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The modern wall unit becomes an eye-catcher in the living room

modern wall unit wood-free-standing

The modern wall unit has become a highlight in the living room – the attractive piece of furniture nowadays has an expressive design and fascinates with a clear design language. Behind the minimalist facade is a functional and flexible shelf and drawer system with storage space for books, magazines and the like, as well as a support surface for family photos, flower arrangements and other imaginative decorations. Creative material combinations and integrated lighting make them real eye-catchers in the living area. We give you an overview of the latest trends.

Modern wall unit made of wood combines functionality with naturalness

modern-wall unit-wood-cupboard-rustic

The modern wooden wall unit fascinates with an appealing natural look – the attractive wood grain simply cannot let go of your eyes and creates a homely and inviting ambience. Handleless fronts and simple, purist aesthetics add a modern touch to the design. High-gloss modules in dark colors such as black or gray create an attractive contrast to the light wooden details / mostly made of beech, oak or pine / and integrated LED lighting gives the solid wall unit the finishing touch.

The storage space systems can be perfectly staged in country-style furnishings, but they can also add a fresh touch to the purist interior or loosen up the rough look of the loft apartment. Combinations between highboard or sideboard and wall unit are particularly popular – this makes the living room look uniform and tidy.

The modern wall unit in the living room, exclusive ideas from Dall’Agnese

Wall unit with desk as a workplace in the living room

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Modern wall unit with high-gloss fronts – an expressive piece of furniture

modern-wall unit-white-high-gloss look

The modern wall unit with high-gloss fronts has been in trend for several years. Handleless modular compositions are considered to be particularly expressive – with their concise shapes they leave that Appear space in a structured way. The home furniture impresses with its timeless aesthetics and is therefore often offered in white (the purist color).

The high-gloss wall units also score points in the area of ​​functionality – everyone can combine the various modules according to their own needs, spatial conditions and taste and thus become a designer on their own. And perhaps the greatest advantage of a wall unit with a high-gloss look – it can easily be supplemented with new modules later. For example, anyone can choose a complete living program online.

The wall unit with a high-gloss look fits perfectly with minimalist or eclectic furnishings and can create a visual connection between the individual zones (dining area, fitted kitchen and living room) in the living area.

Modern wall unit – space-saving living programs

modern wall unit bookshelf room divider

The combination between wall unit, wardrobe and wall bed has established itself as particularly successful. Whether as an additional sleeping option for family members or as a guest bed – the foldaway bed is undoubtedly a space-saving and flexible variant. Another alternative to the traditional wall unit is the free-standing shelving system that can serve as a room divider. More and more designers are opting for modular living programs and offer different variants for free-standing units – they are simply perfect for rented apartments, as they do not have to be mounted on the wall.

The modern wall unit presents itself in a puristic look

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