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Sitting area in front of the fireplace – 43 cozy interior design ideas

Sitting area in front of the fireplace completely-white-stool-leather armchair-acrylic side table

In the cold season, the happy owners of a fireplace have an important advantage – they can create a cozy sitting area in front of the fireplace and enjoy the cozy warmth with a glass of coffee or tea. Whether to relax after a long day at work, for a game of chess with siblings or simply to laze around on a rainy day – the seating area in front of the fireplace is simply functional and inviting. We will show you 37 ideas and design examples in various styles – this is how the living room becomes a place of retreat.

Setting up a sitting area in front of the fireplace – tips and tricks

Sitting area in front of the fireplace. Natural stone wall, leather armchair, shaggy carpet

A cozy, functional and at the same time modern living room can be set up without much effort. Before you choose the furniture in any case, you must inquire with the fire department / chimney sweep on site which flooring you should choose in front of the fireplace and what is the minimum distance between the fireplace and the furniture. You should also think about radio protection. Only then is the seating area in front of the fireplace designed – if the living area is spacious, you can arrange a corner sofa, coffee table and armchair. In the case of small rooms, on the other hand, furnishing with comfortable armchairs and a coffee table makes more sense – so you remain flexible in the event that guests come.

Set up a seating area in front of the fireplace – provide storage space

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-white-wall shelves-armchair-shaggy carpet

When setting up a cozy reading corner, you should definitely provide the necessary storage space – for books, magazines, but also for stylish decorations – with vases, statues and the like. create a modern and at the same time homely ambience. Let yourself be inspired by the examples in the photo gallery below and choose your favorite design!

Modern living room with rattan stools and a round coffee table in front of the fireplace

Sitting area-fireplace-rattan-stool-armchair-table-glass-plate

Living room simply but very stylishly furnished

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-design-ideas-stylish

Modern living room with fireplace with radio protection made of glass

Sitting area-fireplace-metal-glass-modern-design

Furnish the living room in a modern country house style – leather stool and leather sofa

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-country-style-leather chair-upholstery

Living room in modern country style – leather armchairs and fireplace

Sitting area-fireplace-leather chair-castors-side table-white-fireplace

Sitting area in front of the fireplace in the living room

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-country-style-carpet-ideas

Modern living room with floor lamp and brick fireplace

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-white-floor lamp-metal

Furnish a modern living room in a country house style

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-country-style-rattan-stool-upholstery

Set up a small seating area next to the stairwell

Sitting area-fireplace-natural stone-leather-faux fur carpet

Living room living ideas – two armchairs in front of the fireplace

Sitting area-fireplace-upholstered chairs-fireplace-white marble table

Modern country style living room with decoration on the wall

Sitting area-fireplace-shaggy-carpet-wood-chairs-white-sofa

Modern living room with upholstered furniture and two sofas

Sitting area-fireplace-Scandinavian-style-decoration-sofa-gray

Living room living ideas – rattan armchairs and upholstered stool

Sitting area-fireplace-bamboo-chairs-cowhide-rug-modern-country house style

Sitting area-fireplace-hanging chair-shaggy carpet-bench

Sitting area-fireplace-bench-window-traditional-furnishing

Sitting area-fireplace-blue wall-bookshelves-leather chairs

Sitting area-fireplace-furnishing ideas-cozy-warm

Sitting area-fireplace-wood-stool-laminate floor-metal-mantelpiece

Sitting area-fireplace-wood-chairs-carpet-sofa-set

Sitting area-fireplace-ideas-metal-white-armchair

Sitting area-fireplace-ideas-modern-country-style-design

Sitting area-fireplace-ideas-modern-folding chairs-two-seater sofa

Sitting area-fireplace-ideas-modern-neutral-colored-leather furniture

Sitting area-fireplace-ideas-upholstered furniture-modern-natural stone

Sitting area-fireplace-classic-wall shelves-beanbag

Sitting area-fireplace-leather stool-plaid cover-maritime wall decoration

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-country-style-sofa-white-Kilim

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-sandstone-carpet

Sitting area-fireplace-modern-armchair-seating group-form

Sitting area-fireplace-natural stone-wood-chairs-modern-colonial style

Sitting area-fireplace-natural stone-upholstery-sofa-laminate floor

Sitting area-fireplace-traditional-upholstered furniture-chairs

Sitting area-fireplace-traditional-chairs-upholstery

Sitting area-living room-Chesterfield armchair-stool

Sitting area-living room-stone mantelpiece-corner sofa

Sitting area-fireplace-living room-glass window-gas fireplace-white-sofa-wooden floor

Sitting area-fireplace-living room-gray-wall-paint-glass-coffee table

Sitting area-fireplace-living room-wood-burning fireplace-real wood-coffee tables

Sitting area-fireplace-living room-wall panels-metal look-wooden floor-gray-carpet

Sitting area in front of the fireplace living room-white-floor tiles-gray-fireplace cladding