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Modern living – 105 furnishing ideas for your living room

Modern living living room-wood-wall cladding-gray-sofa-led-lighting-stone wall

The living room is the space where aesthetics meet functionality. Practically furnished and at the same time representative – this is how the room should look so that both family members and guests feel comfortable. Here comes the concept “Modern living”To help – this term is actually understood to mean the skilful combination of the various interior elements. Often eclectic furnishings are created that give character to the room on drive.

Modern living – the individual interior elements in the living room can be skillfully combined

Modern living, solid wood coffee tables, cream furnishings

From the wall cladding and wall color, to the ceiling design and the choice of flooring – these are the first steps in furnishing the living room. And this is where the first mistake is often made – namely, the finished furnishing concept is not available, but one simply hopes to find the right furniture afterwards. Then the accent wall is often hidden later with a large bookshelf, the beautiful, expensive plank floor is laid with a shaggy carpet, the lighting is not sufficient for the reading corner, etc. So that these problems do not arise at all, it is worthwhile to plan carefully in advance to invest. The room is measured, the furniture is arranged with the help of an online planner – and only then are walls painted and laminates laid.

The most important interior elements are summarized – first the floor, walls and ceiling are designed. Then bookshelves, cupboards and chests of drawers are set up. The sofa, armchair and coffee table are next. At the end it is decorated.

Modern living – the living room should appear spacious

modern-living-wall-concrete-look-wooden floor-gray-sofa-curtains

Who is for modern living decides, he should stick to a golden rule – the living room should appear spacious and cozy. Therefore, it is better to set up the small rooms sparingly so that there is enough free space. A comfortable seating area and a TV cabinet are sufficient. In this case it is better to avoid large flower pots and statues. In the following we have put together some interesting furnishing examples that can serve as inspiration.

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white corner sofa as an eye-catcher in the living room


Come up with creative elements with which you can create interesting eye-catchers in your living area. This accent wall, clad in wood, has modern shelves. In addition, the wall cladding is continued along the ceiling. It is also used to integrate built-in lights. Directly below is the cozy and stylish seating area with a white couch on a gray carpet and laminate.

light and dark shades in harmony


Combine light and dark colors so that a harmonious ambience is created. In addition, there does not necessarily have to be a wall unit in the living room. A low or sideboard can also take on this role, while an attractive mural replaces the television. The wall doesn’t always have to be colored. White walls perfectly emphasize darker furniture.

Neutral color palette, fireplace with chic stone cladding and interesting kilim

Wall fireplace leather chairs sofa set coffee table glass

We don’t really have to mention that the fireplace with its noble stone cladding is the highlight of this modern facility. It is a gas fireplace with a decorative function with a long glass pane. The fireplace clad in beige natural stone is combined with white and black furniture, while the long glass coffee table is less conspicuous, but no less attractive. A few color accents were also provided with the help of the carpet for the seating area.

Exposed concrete walls, modern paintings and leather sofa

Wall painting concrete wall floor lamp blue carpet

An interesting material that is finding its way into the modern apartment is exposed concrete. It used to be associated with coldness and impersonality, today there are many examples of how concrete can make a living room look really homely. Many architect houses proudly show the exposed concrete in the living area and like to combine it with other cool colors such as blue and anthracite.

Gray furniture can look boring, but the coffee table spices up the interior

Coffee table wood upholstery armchair wall marble tiles

Of course, wood is the most popular partner of concrete, natural stone and shades of gray. Warm brown and cool gray create tension through their contrast. Light wood tones that look very Nordic also go well with exposed concrete. It is not uncommon for new buildings to be connected with large glass fronts. These let in a lot of daylight and make walls and stone look much more homely. Due to the lively structure, a concrete wall looks like a stage set and brings the furniture in the room or the pictures on the wall to their best advantage.

Modern and at the same time homely – upholstered furniture, fireplace with stone cladding and faux fur carpet

living fireplace armchair retro style large floor lamp

Facing bricks and straps are a great idea for modern wall design. These perfectly imitate the look and feel of natural stone and are well suited as an exterior facade and interior decoration. A wall clad in slate, for example, conveys aloof coolness and nicely complements the modern living style. The dark slate is combined with white or light gray furniture.

Wooden slat wall in trend

Chesterfield Sofa Painting Wood Wall Panels Cladding

In contrast to concrete, solid wood impresses with its natural color and grain and makes every room look cozy. Wall paneling originally served as impact protection for the wall – today it is mainly used for decoration. When it comes to wooden wall cladding, it doesn’t always have to be wooden cassettes or wall panels. Wooden lamellar walls, for example, are a great alternative to conventional wall cladding and are becoming increasingly popular in modern houses. They offer the perfect background for furniture and decoration and can also be beautifully combined with different materials and colors.

The yellow sofa set as a color accent in the interior

eclectic living room decor yellow sofas rustic tree trunk table

Tree trunk tables are currently all the rage. They are made from one piece of wood and are a real highlight in the room. The focus is on the naturalness of the type of wood used. Features such as unevenness, existing knotholes and cracks are not to be regarded as annoying here, but as a special characteristic that makes up the charm of such a table.

Photo wall as decoration

gray walls wall murals card rustic coffee table

Table tops made from a large, unglued natural wood top are particularly effective. They are absolutely unique and show the beauty of a type of wood to the full. A real highlight is the continuous grain over the entire surface of the table top and the edges. As if you had cut a large tree in the middle to make the top plate from it! Since it is a natural product, every table is unique!

Comfortable and comfortable – Shaggy carpet for the sitting area in the room

Living room home ideas chairs Shaggy carpet

If furniture, wall and floor coverings are made of wood, you should consider whether the colors and types of wood go well together. Pay attention to the color line: warm colors are combined with equally warm tones. Several colors for wood have been combined in this living room. But even though the wall cladding is much darker than the floor, they go wonderfully together. Wickerwork is the perfect partner for wood, because both natural materials complement each other wonderfully.

Brick wall shape yellow chair

And although the modern furnishings are usually kept in neutral colors such as gray, white and beige, you can set beautiful accents with bright colors. A yellow armchair, for example, exudes a lot of joy and can be beautifully combined with black and brown.

Living room furniture decor ideas examples

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neutral color scheme oak wood furniture curtains

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exotic furnishings white upholstered furniture yellow throw pillows painting

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Corner sofa, carpet, floral pattern, round table, black

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