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Wall design in brown – 50 living room ideas

Wall design-brown-white-gray-furnishing-wall paint

If you want to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the living room, then opt for a wall design in brown. The color can be set perfectly as an accent and adds a natural touch to the interior.

Wall design in brown – spice up the modern living room

Wall design-brown-living room-white-blanket-gray-sofa

A modern living room looks cozy and charming with the wall design in brown. The wall can be spiced up with white accents so that the room does not appear visually smaller from the dark nuance. Geometric patterns / rectangles, circular motifs, etc./ are particularly suitable for purist furnishings – they will subtly emphasize the clear lines of the furniture and better accentuate the simple design language of the purist interior.

Wall design in brown for the purist interior – if the room has floor-to-ceiling windows. A room facing south or west is ideal.

Wall design in brown for the living room in Moroccan style

Wall design-brown-modern-living room-exotic-Moroccan

The Moroccan-style living room should be darkened in a targeted manner. In this case, the color scheme – brown-purple-gold is optimal. Accents are set with red home accessories. The room looks exotic and makes you dream of distant countries. In order for the facility to work, the right lighting is crucial.

Wall design in brown for the Moroccan interior – also suitable for small rooms. Prerequisites – good lighting, light flooring and light ceiling.

Set up living room in a retro style – a neutral color scheme

Wall design-brown-living room-gray-wall decoration

Living room spiced up with brown wallpaper – stylish interior with an exotic touch

Wall design-brown-living room-wallpaper-glass-metal table

Home office in the living room – wallpaper in brown with white motifs and a desk in turquoise blue

Wall design-brown-living room-wallpaper-pattern

Paint small living room in brown and white, spice it up with orange color accents

Wall design-brown-living-room-small-furnishing

Modern wall design with wooden panels, plaster wall and tiles painted in brown

Wall design-brown-white-living room-living-ideas-mustard yellow-sofa-set

Living room in chocolate brown with brass color accents

Wall design-brown-living room-modern-sofa-set-ideas

Visually enlarge small living room with sloping ceiling

Wall design-brown-attic-furnishing-living room

Living room in brown and photo with green nuances

Wall design-brown-living room-modern-glass fronts-ideas

Brown for the modern eclectic living room

Wall design-brown-wall design-white walls

Living room with brown mosaic tiles and LED lighting

Wall design-brown-living room-glitter-behind-wall-shelf

Paint the living room in chocolate brown, lay the laminate floor and leave the exposed concrete ceiling as an accent

Wall design-brown-modern-exposed concrete-living room

White and chocolate brown in the living room in a minimalist style

Wall design-brown-living room-modern-simple

The accent wall in brown separates the living room from the kitchen

Wall design-brown-living room-partition-yellow-white

Design the living room in chocolate brown – paint the wall tiles

Wall design-brown-wall panels-painting-mantelpiece-black-orange-curtains

Design the living room in brown, beige and sand colors

Wall design-brown-white-sand color-modern-living room-living ideas

Wall design-brown-living room-wall-tiles-painting-ideas

Wall design-brown-living room-living-ideas-tile-painting

Wall design-brown-red-white-leather sofa-industrial-style-floor lamp

Wall design-brown-living room-oak wood-sofa-modern country style

Wall design-brown-blue-turquoise-white-furniture-ideas

Wall design-brown-turquoise-wall-combine

Wall design-brown-stripes-blue-living room-wall paint

Wall design-brown-living room-glass fronts-lawn area

Wall design-brown-living room-yellow-color accents-ideas

Wall design-brown-living room-modern-stylish-furnished

Wall design-brown-camel-leather sofa-decoration-ideas

Wall design-brown-ceiling-wall panels-floor-round-coffee table

Wall design-brown-eclectic-interior-ideas

Wall design-brown-yellow-sofa-dark-laminate floor

Wall design-brown-yellow-living room-living ideas-country house style

Wall design-brown-gray-sofa-beige-shaggy carpet

Wall design-brown-gray-living room-beanbag-modern-country house style

Wall design-brown-olive color-black-Chesterfield sofa

Wall design-brown-Scandinavian-style-living ideas

Wall design-brown-turquoise-wall colors-combine-ideas

Wall design-brown-wall decoration-ideas-home theater

Wall design-brown-wall color-country house style-living ideas

Wall design-brown-wall shelf-backside-white-accents

Wall design-brown-white-door frame-combine

Wall design-brown-living room-furnishing-examples-two-partitioned-wall

Wall design-brown-living room-orange-color-combine

Wall design-brown-living room-sliding door carpet

Wall design-brown-living room-mustard yellow-wall paint

Wall design brown living room carpet

Wall design-brown-living room-different-chocolate nuances

Wall design-living room-brown-accent color-ideas