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Multimedia entertainment at home – 2 setup options

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The multimedia industry is getting more and more unusual. From lavish sound systems to wafer-thin TV screens to completely smart networking of all devices in the house, hardly anything is impossible. the Highlights of the CES in Las Vegas show that there are still no limits to creativity. For many, perfect home entertainment is an integral part of their home. The only choice left is whether it should be integrated into the home in a discreet and elegant manner or in a unique and unusual way. Today we are giving you a few ideas on how to elegantly integrate the home cinema system into the living room – for a proper feel-good atmosphere and the best multimedia entertainment at home.

Home entertainment at home – the technology is conspicuously staged

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If you are a lover of modern technology and you like to show what you own, you can put your multimedia entertainment in the limelight. Home theater systems such as from the German manufacturer Teufel are predestined for it. Column loudspeakers are modern and practical at the same time. They can be easily integrated into any furnishing style and still remain present due to their imposing height of 62 or even 112 centimeters.


Surround sound systems are a particular eye-catcher in the living room, the boxes of which are impressive in terms of their size and design. Today there are a large number of loudspeakers whose membranes are no longer hidden behind a grille cover. The pure technology is put on display and makes the hearts of many music lovers beat faster. Whether there is a difference in sound to loudspeakers with covers depends on the model. Some consumers find that boxes sound clearer and brighter without a cover. However, this has not been proven.

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In order to bring out the home theater system perfectly, you should align the furnishings in the living room with the television and the adjacent speakers. Sofas and armchairs should face the technology and the immediate vicinity of the system should be free of other conspicuous objects. Depending on whether sound or image is in the foreground, the size of the loudspeakers and the dimensions of the flat screen should be matched to one another and their performance should also be adapted to the size of the room. Original cinema seats underline the distinctive character of a film lover. In addition, you can bring even more extravagance into the living room with a framed TV screen. Here are 15 great screen framing ideas.

The best entertainment at home without the hassle of cables – everything is nicely hidden

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If the eye-catching home cinema system is too distinctive for you, you should fall back on special media furniture. They merge with the electronics to form a unit, so that speakers and screens are barely noticeable. Blu-ray players, consoles and speakers can be stored in special drawers and cabinet parts with a WLAN-permeable front. They are protected from dust and hidden from view. There are also chests of drawers with lifting systems that can simply hide the flat screen inside the furniture if required.

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If you like it fancy but still subtle, you should consider a multimedia sofa. Multimedia sofas integrate the technology in their upholstery. Loudspeakers, light columns and small screens that can be folded out turn the couch at home into a modern multimedia center – without having to set up loudspeakers or other devices in the room. Depending on what you feel like, you can hide the technology or stage it impressively when you use it. Since most of the sofas have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the annoying clutter of cables along the rubbing strips no longer plays a role. In addition, you can arrange all pieces of furniture, including decorative elements, according to your taste and independently of home entertainment.

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