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Living room ideas in 2021: The biggest furnishing trends in 100 pictures

In the past year, most of us have spent more time in our own four walls than ever before. When everything will return to normal is unclear, but one thing is certain – the home has started to be appreciated even more. If you (like us) spend the majority of your time at home in the living room and want to make the room even more comfortable and stylish, then you’ve come to the right place. From the sofa to the wall decoration – we will show you the best living room ideas in 2021 that can give your living space a nice update. Get inspiration from our picture gallery and transform your living room into an elegant retreat.

Living room ideas in 2021: the layout

Living room ideas in 2021 small open plan living space

Before we deal with the beautiful living room ideas, we should briefly focus on the practical things. Namely the layout of your living room. Whether you are starting from scratch in a new space or want to update your existing living space, deciding how to divide it can affect your interior design decisions.

Living room ideas 2021 furniture away from the wall

When it comes to the living room, there is this tendency to push everything up against the walls, put a coffee table in the center, and make sure everything is facing towards the TV. However, if you want to deviate from this “trend”, pull the furniture away from the walls and you will quickly find that the room appears more airy as a result.

The open living space

Open plan living room kitchen and dining area carpets for separation

This big trend from the last few years is also popular in 2021. In the case of an open living room, the kitchen and dining area gently merge into the living area. This layout fits in both large apartments and small apartments where you want to save space.

Open living space ideas in bright colors in 2021

Open living concept open living room to the terrace

Broken Plan Living

Broken Plan Living Living Room Trend 2021

This year, however, another layout comes to the fore in the design of the living room, namely the so-called Broken Plan Living. There’s a clear reason for that too. Those who work at home are looking for a place to retreat after the day’s work. And the Broken Plan Layout can deliver it. Open living spaces are divided into different areas by chimneys, partition walls, bookshelves and plants.

How to implement broken plan layout in living area stairs

Divide open living space into areas with a partition

Broken plan living room with glass partition

The small living room

Small living room in city apartment ideas in 2021

In small city apartments, open or half-open floor plans are often out of the question. For these small living spaces, we have also collected a few living room ideas for 2021 that will transform the area into a cozy retreat.

How to design a small living room in 2021

Apartment living room ideas in 2021 gray corner sofa parquet floor


Living room ideas in 2021 a successful mix of materials

The materials that are used in the living room design play a key role in the overall impression of the room. This means not only textiles and upholstery, but also floors, wall coverings and furniture. Here are the materials that will shape the living room in 2021.

Pure nature: focus on wood and natural stone

Living room ideas in 2021 Wood as a material remains in trend

Natural materials such as wood and natural stone create a cozy flair in the living room and bring a piece of nature into your own four walls. They can be brought into the living room in the form of furniture, decoration or floor and wall coverings. Wallpaper can also be used without major renovation work. You decide for yourself whether brick, marble or wood as a motif.

Combine different materials and textures in the living room

Natural materials in the living room terracotta flooring

Modern TV chest of drawers on a wall made of natural stone

Brick wall wallpaper popular again in the living room

Glass is making a comeback

Glass fits seamlessly into the cozy living room

Whether in the form of a transparent table top or as an impressive chandelier, glass is one of the most popular living room ideas in 2021. The material quickly becomes a real eye-catcher in the room and fits seamlessly into the comfortably furnished living room. If you do not plan any major changes in the room, but just want to give it a small update, a small accessory such as a glass vase or a side table is well advised.

The coffee table with a glass top looks modern and elegant at the same time

Coffee table design in 2021 combine glass and basket

Small glass elements in the living area, side table and glass vases

Organic materials and fibers

Organic materials and fibers for a cozy living area

Organic materials and fibers have been very popular since last year. Everything that is related to nature is allowed. Furniture made of rattan or with a linen, natural silk or hemp cover as well as decorative objects, lighting fixtures and much more are particularly popular. The more natural and untreated, the better.

Materials combine terracotta floor rattan chair and table with glass top

Combine wood, leather and natural fibers in the living room 2021

Upholstered furniture with linen cover in the living room

Combine materials and textures

Textured coffee table combined with a round sofa

What all the trendy materials for the living room in 2021 have in common is their special texture. The combination of different materials and textures is one of the biggest trends of the year. Regardless of whether you opt for a soft plush carpet, a smooth glass table or a rough natural stone wall, it is important that the surfaces in the living room influence your sensations and your sense of touch. And the result is a feel-good atmosphere that invites you to rest and relax.

Living room ideas in 2021 combine materials with different textures

Living room ideas in 2021 material mix from natural materials

Tips to make living room light and airy

Textures in the living room through textiles

Mix and match textures in the living room are the trend in 2021

Combine materials and textures in modern living spaces

Colors and patterns for the living room in 2021

Living room ideas in 2021 in gray monochrome

The choice of color and pattern almost always dictates the entire decor of a room. But color can also be added later with small objects such as decoration or furniture. The year 2021 has many colors to offer for interior decoration. Gray, for example, is one of the two colors that the Pantone color institute has chosen to be the color of the year 2021. This classic shade can be found in numerous nuances that can add dimension to the living room. Other colors that are very popular this year are beige and other neutral colors, warm nuances of terracotta and green, and the combination of gray and beige known as greige.

Beige and other neutral shades

Living room ideas in 2021 color trend beige ensures cosiness

Last year we spent more time at home than ever. That put the focus on the design of warm, cozy rooms in which one feels comfortable. And which colors can actually feel warmer than the light, earthy tones?

Bright colors and materials will characterize the living room in 2021

Natural colors for a cozy living space

Color trend 2021: Greige

Greige is the trend color for the living room in 2021

What happens when you combine a cool tone with a warm one? The perfect balance. This is how the color greige can be described. If you choose this color combination when designing your living room, then the harmonious room atmosphere is guaranteed. Brown tones are perfect for a few dark accents.

Combine gray, brown and beige when furnishing the living room

Are you in the mood for color? Blush, terracotta, greens, and navy blues are ideal

Combine blush wall color in the living room with accessories

Color also has its place in the modern living room. Regardless of whether you just want to add a few accents or opt for colored upholstery, you will make exactly the right choice with warm terracotta, light green tones and dark blue. Pastel shades are not as popular as before and are being replaced by other colors such as blush.

Navy blue wall in living room 2021

Colors with a natural effect in the living room Green

Living room ideas in 2021 dark blue walled terracotta sofa and green palm tree in basket

Pastel colors yellow and blue in the mid century modern living room

Living room ideas in 2021: these patterns are in

Colors and patterns in the living room 2021 wallpaper with floral pattern warm terracotta and blue

With the patterns and motifs, naturalness again plays a major role. When it comes to wallpapers, they mainly rely on flower patterns, leaf motifs and natural stone optics. When it comes to textiles, geometric motifs are still popular.

Living room trend naturalness wallpaper with natural pattern

What patterns in the living room 2021 wallpaper carpet

Natural stone wallpaper marble look in the living room

The furnishing style

Living room ideas in 2021 wood beam ceiling fireplace and neutral colors

The furnishing style can influence the entire living room, but why do you have to limit yourself to one style? The combination of different furnishing styles, which is often referred to as mix and match, is particularly popular this year. Nevertheless, the popular Scandinavian style, the Boho Urban and the modern vintage style remain very popular.

Scandinavian and boho

Implement Scandinavian furnishing style in the living area

Urban boho living room with rounded shapes

Textiles make the living area look cozier

Vintage modern

Vintage modern interior style ornate mirror

The vintage style also includes the so-called grandmillennial style, in which the furnishing details are inspired by the apartments of our grandparents (or rather the grandparents of millennials).

Mix of styles in the living area Vintage Modern corner sofa, chest as a coffee table

Monochrome furnishings in a minimalist style with vintage accents

Vintage interior style in the living room 2021 Grandmillenial

Living room ideas in 2021: furniture

Combine living room furniture in different styles and looks

If you’re completely renovating the living room and aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got a tip for you. First choose your dream sofa and customize the rest of the furnishings. Because the sofa is the largest piece of furniture in the room and as such it influences the entire room design. This is followed by other furniture such as coffee tables, chests of drawers, sideboards, bookshelves, etc., although these can be more easily adapted to the sofa than vice versa. The most beautiful living room ideas in 2021 for the furnishings can be found below.

The retro sofa is trendy

Living room ideas in 2021 with retro furniture

After the glamorous velvet sofa that was a big hit a few years ago, retro sofas are making a splash again this year. Rounded shapes and fabrics such as cord and bouclé give the couch a modern touch and combine wonderfully with the natural living trend, which is currently particularly popular. This year we are also celebrating the comeback of the corner sofa, which has been pushed into the background in recent years.

Bouclé sofa in beige with a large mural in a darker shade

Sofa with cord cover and graphic picture on the wall

Colored sofa as an accent in the modern living room

Bright living room with purple velvet sofa and white armchairs

The leather corner sofa is making a comeback

Combine feminine and masculine furnishings in the living room

Round cushions are trendy right now

Furniture with rounded edges

Curvy furniture is trendy this year

Now is the ideal time to buy that funky, curved sofa you’ve been raving about for months. Curves and rounded edges are on trend and go really well with some of the natural materials that are also very popular right now. But the trend doesn’t just work for sofas. The combination of a square sofa with a curved coffee table can also make a statement. It’s all about creating contrasts and balancing the choice of material and design.

Furniture with rounded shapes in the living area

Pattern colors and fabrics in trend for the living room

Blue sofa with a rounded shape in the modern living room

Rounded edges in the living room for furniture and wall design

Living room with wooden beams and solid wood table

The house bar

The house bar is a trendy piece of furniture in the living room in 2021

Since restaurants, clubs and bars are closed, many bring the entertainment into their own four walls. The house bar is currently one of the biggest furnishing trends for the living room. Whether you buy a special piece of furniture with a cooler or redesign a simple side table is up to you.

Side table made of glass serves as a house bar in the living area

Setting up a home bar in the living room trend in 2021

Remodel small side table in house building

Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional stool with shelf in terracotta color

Furniture that fulfills several functions is just as popular in the living room in 2021. This can be an upholstered stool with a shelf or a sideboard that merges into a desk. Wall niches or cupboards that have been converted into a workplace are also trendy this year.

Design a multifunctional living space with a study in a wall niche


Living room ideas in 2021 lights with textiles

If a living room is redesigned from the beginning in 2021, then you should think about the lighting concept at an early stage. Good lighting can really make a living room stand out. Hence, it is worth taking some time to plan what lighting you will need in your space and where it will work in your layout. But lights can also make a statement and act as real design objects in the living room. A trend that has recently grown is luminaires with braided and knotted textiles. There are also chandeliers and floor lamps made of glass and rattan. The following applies: the more eye-catching the design, the better.

Living room lighting 2021 lamp made of natural material

Environmentally friendly furnishing with natural materials

Statement lamp made of metal and glass in the living area

Living room design 2021 lighting decoration and furnishings

Floor lamps with a striking design are trendy

Decoration and accessories

Real and artificial plants as decoration for the living room in 2021

If you don’t want to renovate the living room, but just want to give it an update, a few decorative elements are well advised. We are now showing you the best living room decoration ideas for 2021, which you can quickly and easily adopt in your own home.

Statement Art

Instead of a picture wall, hang a large mural over the sofa

This year everything from vintage posters to large format abstract pictures or drawings will be used to personalize our spaces. Whether you opt for an online store, hunt for antiques, or even frame your own artwork, you can’t go wrong!

Living room ideas in 2021 bouclé armchairs and abstract wall art

Abstract wall art becomes a statement in the living room

Graphic images

Living room ideas in 2021 Graphic art for the wall

Abstract art in the living room is trendy right now

Stacked coffee tables, faux fur carpet and graphic art as modern decorative elements

Overlapping carpets

Create textures in the living room with carpets and poufs

Minimalism is always nice, but a stacked coffee table, side table or mantelpiece feels full and cozy. You can also create multiple layers in the living room by placing two or more carpets on the floor so that they overlap. This is the easiest way to add dimension to the room, and it will protect your floors too.

Overlapping carpets look good in the living room

House plants and dried flowers

Large indoor plants instantly freshen up the living room

The best way to bring nature into your home is with flowers and houseplants. Depending on the furnishing style, you can put on green real or artificial plants, as well as arrange dried flowers and grasses in beautiful containers.

Bring the outdoors at home Furnishing trend 2021

Dried flowers and graphic images as decoration for the living room in 2021

Stained glass vase decorated with dried flowers

Dried flowers in vases as decoration for the living room in 2021

Real and artificial indoor plants are trendy

Large indoor plants ensure naturalness in the room