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Stylish screen as a room divider and living room decoration – 22 ideas


A chic one Paravent as a room divider not only looks good, but also impresses with additional functions. On the one hand it protects against unwanted looks – e.g. on the balcony or terrace, on the other hand it is suitable as a changing room or to create new living accents. The frame of the screen is usually made of steel or wood and the walls are either made of wood or fabric. The paravent is characterized by its quick and easy assembly – the individual elements are attached by special hinges and thus enable variable setups.

In the photo: TRINITY by Malabar Emotional Design

Functional screen as a room divider


A screen as a room divider creates a cozy and cozy ambience and sets specific accents. Behind a modern partition you can relax in peace, move or simply stow away your utensils. Paravent can work wonders, especially in rooms where there is no space for another cupboard. In larger and longer rooms, the paravent can be used to divide living and relaxation areas. As tastes differ from person to person, there is a wide range of screens. Pick a model that reflects your style and personality.

In the photo: BILBO screen by Fratelli Boffi

Room decor with a luxury flair


MADAME by Carlo Dal Bianco, BISAZZA Mosaico

Paravent as a room divider – elegant and robust


MADAME screen by BISAZZA Mosaico

Charming design with a mosaic look


BY SIDE by Patricia Urquiola, BISAZZA Mosaico

Partition wall screen – a real all-rounder


Paravent BY SIDE by BISAZZA Mosaico

Playful design creates a pleasant atmosphere

Partition-Paravent-OP10-effective-oak-orange-green-pink-light blue

OPTO Iron by Lorenz Kaz, Colé Italian Design Label

Partition wall as the perfect living accessory


Paravent as a living room highlight

Paravent-as-room-divider-fabric-segments-ZON-Lintex-living room decoration

ZON fabric screen by Matti Klenell, Lintex

Stylish privacy protection

creative-partition-paravent-zon-design-living space-decoration-ideas

Paravent as a room divider creates a feel-good atmosphere 

Partition wall-paravent-zone-living room decoration-white-gray-nuances

Functional-Spanish-Wall-Aluminum -SIMBOLO-3D-Motif-old reforme

SIMBOLO aluminum screens by Piter Perbellini, Garilab Associati, Old reforms

Functional-screen-as-room-divider-aluminum-SIMBOLO-old reforme

yellow-paravent-as-room-divider-lettering-aluminum-SIMBOLO-old reforme

Paravent-as-room-divider-aluminum-black-white-circles-SIMBOLO-old reforme

Paravent-red-white-black-magnetic-glass-whiteboard MOOD-Lintex

Mood screen by Lintex

spanish-wall-small motifs-melamine-chipboard-OPTICAL-CRAZY-HOME

Spanish Wand Optical from Overdrive, Crazy Home

Partition wall-Paravent-Melamine-Chipboard-PAPER-CRAZY-HOME

Paravent Paper from Crazy Home

Paravent-as-room-divider-velvet-cover-EMPIRE-Munna-living room decoration

Empire screen by Munna 

spanish-wall-velvet-cover-purple-gold-details-EMPIRE-Munna-living room decoration

playful-screen-as-room-divider-LET'S-PLAY-Munna-living room decoration

Let’s play screen by Munna


Paravent PUZZLE by Thomas de Lussac Design Lab