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Painting the wall gray: 25 ideas for living room walls

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Are you looking for trendy ones Color ideas for the living room? Then you have come to the right place, because gray is the trend color in modern furnishings. This color can be combined well with almost any other shade. Gray in the living room looks elegant and cool and offers an incredible number of nuances. Gray tones range from anthracite gray, silver gray, slate gray, moss gray, mouse gray, signal gray … a total of 37 shades from the RAL table prove that gray is not just a color between white and black. The darker shades convey a sense of strength, while the lighter tones symbolize innocence and elegance. Gray gives the room a noble touch. Colorful furniture and home accessories come into their own. If you want to create a peaceful and calming ambience in the living room, you should paint your walls gray.

Paint the wall gray – the color is classy and subtle

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It is best to choose a light gray shade for the walls. Avoid colors that have a metallic sheen. The light gray color will serve as a neutral background for your colorful, decorative accessories. Choose doors, skirting and ceiling moldings in white. Avoid using dark gray on the walls as it can visually reduce the size of the living room.

Paint the wall gray, choose contrasting colors for furniture and home accessories

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Choose a contrasting color for the furniture and home accessories. A sofa in orange, blue, black, red or brown will set an intense accent. Gray is often combined with yellow, white, green, turquoise, purple and beige. Buy pillows, table lamps and vases in these colors. Avoid using more than two contrasting colors in the room. When choosing a television and other devices, you should rely on a metallic sheen. Surfaces made of aluminum, stainless steel, nickel and wrought iron also work well in the gray living room. Use this mirror gloss for the table accessories such as candle holders or for picture frames for photos and wall art.

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Living room with gray wall and white furniture

color ideas for the living room gray wall white furniture kitchen modern

White furniture and decorations look particularly good against a dark gray wall. A medium-dark wooden flooring also goes perfectly with this. Dark floor tiles with a slate look also look very appealing. Depending on the amount of light, high-gloss surfaces create an attractive play of colors.

Accent wall in the living room in light gray

color ideas for the living room accent wall gray parquet light brown fireplace

Shades of gray go perfectly with colors like white and oak. This creates a particularly calm and relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, this color combination is perfect for living room and bedroom. The necessary color kick can be brought about by colorful accessories such as sofa cushions and murals.

Light-dark contrast 

color ideas for the living room-gray-yellow color combination

When designing walls and floors, one should pay attention to the light-dark contrast. If a light color is chosen for the walls, the floor covering should be dark. On the other hand, a light floor covering is ideal for dark walls in anthracite.

Dove gray in combination with blue 

living room-furnishings-eclectic-blue-light-gray-wooden floor

Gray has many facets and offers numerous design options. Depending on the color shade, gray can appear cool or warm. Dove gray, for example, has a slight blue-violet cast and looks very nice in combination with azure blue. The calm tone is also the ideal background for a picture gallery.

Taupe and white create a calm atmosphere

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Taupe is a shade of brown with a gray cast that is both gentle and unobtrusive at the same time. Stucco moldings and ornaments can be shown to their best advantage if the intermediate surfaces are painted in this shade. Elements in black round off the overall picture perfectly.

Two-tone walls with a pattern 

living room wall design gray and white zigzag painting wall pattern

If you want to give a wall a very individual touch, then the two-tone wall design would be a great idea. One possibility is the subdivision by a horizontal or vertical line. Patterns on the wall, on the other hand, are eye-catching. Our example shows a two-tone wall with a zigzag pattern in light gray and white. Such linear patterns can be conjured up on the wall with masking tape and a brush. Wall stencils are available for more complex patterns. Different shades of gray can also be mixed together perfectly.

When there is a lot of daylight in the room

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Floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings make a room appear airy and cozy. In this case, don’t worry that a gray wall will look drab. However, if you are not entirely convinced, you can opt for a light shade of gray.

Yellow is a matching color to gray

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Light gray walls look cool and classy. Warm accents can be set with furniture made of light wood or with cream-colored upholstery. Bright yellow home accessories and flowers ensure a good mood. The trend colors go well with metallic surfaces and glass elements.

Gray walls as a background for the white furniture

modern-living room-light-gray-walls-white-furniture-yellow-accents

Gray is so reserved that it can be used extensively. Yellow, gray, green and white go so well together because they have a fresh touch. Flowers and green plants have a refreshing effect and mix up the noble look.

green home accessories and houseplants


Here the reddish wooden floor creates a nice contrast. The warm brown shade with reddish brown grain is very attractive and conveys comfort and warmth.

color ideas-living room-light gray-walls-white-furniture

Blue, white and sand colors are an absolute must if you want to furnish the living room with a maritime theme. But they also look particularly beautiful in combination with light gray. This warms visually and prevents the ambience from appearing too sterile.

Grass-green splashes of color

color ideas for the living room-gray-green-accents-wooden chest of drawers

looks nice in combination with wood

modern-living room-gray-wood-wall-shelves-corner sofa

bright furniture

modern-living room-gray-wall-panels-taupe-cream

combined with black and white


Contrast colors – blue and brown

color ideas-living room-walls-gray-painting-brown-furniture-blue-accents

Gray-blue shade

color ideas for the living room-light gray-blue-plank-floor-decorative-gray-carpet

color ideas-living room-gray-cream-couples

living room-wall-color-dark gray-standing-mirror-optically-enlarge


living room-gray-ecru-combination-classic-wood-fireplace

gray-living room-carpet-corner-sofa-yellow-accents


light gray-living room-fireplace-tv-wall-mounted

color ideas-living room-dark gray-wall-upholstered sofa

color ideas for the living room-accent wall-gray-white-sofa-wood-coffee table