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Set up the sofa in the middle of the room – furnishing tips for a Feng Shui living room

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While you probably don’t want your sofa to become an “elephant” in the middle of the room, there are some good reasons it can stand anywhere other than the wall. If there is enough space for such furniture in your living room, you can use a couch or sofa in the middle of the room as the aesthetic focal point of the facility. Using narrow or asymmetrical spaces for upholstered furniture does not necessarily mean that two sofas, for example, directly occupy the wall surface and that the center must therefore remain free. So try to make the most of this space by trying out the following ideas for interior design in your home.

Place the sofa in the middle of the room instead of on the wall

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Feng Shui is associated with the art of placement in some circles. Some people believe that it is a certain type of interior design. While there are guidelines for increasing the feeling of security and serenity in a room, these principles can be applied to any type of establishment. For example, one of the downsides to the open floor plan is the lack of walls that define the space. A sofa in the middle of the room can set the boundaries in an open living space, for example to anchor the entertainment area.

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While it is true to some extent that the way you position furniture in the living room affects the overall feel of the room. However, it does not necessarily follow that you put a carpet under the dining table, for example, or align a seating area precisely with the television set. In this post we are going to tackle the feng shui basics that relate to the sofa in the middle of the room. This can make your living room feel inviting and fresh and allow positive chi energy to flow through the apartment.

Reasons for setting up the sofa in the middle of the room

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Creating a sitting area in the living room can sometimes be tricky, while trends tend to position the pieces of furniture in the center of the room. So that people feel really comfortable in it, the sofa armchair combination should also be in a suitable place. Fengshui is based on the connection between feelings of instability in family and work, wealth and health. While the correlation may seem strange to some, you can position your sofa in the middle of the room to see how it feels.

Multiple seating areas for a better flow of traffic

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The back of a sofa creates a certain corridor and at the same time defines the different areas in the living room. In this way, you also clarify the sidewalks for foot traffic in the room. The accents you set with it can give large rooms a better structure and make small rooms open and airy. Use the sofa in the middle of the room to create several seating areas so that you and your guests can move freely in the living room.

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For example, a desk behind a sofa in a studio can serve as an improvised home office. You can decorate a table or sideboard behind the sofa with green plants or lighting to transform the room into a harmonious multipurpose space.

Divide large rooms

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If you also want to divide your space, seating offers a practical way of partitioning different zones within a living room. In the picture above you can see how a sofa in the middle of the room creates a clear boundary between living room and kitchen.

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Focus on the sofa in the middle of the room, which acts as a kind of wall. So you can also create different areas by placing the couch perpendicular to the long walls in the rooms. In this way, it also helps to visually expand the room and at the same time minimize its length so that it looks less like a bowling alley.

Create intimacy

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When chatting with your guests, you probably don’t want to be further than 30 centimeters apart. This makes it difficult sometimes when all of your seating is pressed against the wall. Because of this, you can create a place for conversation that feels tight and comfortable.

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A sofa set is usually a dominant piece of furniture that you can use to create an island in the middle of the living space. Thus you can create a private area as well as enable the flow of traffic in the room. The placement outside the wall also looks balanced if you also want to take into account the comfort of everyone sitting there.

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A central coffee table is also a convenient place for snacks and drinks. However, if the distant seating is too far to reach the table, end tables may be required. So here’s another example of how you can create multiple destinations in the same room. The pair of side chairs by the windows is the perfect place for an intimate conversation.

Carpet living room tips

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Place the sofa in the middle of the room on a large rug, add another chair or armchair, and ensure adequate lighting. Let the whole thing take center stage. An added benefit is that the middle position gives a better view of a wall-mounted flat screen.

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In the event that the sofa set is not in the center, it must at least complement the main attraction. In a cozy living room with a fireplace on one wall, the logical place for the sofa is on the opposite wall. However, a fireplace in the corner makes the design more challenging, with the central position of the sofa being a suitable variant.

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In some rooms, the carpet sofa arrangement works best parallel to the fireplace. This is easier in open living spaces, where you can also place a sofa in front of the window with a dining table and chairs to compensate. Smaller rooms or awkward configurations work best when the sofa is angled away from the walls but is placed at an angle. This opens a common room in front of the sofa, which can also be in the spotlight.

Separate the room according to function and maximize the seating

Divide sofa in the middle of the room. Play area. TV. Table tennis. Children's room

In this setting, the playroom is divided into a TV area and a play area by the dark brown sofa in the middle of the room. In this way, several activities can take place at the same time without the participants tripping over each other.

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If these two large sofas had been arranged differently, they would have taken up too much space in this room. If you also place a coffee table and an armchair on the edge of the carpet, you create spacious seating for several people. As a special bonus, you can also comfortably enjoy the view outside.

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Sometimes something outside the room determines how you should furnish it. The fantastic water view in front of these floor-to-ceiling windows is the real eye-catcher of the living area. This furniture arrangement takes full advantage of this proposal.

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So a modern sofa in the middle of the room can float like a cloud if you pulled it away from the wall. Seating furniture that encircles our walls can make the room appear rigid or get stuck in time. If you have enough space, play with the sofa for a new look and rediscover the principles of Feng Shui.