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Natural color design in earth tones – living room in brown


Discover the variety of brown colors and design your living room in warm earth tones. We’ll give you tips on how to do that Living room in brown Be able to make it spacious and cozy with chic color combinations.

Living room in brown – color combinations with orange


A Living room in brown looks cozy and homely. Brown is a warm, welcoming color that is more of a classic and eclectic style. Minimalist furnishings with brown as the main tone are therefore rather an exception. But if you want puristic furnishings, you can go for the natural wood color. Wall cladding with wood panels is a great option in this case. Natural stone walls also have a certain charm and make the Scandinavian style living area appear spacious. Classic furnishings should be opted for in dark chocolate tones. So that the room doesn’t look too dark and small, just paint one wall in dark brown and combine it with a ceiling in light pink. The end result is sure to fascinate you.

Living room in brown – choose furniture and decoration


One of the greatest advantages of the Living room in brown is the fact that this color can be perfectly combined with almost all other colors. If your walls are brown, you can add turquoise green accents in the room. Orange, pink or azure blue also go very well with the brown living room. Colorful pictures on the walls, carpets or decorative pillows – the choice is in your hands. Don’t forget strong lighting – dark colors need a lot more light, so you can hang several pendant lights in the room. We offer you more inspiration and ideas in the photo gallery below.

Living room in brown with a spacious leather couch

color-design-living room-brown-couch-leather-decoration-coffee table-fireplace

Cozy living room in brown and varied decoration 


Chic living room in brown earth tones

set up brown purple wood furniture natural stone wall sloping ceiling

Light blue and brown shades

light blue sofa light brown pink wall color wall shelves TV cabinet

Brown walls and a light pink ceiling

Fireplace upholstery sofa metal coffee table

Dark brown tones and nice lighting

Living room lighting wall design ideas white carpeting

Vintage look in the living room

yellow blue living room wood wall vintage furniture

Royal style for the living room

Living room brown style gold accents fireplace

Modern and comfortable – wooden wall cupboard in the living room

Wall shelves living room blue sofa vases wall design

Light beige-brown wood paneling

Furnishing living room wood color wall fur carpet

Chocolate brown color and white ceiling

Fireplace decoration ideas plants photos wall design sloping ceiling

Warm earth tones and rustic wooden furniture

Wood carving wooden table rustic dark upholstered furniture ceiling lights

Uniform color scheme

classic style rustic table leather sofa bookcases

Beige-brown combination

brown earth tones royal decor style ideas

Retro style living room

Color design pink portrait of James Deen bookcases carpeting

Eclectic living room with pink and red accents

Living room blue red decorative pillows original wall color

Living room brown white sofa pink red color

brown wallpaper living room orange decorative pillows beige sofa

Ideas furnishing carpet dark upholstery laminate floor