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Modern living room – 25 interior ideas with great design

living room modern beige in front of gray kitchen white high gloss fireplace

We would like to introduce you to this 25 breathtaking article, modern living room which all represent the perfect family area. They impress with clear lines, a clean design, as well as large window fronts and modern furnishings in the form of sofas, armchairs, shelves and other remarkable furniture. Each of these living room ideas makes relaxing and entertaining the family, but also with friends, a particularly relaxing experience and is worth using as inspiration. And that is exactly what the gallery should serve. Take a look at the examples and find the perfect design and modern living room of your dreams!

Modern living room – open ceilings and breathtaking views

living room modern neon blue lighting floor lamp carpet curtains

Living room with large windows on two sides

modern living room monochrome design window front carpet gray chandelier

Living room with teak floor

living room modern wood floor blue seat cushion cushion plant steps

Monochrome living room with trees as a mural

living room modern monochrome bright large coffee table wood stairs cushions

 Modern-elegant design for the living room with marble floor

living room modern marble floor kitchen dark wood dining table

 Color accents in the living room with brick wall and purple sofa

living room modern purple sofa coffee table orange lowboard television fireplace stone

 Modern living room in black with stylishly illuminated stone wall

living room modern indirect lighting stone wall black decor floor lamps

 Calming, light gray as a color for contemporary living room furnishings

living room modern corner sofa throw pillows stairs coffee table carpet

 Living room with a romantic atmosphere

living room modern canopy gray white pillow kitchen parquet

living room modern brick wall bright parquet side table vorahenge white

modern living room couch set white fireplace shelf aquarium brick

modern living room carpet colorful checkerboard pattern sofa cream wood coffee table

modern living room black white sofa carpet gray floor lamp wallpaper

modern living room black furnishings shelf couch leather metal

living room modern shelf black seating area carpet leather sofa blinds

modern living room red brown wall couch beige white coffee table

modern living room open kitchen couch window front panorama

modern living room leather sofa parquet black sloping roof design

modern living room lamps glass dining table wood wall pictures deco

modern living room green carpet sofa plant armchair stool built-in shelf

modern living room dark gray sofa coffee table kitchen lime high gloss

modern living room design idea monochrome wall black couch

living room modern white furnishings armchairs pillars parquet seating area

living room modern wall gray carpet sideboard window stairs monochrome wood

living room modern violet chandelier armchair white couch tv

living room modern parquet flooring stool comfort kitchen lighting pictures