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Redesign the living room – modern country house look for the old building

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Looking for ideas on how to make yours Redesign the living room can? Then we will be happy to help and show you the latest trend from the USA – the so-called barn style. It all started with some families turning their old barn into cozy living rooms.

Redesign the living room – country style with a difference


The building was not structurally changed – the legible wooden beams on the ceiling and the visible traces that time has left on the natural stone walls actually form the perfect background for imaginative furnishings. The trend has gained popularity so quickly that even apartments in the big city have been converted and some companies have specialized in equipping new buildings with the trendy beams. And even if you don’t want to go that far yourself, you can imitate the look with a little creativity.

Redesign the living room – the new living style explained step by step

living room-redesign-country-house-old-building-fireplace-open-beam-wood-leather couch

What is actually understood by barn style? Similar to the country house style, the wall and ceiling design is kept as natural as possible. Wooden beams on the ceiling, floorboards and white walls create an attractive ensemble. If you don’t have wooden beams on the ceiling, you can achieve a similar effect with wooden window frames. A fireplace with natural stone cladding or a hanging fireplace will ensure the cosiness. Hand-woven or faux fur shaggy carpets can complete the look.

The difference to the country house style lies in the furnishing – it can be kept simple if desired, at least most building owners prefer an eclectic mix of styles. Strong colors in berry nuances, unusual upholstery made of velvet or leather dominate the interior. Combinations between pieces of furniture are also allowed

Redesign the living room – wooden beams for country style flair

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Redesign the living room – wall cladding made of natural stone

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