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Modern living room furniture – 13 ideas from Italy

Modern living room furniture ideas-living wall-black-matt-wood-E45

Classic and elegant, with a large can of luxury and with European flair, Italian period furniture shows its extra class, which could be missing anywhere else in the world. Modern living room furniture, that are imbued with art. Today we have put together a list of ideas for creative living room design with Italian furniture for you. This can serve as a brainstorming session for you. Maybe you will feel inspired by it and want to furnish your next living space in the Italian style? Who knows? First take a look at our picture gallery, it is definitely worth it!

Modern living room furniture from Euromobil


This whole room is chic, clean and fine in its simple design and with its smooth surfaces. Muted cream tones, a touch of blue as an accent on the closets, but the rich chestnut is the main hue. The natural lighting and bright colors make this room look incredibly spacious and refreshed. Do you also see the star within this great facility? – Yes, that is the elegant lounger on the right, which immediately impresses us with its modern vision.

Modern living room furniture in light colors

Modern living room furniture -ideen-Wohnwand-E45-Euromobil

This room may not seem as warm and inviting as most of the others, but we love its fashionable style. The entire furniture system here can be customized, it can also be wooden or lacquered. We love this light! The clean lines and sharp edges are not typical of a cozy room in principle, but in this case there is a natural look.

Modern living room furniture with wooden elements

Modern living room furniture ideas-living wall-matt-white-wood tone

Another room full of soothing light and beautiful structures, complete with floating shelves like in our first example today. White and natural wood in duo create a wonderful atmosphere and visually enlarge the room. Here you can relax after a long day at work. The modern couch, the chic armchairs that are inviting and fashionable at the same time and a slim table in between for more functionality.


Desiree Divani

We are just in love with this room! Here the Italian is combined with the traditional furnishing style, in a family-oriented way and with immense ease. The chocolate-colored plush sofa, the classic coffee tables and blue accent chairs all come together perfectly with a modern, European flair. We also love the contrast achieved between the dark and light shades.


Fold sofa by Verzelloni

This living room exudes masculine energy. The dark chocolate color on the wall is paired with classic, modern sofas in blue, so the ambience looks stylish and fashionable. Please note the golden industrial-style pendant lights! Only they seem to add bright spots of light to the room here. How do you find that?


Tonelli design

The bookshelf fills us with envy, at least a little! It has multifunctional possibilities to put beautiful souvenirs and travel souvenirs on the show, to organize other items. At the same time, it also acts as an interesting accent wall in an otherwise rather cold living room. We also love the combination between the smooth floor, the small bedside rug and the glass shelves on the wall.


Tonelli design

Here we only have a look into the living room, not the whole picture, but nevertheless we can clearly see the modern style and the European vision of living room furnishings. These glass containers are ready to display your best works of art or fabulous flea market finds. Please also pay attention to the reading area in the far right corner. Modern, yes, but also functional and a little relaxing.


Sinue of Rossin

This is a very cozy space, it is highlighted by creamy furniture with a fine and elegant feel. Modern in structure and design, this furniture is packed with comfort and style. We also love how the printed upholstery in the front left corner matches the masculine character of the furniture, sleek walls and floor.


We couldn’t take our eyes off this convertible table, it’s high on our list of fantastic Italian living room furniture ideas. Its metal frame and the melamine surface give it an interesting, modern and contemporary look. If necessary, the table can be made bigger, it can be pulled out when it’s party time!


Isn’t that a nice piece of furniture? It combines ancient flair with a classy, ​​elegant and fashionable energy. Just think of all the possibilities that one would have to use this furniture around the house, in the living room, but also in the dining room!

Relax armchair white wood frame PORRO

This is another fantastic option for a small and quaint accent chair. This seat can be in leather but also in imitation leather. But its real beauty comes from the design: it is delicate, with smooth lines and relaxed shape. Now, could you imagine having a couple of chairs like this in the corner of your large living room? That could be really impressive!

2-seater sofa zebra pattern seat Roberto Lazzeroni

Do you want to fill a niche in the living room? The two-seater sofa would be just right for you. Available in fabric or real leather, depending on your preference you could choose. We love its petite nature and modern vision. By the way, the two-seater sofa is made of American cherry or American walnut, so you know you’re getting a solid piece of furniture.

Storage system T030 from Lema, Italy

modern-living room-furniture-storage-shelf-cabinet-gray-bookshelves-handleless

Modern living room furniture offers storage space in a stylish way

modern-living room-furniture-storage-shelf-cabinet-design-italy

Wall-hung elongated cabinets and shelves


Wall-mounted shelves with a minimalist design

modern-living room-furniture-storage-space-shelf-cabinet-white-wall-hanging-minimalistic-design