini golf course near you and go play there.

Heaven and Hell jumping game

activities with children summer fun games heaven and hell jumping game

The jumping game heaven and hell is known to young and old. Let the children draw a hummingbird in chalk on the sidewalk and play along with them.