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Living room wall colors 2015 and 25 modern examples

living room wall colors 2015 olive idea white interior lowboard

The new year brings many new trends with it, including other trend colors. To the Living room wall colors 2015 as always, some strong tones (not neon-colored) as well as pastel ones belong. Great news is that last year’s trend colors, gray and green, are also in fashion this year. However, this year they are mixed together and result in a pleasant gray-green. In addition, there are also different nuances of the green color, from lime green to olive green to a dark fir green.

Living room wall colors 2015 – shades of green

living room wall colors 2015 beige brown white furnishing furniture

The group of strong living room wall colors 2015 consists mainly of warm tones such as red, yellow, orange, ocher and beige, as well as pink and purple. These can be wonderfully combined with the strong and cold color turquoise. The trendy pastel living room wall colors 2015 include mustard yellow, salmon, light blue and, as already mentioned, gray green, but also khaki and dark brown (chestnut) and all natural colors in general.

Living room wall colors 2015 – neutral colors

living room wall colors 2015 brown warm atmosphere closet sofa armchair

Since blue is more cold, it was not particularly popular as a wall paint for many years. But it returns in 2015 and is more popular than ever. To avoid an atmosphere that is too cool, you can combine the color with the warm nuances mentioned above or add accents with brown and beige. You can also use the color blue as a wonderful accent color for furnishings and decorative items, leaving the wall color white. Play with the blue to achieve unique living room wall colors 2015.

As always, black and white will remain the trend for living room wall colors in 2015, but also brown and gray from last year. You can combine these eternally modern shades perfectly with the other trend colors to create a luxurious ambience. Don’t you address these colors for the wall? Then use them for furniture, curtains or decorations and set modern accents.

Accents on the wall paint

living room wall colors 2015 pink wall metallic effect floral silver glamor

If you want to add additional, striking accents to the living room wall colors 2015, you can use metal tones. However, these do not necessarily have to be glossy, but can also be selected in matt. Apart from copper, which was already popular last year and is still in trend, bronze, silver and gold are suitable. The best way to achieve this effect is to either draw your own patterns in a metal color on the base color or use ready-made wall tattoos. However, wallpapers that have a corresponding pattern are also very elegant.

Another great idea for the living room wall colors 2015 is to combine light and dark nuances of one and the same color. This will give you great effects and shades.

Living room with black wall

living room wall colors 2015 black design elegant white sofa coffee table

We have put together an interesting gallery of 20 living room wall colors 2015, from which you can be wonderfully inspired. You will find that even colors that you originally thought were not that impressive, suddenly take on a great look and appear in a completely different light. Any color will suit any interior style so you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to do is choose one or more colors from the wide range. Start the new year with a new living room wall colors 2015 and create a great atmosphere and mood!

Wall color in blue-green

living room wall colors 2015 moss green-fir ​​green-blue

Neutral gray for the wall

living room-wall-colors-2015-taupe-wood-tones-black-accents

Pastel yellow wall color

living room wall colors 2015 pastel yellow-white-living room furniture-africa-deco

Light brown walls as a backdrop for the plum colored furniture

living room-wall-colors-2015-light-brown-plum-sofas

Rich shade of green

living room-wall-colors-2015-olive-green-white-living-wall-wood-accents


living room-wall-colors-2015-petrol blue-white-combination

Living room wall colors 2015 gray-light green-pastel yellow-white-furniture

living room wall colors 2015 taupe brown-orange-furniture-wall-mirror-brass-frame

living room-wall-colors-2015-grass-green-yellow-curtains-rattan-blinds

living room-wall-colors-2015-old-white-coral-ceiling

living room-wall-color-coral-wall-white-shelf-system

living room-wall-color-violet-vibrant-white-living wall

living room-wall-color-orange-ceilings-beige-furniture

living room-wall-colors-2015-may-green-cream-rattan-materials

living room-wall-paint-may-green-white-blue-accents

living room-wall-colors-blue-turquoise-accents

living room-wall-paint-beige-wood-shutter

modern-living room-black-white-lighting-wallpaper

living room-wall-color-turquoise-blue-white-corner sofa