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Pure white living room and minimalism – 20 modern living ideas

pure white living room wall unit minimalism wood statues

A pure white living room has a very calming and relaxing effect. The lack of stimulating bright colors is naturally relaxing. However, decorating an entire room in white can look boring if not done correctly. Here are some tips to help you pure white living room has an uplifting effect on your mood.

Furnish a pure white living room

white living room wood flooring gray carpet fireplace dining area

Choosing a white decoration will add elegance, simplicity and sophistication to your living room. The white color can nicely complement many different styles, from modern to country style. But we have chosen minimalism for an even more powerful effect.

Pure white living room filled with light

pure white living room driftwood natural stone wall glass elements

The carpets come in a variety of colors and styles. A plain white shaggy rug is an easy way to add variety to the room. But keep in mind that white carpets are very difficult to clean. Alternatively, you can choose one in brown-gray or gray.

High gloss wall unit and warm light

pure white living room minimalism relax armchair corner sofa fireplace

Variety of materials. Since the coloring is very simple, choose a combination of different textures. Coarse upholstery fabrics, silky curtains, high-gloss vases and matt picture frames are good examples of the different textures.

Silver details and glass elements

pure white living room materials coffee table glass top silver

template. Circles, stripes or even geometric patterns are anything but boring.

Ecru as an alternative

pure white living room ecru combination sofa cushions

Mix. If you don’t want to use too much white, combine it with ecru or brown-gray. On the white leather sofa – beige silk pillows.

colorful pillows on white leather corner sofa

white living room furnishings colorful cushions green carpet glass table

open living area all in white

white living room furniture dining area sofa minimalism

silver pillows and blue accents

white living room furniture floor lamp silver pillows

Shaggy carpet for texture

white living room high gloss wall unit schaggy carpet sofa

white floating stairs

pure white living room floating stairs sofa wooden floor

Pillow in lilac color

pure white living room lilac accents cushions dining table gray carpet

Wall unit with ecru fronts

pure wisdom living room ecru wall unit fronts carpet gray

Glossy wall unit and yellow coffee tablewhite living room furniture wall unit yellow coffee table

Palm trees for a change

white living room palm trees high gloss floor black coffee table

Purity and elegance  white living room interior furniture black cushions dining area

minimalist living room decor   white living room high gloss shelves leather armchair black carpet

  geometric shapes

living room white black leather armchair geometric shapes

Country style  pure white living room tv wall country house style

Skylights and wood elements  white living room decor skylight wood elements fireplace