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Modular sofa designs with built-in shelves in the modern living room

Roche Boboa Sofa Integrated Rear Shelves Design

the Sofa designs with built-in shelves express the modern concept of alternative functionality. Not only can you use a small space effectively, but you can also add personality to the boring sofa.

Sofa designs with integrated shelves – Dominio by Frigerio

sofa design corner upholstery wooden shelves at the back domino by frigerio

The sofa is one of the pieces of furniture in the house that also matches the personality of the residents. Often it is not only life at home that revolves around the sofa, but also the colors, shapes and the overall appearance of the apartment.

Sofa designs with integrated shelves by Ditre Italia

ditre italia corner sofa combined shelves side table cream color

The sofa, in fact, is at the heart of modern decor, because the house is no longer just a place where you sleep and eat. Above all, it is a place of joy, harmony and intense life. And the sofa is the symbol of this vision. The axis around which domestic life, relaxation and perhaps a hobby revolves.

Dominio by Frigerio

modular sofa design integrated bookcase dominio frigerio

For these reasons, the sofa can also take on other “tasks”. Thanks to square shapes, modern and durable materials, and above all thanks to the imagination of the designer, the sofa can also serve as storage space for books. The modular sofa designs with integrated bookshelves not only enjoy functionality, but also more soul and comfort.

Diote from Ditre Italia

modular sofa design wooden shelves at the back diote ditre italia

modular sofa design wood shelves plants ditre italia

What could be better than the combination of a good book and the perfect place to read? From this point of view, the books find the perfect place on the sofa. Aesthetics, highlight, functional design and top quality – you will find all of this in these amazing ones Sofa designs with built-in shelves.

Vero sofa by Rolf Benz  rolf benz vero sofa design integrated shelving sides

rolf benz vero leather sofa brown wood element side table

VERO sofa rolf benz side table shelf wood glass

Plat sofa from Arketipo   PLAT sofa arketipo modular white shelves side table

Acamdivani sofa design

modular sofa designs with built-in shelves wood Acamdivani

modular armchair sofa designs with built-in shelves lamp

 Oceano by Doimo Salotti

oceano sofa design integrated shelves doimo salotti

oceano leather sofa bright red wood bookshelves in the back

PLAT sofa design beige shelves Arketipo

modular sofa from MDHouse    modular sofa design cream shelves mdhouse

 SQUARE by Giuseppe Bavuso  sofa designs with integrated shelves SQUARE Giuseppe Bavuso

Ditre Italia

modular sofa designs with integrated shelves ditre italia

Bijoux from Ditre Italia

modular corner sofa BIJOUX bookcases glass ditre italia