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Living room tiles – 20 modern interior design ideas for the living area

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The living room is the area in the apartment where you can relax from the long day and spend time with the family in the evening. Therefore, this room should be comfortably but stylishly furnished and invite you to linger. In addition to the furnishings, the floor and wall design also play an important role. Living room tiles create a homely atmosphere in the living area and can be used both as flooring and for wall cladding.

Living room tiles for floor or wall

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The time when tiles were used exclusively for the kitchen and bathroom is already in the past. Living room tiles have replaced carpeting and laminates in modern homes and are enjoying increasing popularity. Whether as a practical floor covering or for an elegant wall design, the tiles enable the individual design of the living area. You will find many beautiful living ideas and helpful tips for decorating your living room with tiles below.

Living room tiles – ceramic or natural stone

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When choosing tiles for living rooms, you can choose between ceramic and natural stone tiles. Ceramic tiles are floor coverings made of earthenware, stoneware or porcelain stoneware and are the most common type of tile. Stoneware tiles are best for a glazed floor. Wall and floor tiles made of natural stone are also popular in living room furnishings, look very classy and offer a variety of material alternatives.

Floor tiles in the living room

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The design options for the living room with tiles are numerous. You can choose between plain, patterned or glossy floor tiles and furnish the living room according to your personal style. In addition to their beautiful appearance, tiles also offer a practical choice for living areas because they are usually easy to care for and hard-wearing.

Different tile formats for the living room

Living room tiles floor tiles-stone look-modern interior

In addition to the possible colors and patterns for the living room tiles, various formats are also available. Floor tiles in different shapes and sizes can be beautifully combined with one another and therefore offer numerous design options for the living area.

Floor tiles for living rooms with a wood look

living room-tiles-wood-look-modern-furnishing-ideas

In order to give your own living room the popular homely effect of wood, you don’t necessarily need to lay a wooden floor. Instead, you can opt for living room tiles with a wood look and thus create a natural ambience in your own apartment.

Wooden tiles for more comfort in the living room

living room-tiles-wood-look-living-dining area-minimalist

Wood tiles are tiles made of ceramic or porcelain stoneware that imitate wood and thus combine the practical properties of floor tiles with the elegance and comfort of wooden floors. They can be combined with interiors in any furnishing style and ensure comfort in every living space.

Patterned living room tiles as an accent

living room-tiles-victorian-style-patterned-floor-tiles

For the tiles in the living room, you can opt for a patterned design to set beautiful accents in the room. Floor tiles with floral or graphic patterns are perfect for minimalist living rooms because they serve as an eye-catcher under the monochrome furnishings.

Marble floor tiles for a stylish home

living room-tiles-marble-tiles-monochrome-furnishing

If you are looking for a high-quality decision for the flooring in the living room, then you have come to the right place with marble tiles. Living room tiles made of marble or with an elegant marble look look noble and are particularly durable and robust.

Combine white marble tiles in the living room

living room-tiles-marble-tiles-floor-white-black-sofa

If you decide on marble tiles in the living room, you should also think carefully about the living room furnishings, because they cannot be combined with everything. The popular white marble tiles are best combined with furnishings in neutral colors such as white, black or gray. Dark furniture such as a black or dark gray sofa stand out on the white marble floor and represent beautiful furnishing ideas for a minimalist interior.

Large living room tiles as the flooring

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Large-format tiles give a small room a new depth and are therefore a popular idea for furnishing small apartments. For interesting accents in large rooms, on the other hand, they can also be combined with smaller floor tiles.

Ideas for floor tiles in the living room

living room-tiles-decorative-shape-beige-floor tiles

Nowadays there is a wide variety of sizes, patterns and shapes for wall and floor tiles. Instead of large-format living room tiles, you can opt for tiles in an unusual shape. With a suitable color combination, you can design the floor in the living room as a highlight in the room.

Living room tiles to subdivide large rooms

living room-tiles-gray-subdivision-large-living area

The floor covering can usually help to visually divide large rooms. If, for example, tiles are used as flooring in the living room, the dining area can be visually separated from it by a different floor. Another option would be to use floor tiles in different colors, patterns or sizes for the different areas.

Floor tiles in the open living area

living room-tiles-gray-open-living-area-wooden-furniture

If the open living area is not too large, the same floor covering can be beneficial for the entire room. On the one hand, the uninterrupted floor covering is easier to clean and, on the other hand, the whole of the living space is not destroyed and it ultimately looks larger.

Set accents in the room with wall tiles for the living room

living room-tiles-decorative-accent wall-modern-interior

When talking about living room tiles, however, it is not just floor tiles that are meant. Wall tiles can be used to set beautiful accents in the living room that have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the room. While wall tiles are laid in the kitchen and bathroom because of their functional properties, they rather have a decorative function in the living room.

Modern wall design with living room tiles

living room-tile-wall-tiles-wooden floor-combine

With a wall design with tiles, you can create an accent wall in the living room without buying entire wall panels. Wall tiles with patterns and in different colors as well as small mosaic tiles can be used to create creative designs.

Marble tiles for the wall

living room-tiles-marble-wall-tiles-black-floor-tiles

The tiles in the living room can be used for the floor as well as for the wall and together they can emphasize the whole room look. Wall tiles in white marble look can be combined with dark floor tiles and ensure a unique room design.

Wall design in wood look

living room-tiles-wall-floor-wood-look-natural-tones

The prejudice still prevails that tiles look uncomfortable and cold in the living room. However, the popular wall and floor tiles in wood look actually create a cozy ambience that invites you to linger.

Living room tiles for floor and partition wall

living room-tiles-flooring-room divider-wall tiles-beige

Wall tiles have many technical advantages over wallpaper or rough plaster because they are much easier to clean. Apart from for the wall and the floor, living room tiles are perfect as cladding for a room divider, which can be quickly transformed into an eye-catcher in the room.

Combine wood and ceramic tiles in the living room

living room-tiles-floor-tiles-wall-tiles-cream-colored-wood

The design options for tiles in the living room are endless. You can combine different looks, colors, sizes or patterns and make the living room very individual and unique.