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Living suggestions for living rooms – 4 ideas to imitate

Living suggestions ideas modern Sahara look chairs

How is character given to the interior? And how can the living area be spiced up with little effort and a tight budget? The designers know the trick – and carefully chosen details make the difference between an overcrowded room without a concept and a cozy interior. We’ll show you 4 Living suggestions for living rooms and give you tips on how to implement them step by step in your own four walls.

Living suggestions for living rooms – the Sahara look

Africa look carpet pink throw pillow armchair white upholstered cowhide stool

The Sahara look is modern and homely. The white walls make even the dark northern room look light and cozy and at the same time form the perfect background for the wall decoration. Subtle pink and beige nuances give the interior splashes of color and ensure cosiness. This is how you can imitate the furnishings step by step: first select the furniture – in this case the old sofa and armchair were simply reupholstered. Decorative pillows and a modern painting in pink tones attract attention. Chairs found from the flea market were reupholstered in artificial fur and an artificial leather carpet was placed over the used sisal carpet. Home accessories like a wall mirror with exotic ornaments and several exotic statues add to the concept.

Living suggestions for living rooms – pure glamor

Living room ideas blue carpet white sofa Chesterfield leather furniture

The second suggestion for furnishing is a pure glamor interior – again white was used as the background color, but this time color accents in dark blue make the interior look classy. The furniture / Chesterfield sofa and two modern leather-covered chairs / make the small living room appear larger. The clear lines of the furniture make the room look structured.

Enclosed you will find two living room proposals – also explained step by step. Below is the African style furnishings in details, then the pure glamor furnishings, followed by a fusion between modern and classic, and at the end – rustic country house style. All accessories and furniture can be found at Shopmack.

Comfortable armchair, newly upholstered in soft white color

Set up with an African look

Africa look living suggestions ideas accessories metal globe

Cool accessories give the interior a kick

padded beige carpet wall shelf ideas

The old chairs with an interesting new upholstery

modern three legs original design living room proposals

The floor lamp gives the room structure

Floor lamp modern art Horns wall decoration ideas

This decoration looks natural, but in fact the horns are made of plastic

modern carpet design ideas living room set up

Mirror design ideas living room living room ideas

Wood living room modern country style

Art Horne Africa look living room living ideas

Cross legs lamp carpet original vase beige color scheme

Ideas home accessories silver metal serving table

Sofa design blue carpet armchair metal cross legs image

 Pure glamor furnishings

Decoration ideas fresh plants dark blue carpet

Cushions two lamps accent white leather sofa ideas

Ideas wood surface metal legs laminate flooring

modern furnishing ideas upholstered furniture yellow chairs

 Fusion between classic and modern – living room decorated with maritime living accessories

Home accessories shell classic design ideas

White coral artfully furnishing a classic living room

Side table handmade beach style rustic furniture

classic living room living suggestions pictures furnishing

Country-style living room with an exotic aftertaste

Pillow sofa set ideas beige color design proposals

Wooden coffee tables to set up living room in modern country style

Design living room ideas faux fur carpet two coffee tables