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Living room wall design ideas – decoration for white wall

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The living room in white may seem neutral and even a bit boring at first – but the white wall color actually forms the perfect neutral background for an imaginative decoration. We offer you 27 Living room wall design ideas in Scandinavian style, which successfully implement the concept of “simple but elegant”. let yourself be inspired!

Living room wall design ideas in the Scandinavian style

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The northern neighbors know how to spice up the white wall – sometimes with art reproductions, sometimes with posters, with magazine covers, or simply with personal photos. Eclectic is the key word – so that the daring mix of styles works, you have to match the colors of the wall decoration to the furniture. If the pictures are hanging above the sofa, for example, then you can buy the throw pillows in the same accent color. The interior is inviting and well structured. And vice versa – if the furniture is decorated with colorful upholstery, you can hang black and white pictures on the wall. Similar living room wall design ideas can be found in the photo gallery below.

Living room wall design ideas – one picture or several pictures?

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Whether you hang up just one or several pictures in the living room is closely related to the available space and personal preferences. In any case, these tips can help you make a decision:

– If you decide on a picture with a width of 70cm / 1 meter, then hang it up above the sofa. Large pictures are suitable for either simply furnished small rooms or colorful and large rooms.

– Optionally, you can hang up three pictures, each no more than 50cm wide. Medium-sized rooms with eclectic furnishings / for example an eat-in kitchen / will benefit from this wall design.

– 5 or more pictures with a width of less than 50cm will perfectly spice up the wall in the small living room.

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