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Retro living ideas – modern living room with retro accents


 Get some Retro living ideas home and be original with the living room furnishings. Retro accents are known for the colorful design, the round or striped patterns and the molded wood furniture with wide upholstery and rectangular edges. A tiled floor with the interchangeable two colors and large squares like a chess board game are distinctive signs of the style from the 50s-70s.

Retro living room ideas

Brightly colored retro living room patterns and figures

If you love colors and round or oval shapes, you can Retro living ideas ensure originality in your living room and a mix of modern with retro accents create a great ambience. The color palette emphasizes yellow and red from the 60s and the purple variations carry the spirit of modernity. Choose the typical upholstered sofa and place it next to a long seat cushion that offers enough space for several people. So you haven’t got too much retro, but still got the air of the old and the fashionable into your four walls. Metal coffee table and soft carpet with motifs, as well as rounded flower vase or fruit bowl are further inspiring decor factors for the living room design.

Retro living ideas – the gesture of modernity


Retro living ideas But it doesn’t just mean shabby furniture and darkened living areas. The beautiful aquamarine with light beige on a high-gloss floor is an enchanting idea when furnishing a living room in retro style. Wood made from sustainable raw materials with the typical rectangular edges and legs offer comfort and quality in one with the leather upholstery or velor fabric. The high floor lamp with the round glass lantern or the elongated tube model in the corner set trendy retro accents in this bright room. The fabric pillows are a loving home accessory and a must have in every retro room. They can have darker colors and tones so that the contrast can touch the human senses and taste for the beautiful.

Do you remember the typical living room of our parents?


If you love retro style and want the iconic pieces of furniture from this period in your living room, it doesn’t have to mean that you go shopping and search for retro department stores that sell much used pieces of furniture. There are plenty of online offers and a selection of valuable seating furniture and decoration ideas for every taste. Design by Retrofurnish is richly decorated, colorful and provided with retro motifs and figures on fabrics and decorative pieces, don’t forget that!

Typical wall color and decor with round pattern


 Cozy ambience, magnificent colors

Romantic-color-palette-and-wood-in-the-living room

 Retro classic in aquamarine


 Use of light colored tones

narrow-bridge-carpet-retro-furniture-corners-and-retro-wall decoration

Metal chairs like the ice cream counter, wall paneling in aquamarine

Wall covering-retro-living room-in-aquamarine-and-brown

 Living room in the house with carpeting and patterned furniture

Retro design living room house wood ceiling

Retro style kitchen living area


 Metal frame and velor textile give this living room a special flair


 Striped patterns and retro motifs

certain-retro-accents-in-the-living room

 Modern living

Modern-and-retro characters living room ottoman

 Certain color choices with a retro spirit


 Retro living room with original patterns

Leather sofa-two-piece-in-aquamarine-retro-style

 Retro accents with small details


 Living room design ideas example with wood

minimalist-and-retro-in-one-living room

 Wall cladding with wood


 Lots of wall shelves, red and yellow determine the direction of the retro style

Interior design-furnishings-design-fireplace-living room-retro shelves

 Color combination living room

Classic living room with retro characters

 Living room design modern

Colorful color choice retro style living room

 Modern living ideas

Interior design-modern-retro-decorative-upholstered furniture