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Living room furniture in an eclectic style – trendy colors and fabrics

eclectic living room furniture

We present you with some original ideas for your facility Living room furniture in eclectic style! These Italian furniture combine comfort and will completely transform your interior!

Living room furniture in eclectic style – sofa designs

Living room blue color sofa-white modern decor

The noble Italian brand Creazioni offers classic and modern furnishings for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Her designs are elegant, with very sophisticated details and at the same time super creative. The Italians showed their last collection – full of colors, with bright decoration ideas and interesting patterns. Their hallmark are the funny designs that show a sense of humor. These Living room furniture are for those who enjoy life and enjoy life with curiosity and humor. Which are preferred materials for the eclectic style

Living room furniture in eclectic style – armchair and lamp combine

modern armchair floor lamp living room interior

Combine the armchair with the lamp – materials such as plush, fabrics and many printed details create interesting accents. Leather and metal remain in the background without disappearing completely from the picture. Plush has been rediscovered and reigns supreme in the collection. The standards in the classic style of purple and red are present, but they are refreshed by colorful motifs, plaid upholstery and original caricatures. For the first time a designer furniture manufacturer recognizes the power of wall tattoos – they are put into the scene with full force. Get inspiration from these fun and creative designs.

Green and white are top color combinations in 2013 too

green armchair-white lamp-modern living room furniture

Sideboard for the modern living room and armchair with striped patterns

Living room green color sideboard

Funny armchair for the living room with stripes

upholstered armchair women stripes pattern

Yellow and orange – a mix of styles for the modern living room

yellow armchair stool-orange flower pattern

Pink armchair with a dark wooden frame

cool living room interior ideas

Colorful armchair with stripes and table lamp

colorful armchair-red wall living room design

Blue wall, sofa with interesting upholstery and floor lamp with an industrial look

blue living room upholstered sofa dots design

Blue royal style chair for the eclectic living room

blue upholstered chair corone pattern

 Royal style armchair for couples

Armchair design couple woman man living room furniture

Cute pink chairs

cute armchair pattern heart

Grass green color and dark wooden furniture with stripes

Zebra Stripes Living Room Furniture Designs Poufs

Cozy Lessee corner with coffee table, floor lamp and armchair

Furnishing living room reading corner-brown armchair

Beige color from the sofa

beige living room sofa stone wall marmot

Red and checkered – sofa design

red checkered upholstery-orange coffee table

Royal style red checkered armchair with retro upholstery

checkered armchair red color design