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Living room with fireplace – 65 ideas for a place of rest

living room with fireplace semi-open chair pillar indirect lighting built-in shelves

Since the living room is primarily intended to promote well-being, it should definitely include a fireplace. Anyone who decides on a fireplace at home is spoiled for choice between a wide range of shapes and design options. The modern fireplaces convey warmth and cosiness and impress with their simplicity and contemporary look. Glass panes allow a great view of the dancing fire. Do you also dream of a cozy one Living room with fireplace? Discover your dream design in our picture gallery!

Living room with fireplace: the heart of the house

When it gets dark, the normal heater transforms itself into the heart of your living space. The modern wood-burning stoves do not require as much space and save heating costs. Even in the smallest of spaces, they can inspire with elegant and stylish living. However, so that everything fits perfectly in the end, it is extremely important that the fireplace is tailored to all spatial conditions and has the appropriate modern technology.

Ideas for living room with fireplace in different styles

living room with fireplace classic white interior design shelves

Noble chimney stoves upgrade your living space and ensure an increased quality of life. Usually a cozy sitting area is set up in front of the fireplace. You can read or just relax on the upholstered fireside chair. A lot of enthusiasm can be achieved through a high-contrast color concept for the furniture design.

Fireplace decoration gives the living room an elegant look

living room with fireplace corner parquet floor lamp on both sides

After you have your Living room with fireplace Once you have equipped and set up all the furniture, you can finally add decorations and accessories to make the room even more cozy.

Fireplaces in the living room create individual accents

living room with fireplace rustic river stones decoration rustic interior

The special thing is in the detail. Practical and beautiful, the fireplace in the living room offers relaxation and is a real eye-catcher. Equipped with high-quality glass panes, modern door handles, noble brickwork, the fireplace really makes the living room look very cozy and cozy.

Chimney in a concrete wall

living room with fireplace concrete look wall design gray furnishing open

 Partition wall with chimney

living room with fireplace partition wall seating area dining room carpet white wall

 Open fireplace design

living room with fireplace open stone dining table seating area modern

 Fireplace with lowboard

living room with fireplace modern design concrete wall white couch

 Fire pit in the living room with stone

living room with fireplace minimalist couch white wood coffee table

 A fireplace for more comfort

luxury chalet living room loft style fireplace heating insert decorations home landscape

Fireplace stove in the kitchen-cum-living room

Heating insert kitchen-living room indoor fireplace design

Open living room with a rustic style fireplace

luxury chalet loft style built-in fireplace with chimney

Fireplace – attractive and technically innovative

Built-in fireplace with chimney wall cladding viewing window glass

Large-format heating inserts are the trend

fireplace-stove window-glass panel wall design natural stone

Wall fireplace with glass pane

Wall fireplace insert glass pane living room furniture design ideas

Bioethanol fireplace in a minimalist design

Heating fireplace inserts-living room Trendy interior design

Open hanging fireplace in Scandinavian style   

Fireplace stove-scandinavian style black-wood-fuel corner sofa with upholstery

Fireplace insert conveys warmth and cosiness

Fireplace insert furnishing trends-wall design tiles sandstone optics

Swedish stove with glass window

living ideas heating swedish stove chimney-fireplace

Current furnishing trends: fireplace in the living room

large-format heating inserts-trend fireplace stove white country style decorations

Gas fireplace 

Furnishing an open fireplace at home white minimalist

Fireplace with chimney

carpet cowhide design design fireplace ethanol country style deer antler wall decoration

Fire in the fireplace insert

Interior decorations Classic fireplace-designer furnishings-mountain hut modern

Wood fireplace in living room design modern hanging lamp

Built-in fireplace-gas-driven window-glass-dining area glass table top

Modern gas stove design focus in living room trends

gas-fired fireplace black lacquer surface bio-fireplace build-chimney

Bio fireplace window Desin living room armchair

Fireplace interior design fireplace natural stone apartment style chalet

Chalet-style interior design-wood-burning stove-glass window wall design natural stone

Living room with fireplace wall fireplace interior design relax armchair footrest

Living room ideas fireplace in the living room wall fireplace bench marble

Built-in fireplace current furnishings living room trends-wood fuel

modern fireplaces with chimney flats mid-century modern interior styles

Fireplace-chimney cladding-rustic wall glazing room hoc

Design a gas-powered fireplace-modern without a chimney-cozy reading corner

open fireplace living room wall design granite look relax lounger

Interior design-chalet style stove-rustic wall cladding ideas

Cosiness at home Bio fireplace Glass viewing window Wallpapering living room

Living room designer apartment fireplace stove glass panel

bedroom fireplace insert fireplace decoration wall illustration

fireplace design-bioethanol living room floor deco inspired by Asia

wall fireplace country style chalet wall decorations deer antlers

indoor fireplace wall partition wall dining area solid wood table-seating area

design fireplace natural stone wall cladding living room mid-century furnishing style

living room with fireplace scandinavian design hanging fireplace black

fireplace house with glass fronts-living room seating area upholstered furniture

Bed bedroom heating hanging fireplace-wood floor-laminate oiled

Design fireplace viewing window glass with chimney seating area

Built-in fireplace in the living room Designer fireplace insert

Built-in fireplace fireside chair cowhide metal frame home ideas

Swedish stove living room fireplace design living room

modern bedroom fireplace stove glazing sliding doors

fireplace built-in-glass laminated pane-living room cupboard grifflo

outdoor fireplace fireplace insert - modern design - bio ethanol fuel

Living ideas rustic stool-seating group bio fireplace stove built-in viewing window

Living rooms with an open fireplace make bioethanol gas-powered

luxury bedroom with panoramic window fireplace wall fireplace built-in

Fireplace-stove tiled stove-living room furniture cabinet system

design living ideas rustic wall brick fireplace integrated

bathroom sink with base unit-stone wall cladding-fireplace insert

Fire in fireplace home office desk glass top drawers

romance in the bedroom canopy bed white canopy fireplace insert

luxury bathroom stove-glass pane marble bathtub oval