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Working in the home office: 55 ideas for a feel-good atmosphere

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Working in the home office has several advantages. At most, everyone who spends their working hours in their home office should attach importance to functional and appropriate equipment. A feel-good atmosphere ensures a new quality in everyday work and always brings better results. In this article we have collected 55 great ideas for home office and offer you to be inspired by them.

Working in the home office: the focus is on the feel-good factor

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Allow yourself the luxury of feeling comfortable in the appropriate work environment. If you want to set up a separate room as a study, you should keep the ergonomic aspects of the design in mind.

Ergonomics in the workplace: where should the desk be placed?


It is best to place the desk in such a way that the incident light does not cast a shadow on the writing surface. In order to avoid strong light reflections and differences in brightness, it is advisable to place screens parallel to the window. This guarantees you a glare-free as possible Working in the home office. In addition, curtains, blinds and roller blinds can help. An important tip: The top edge of the screen should never be higher than eye level. A laptop instead of a desktop PC guarantees you the flexibility you need.

Home office: Treat yourself to high-quality work furniture!

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A good work chair is not a luxury. When choosing a work chair, you should make sure that it allows you to sit in the right posture – ideally, it must be height-adjustable and allow a comfortable change of position. The height of the back support should also be adjustable. Swivel chairs with armrests on wheels are popular, but they are not suitable for carpeting.

Tips for arranging work utensils

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Order and clarity are extremely important in the workplace. Frequently used writing materials or tools should be placed within easy reach – filing systems and files should also be placed in such a way that they are easily accessible. Objects that distract from work and study or less frequently used objects can be stored further away.

How important are decorations in the workplace?


Decorations have a positive influence on the mood! Personal items not only make the workplace more comfortable, but can also help to increase motivation at work. Vacation pictures with your favorite people whet the appetite for activities!

Working in the home office: that’s how fun it is!

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Increase in well-being and quality of life in the home office

Home office access to the garden. Frameless sliding doors - transparent

Equip the office with plants

Design wall-height cabinet systems with desk office space

The ultimate goal of the design: to improve labor productivity 


Better air quality through indoor plants


Also, make sure you use good materials


Design your home office sensibly

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Keeping an eye on the health and wellbeing aspects


Choosing the right work chair


Home office design to make you feel good

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