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Living room furnishings – ideas and styles


The ideas for Living room furnishings  are really limitless. Everyone designs and decorates it how they want, creating an atmosphere that suits their spirit, personality and interests. However, there are some standard options. Let’s take a look.

– One of the most popular designs is the traditional room design

Traditional living room interior with luxury upholstered furniture

traditional living room furniture design

As a rule, it is more formal, because the atmosphere and decoration of the walls in the living room is much influenced by the story. In a classic living room, architecture and furniture design from the 18-19 centuries dominate. The furniture is often decorated in a French style, from the time of the reign of Louis XVI, or in the English country style when Queen Anne reigned.

     Traditional luxury living room furnishings in an English country house style


The color palette in the traditional living room includes combinations such as burgundy and gold, burgundy and green, as well as other saturated hues. Decorate the walls with beautiful paintings and use of picturesque wallpaper. Here are some decorating styles that will suit the traditional living room:

     French traditional living room decor



• French style

• English country style

• Gothic living room

• Tudor style

• Tuscan style

• Venetian style

Modern living room furnishings

modern living room furnishings



If you prefer sleek lines and restrained palette, you’re a fan of contemporary decor, as a result, a modern living room is what you need. Modern living can be done in both the formal and informal style. It all depends on the type of furniture, textiles and accessories.

traditional French furnishing style in the living room


French style in the living room

french-style living room  interior design-living-room-french-style