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Jogging instead of fitness? The advantages of running at a glance

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Even if you spend your time at the fitness center for weeks, the good results will only come after you include running in your exercise program. Go for it and you will soon be able to look forward to a flat stomach. The first of the numerous advantages while running is already there!

Why should we care about the health benefits of running??

Even fat distribution Nutrition Visceral fats envelop dangerous internal organs

Abdominal and hip fat endanger health because they envelop the internal organs, especially those of the digestive system. As a result, so-called visceral fats increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. According to research from Duke University Medical Center, the health stand out Benefits of running by a faster removal of these visceral fats compared to the result of muscle training.

Even if you consider yourself to be of normal weight, you must constantly make sure that your fat distribution is even. Fortunately, the visceral fats are much easier to remove than the subcutaneous fats.

Discover the important advantages for you when running

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Jog however you like – faster or slower. It is important to show perseverance and perseverance around the Benefits of running to be able to remember.

When running, the maximum heart rhythm must first be observed. Do not exceed this limit! So that the fat burning begins, aim for a certain intensity of cardiac stress. This ensures an optimal consumption of calories and consequently an effective weight loss.

Beginners should rather jog more slowly and gradually increase the pace. If you are uncomfortable sweating too much, breathing heavily, and can no longer talk, you better stop! After a short break of about 5 minutes, walk away, but with a lower intensity. It is recommended that you allow yourself such a breakout every 10-15 minutes. In addition, you should always exercise heart rate control when you get the chance.

After all, it takes about 12 weeks for the mass of visceral fats in the body to decrease noticeably.

Going for a run together is even more fun

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Enjoy the feeling of wellbeing while running

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Running will keep you slim and in top shape

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