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Living room furnishings in shabby chic style – 55 examples

living room furnishings in shabby chic white furniture romantic lantern

Shabby chic brings a romantic touch from the past into your own four walls. How the style was invented and what its undisputed charm lies in, we will tell you in the article. We also show you 55 examples for inspiration Living room furnishings in shabby chic style.

Living room furnishings in shabby chic style – the interior concept

living room furnishings in the shabby chic coffee table rustic sofa brown

Nowadays, the term shabby chic is understood to mean an interior concept with a classic touch. What is special about the facility is that the furniture is either old / mainly from the Victorian era / or looks old. The furniture is mostly bought from the flea market and is deliberately not restored. The traces left by time give the room a special charm – so the fans believe.

But don’t let the old look fool you – the Living room furnishings in shabby chic comes from the USA and was only invented 30 years ago! Yes, that’s right – Englishwoman Rachel Ashwell started selling worn furniture in her shop in Los Angeles in the 1980s. Some she had found by chance at the flea market, some she had built later on herself. The store enjoyed great popularity – and that’s how it all started.

Living room furnishings in shabby chic style – the basic principles

living room furnishings in the shabby chic wardrobe armchair side table

The furniture – the furniture and the home accessories should look old and worn out. You can either buy these at the flea market, as Rachel Ashwell did back then, but you don’t have to – nowadays many manufacturers offer a shabby chic collection. In the center of the living room is the two-seater sofa with a small rustic side table. Mirrors and ceramic vases serve as decoration, photos decorate the wall behind the sofa.

Colors – in the living room in shabby chic style, the white color dominates, delicate pink, blue and green nuances set accents.

Materials – the fans of the furnishing style rely on natural materials – wood characterizes the interior, the seating furniture is upholstered with linen fabric.

White living room furniture with color accents

living room furnishings in shabby chic deco cushions colorful wood table shelf

Elegant living room furnishings

living room furnishings in shabby chic elegant stool vintage accents fireplace

Living room furniture in shabby chic style – furniture from the Victorian era

Living room furnishings examples of charm old furniture dresser Victorian clock

Upholstery with floral patterns

light green color white cabinet fireplace floral pattern

The furniture is not renovated, the so-called old look gives the room charm and individuality

Living room upholstered furniture sofa two-seater decorative pillows flower pattern

Upholstered furniture in a neutral gray color

Living room fireplace picture frame furniture upholstery side tables

Charmentes and bright living room in beige

Shabby chic style beige color upholstery printed fabric

The side table was found at the flea market

Side table coffee flower pattern throw pillow

And this coffee table just looks old – in fact, the piece of furniture has been artificially trimmed to look old

Floral pattern wooden table neutral colors light blue white walls

Chic style sofa coffee table fallen color

Shabby chic corner sofa metal table frame fireplace

Decorative pillows, photo wall, wall shelf, silver objects

Shabby chic furniture upholstered sofa top floor apartment

Interior furnishing examples pillow lace pattern dragonflies candle holder table wood drawer

Sofa set wall shelf system metal wooden table small apartment

Picture decorative pillow wooden table laminate floor

Shabby chic sofa side tables small cozy sitting area

Shabby chic sofa stripes white gray round wooden coffee table

Wooden table sofa upholstered wood furniture carpet flower pattern

Stripes gray stripes white dresser rug throw pillow floral pattern

Living room set up ideas worn furniture

Furniture white wooden round table decorative pillows

Ideas shabby chic style wrought iron table mantel

Living room sofa old cot side table closet

Rattan head mirror wood frame curtains instead of door

set up furniture select modern country style

Ideas shabby chic bright colors azure accents wood carving wall

Furniture floral pattern upholstery interior design ideas

Shabby chic style wrought iron accents mantel

Sofa white floral pattern decorative pillows pictures wall rattan stool

rustic tree trunk wooden table laminate floor

white linen fabric wardrobe curtains wall shelf decorative pillows

Shabby chic sofa decorative pillow ruffles vintage lamp

Three seater sofa coffee table white color cabinet mirror wall

Sofa wood furniture table dresser

Day bed pull-out sofa shabby chic furniture

Sofa white color carpet squares wall painting

Examples of shabby chic printed pillows linen fabric upholstery

Examples of classically design purple blanket pillows

Furniture sofa upholstery carpet wooden table rustic

Shabby chic colorful floral pattern old furniture flea market

Shabby chic purple accents floral table

Shabby Chic Furniture Mirror Dresser Cabinets

Living room home ideas sofa wood furniture worn paint

Curtains neutral colors beige pink accents

Window sill, seating area, rattan baskets, flowers, decorative pillows

Shabby chic wood sofa blue stripes upholstery

Sofa coffee table mirror decorative pillows flower pattern

Dusty pink wall color, white upholstery linen fabric

fallen color living room furniture chair colorful flower upholstery

Dresser tall white color shabby chic

Furniture cute design flea market finds