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What Art Deco style looks like in the living room


Art Deco, 20s 20th century was the era of silent films, chic until dawn, and especially the women who dare to cut their hair and wear shorter skirts. Enchanted with subtle aesthetics, we present the elegant Art Deco style in the living room, where the geometric shapes rule.

luxurious living room in art deco style

luxurious living room art deco style

The world is a collection of shapes: hexagons, spheres and cones. At least that’s how they see it Art Deco artist. Following in their footsteps, we choose living room furniture and interior design with clear shapes, based on straight lines or circles. But the effect that we achieve in the form of living has nothing to do with austerity or minimalism. But on the contrary. As the name suggests, he hugs Art Deco style beautiful decorations and art.

Art Deco style – world of geometric shapes in the living room


The wall colors are with strong, clear contours and rhythm in the living room. Wall decorations are very popular. Typical geometric ornaments with a precise crystal structure, stars, flowers or zigzags. A stylish accessory is deeply cut glass. the Art Deco style and atmosphere are associated with urban elegance and luxury. We can emphasize this unique impression in the living room with a soft carpet in a lighter shade.

Art Deco ornate living room design

Art deco ornate living room design

The living room in Art Deco style is dominated by a geometric distribution. Larger living spaces are divided into fragments. The contemporary furnishings in the living room dispense with plastic. There is also space for female living room accessories, exotic flowers and jewelry sets.

Art Deco living room with zebra rug and pink sofa

art deco living room zebra carpet pink sofa

Art Deco style and geometric shapes

art deco style geometric shapes

Art Deco design and clear geometric lines


modern Living room design and art deco elements


black and white living room in art deco

black and white living room art deco

Art Deco in the living room with a classic flair